Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts


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  • Picklecicle
    Picklecicle5 minutter siden

    Probably should have let the glue dry

  • Chelsie Griffeth
    Chelsie Griffeth7 minutter siden

    Try a plumber and see if that works

  • encrypted gaming
    encrypted gaming8 minutter siden

    You also can do boiling water on the dent then use a plunger it should work🙂

  • Párkányi Péter
    Párkányi Péter8 minutter siden

    Even if it would work it's going to damage the cars polish and paint probably so yeah, not a good idea. Just fix it the normal way or get someone professional to do it.

  • cannon
    cannon9 minutter siden

    Heat the metal up and use a plumber

  • coker23cola
    coker23cola14 minutter siden

    Try Roofing your surface a little bit then cleaning it then heat your glue sticks up real good and let them completely cool down while doing this in a cool environment not a warm environment

  • DaviD
    DaviD14 minutter siden

    Todo pendejo no deja enfriar

  • coker23cola
    coker23cola14 minutter siden

    That's how idiots use glue sticks

  • Adam Parker
    Adam Parker17 minutter siden

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  • Adam Parker

    Adam Parker

    12 minutter siden

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  • Havick 27
    Havick 2719 minutter siden

    So funny how he doesn't let the glue sticks fully cooled down so it wouldn't give 99% proof it works

  • ApirlisShort
    ApirlisShort20 minutter siden

    Considering a professional dent puller is pretty much just a fancy hot glue gun

  • Cassie
    Cassie21 minutt siden

    Tmw you are more willing to make a rubber band ball,damage your car, and have a ton of tools only to fail at realizing you need to wait for the sticks to dry

    LOST ANARCHIST23 minutter siden

    Wait for it to harden before pulling it off

  • Tahsin Emre İlhan
    Tahsin Emre İlhan24 minutter siden

    how tf does this have so many likes...

  • Delia Aldrich
    Delia Aldrich31 minutt siden

    You’re supposed to wait for it to dry

    RODRIGO LARA34 minutter siden

    You are suppose to let it dry most likely

  • Cassie


    21 minutt siden

    The guy heats the car first tho no?

  • j0hn d0e
    j0hn d0e46 minutter siden

    You sound like joe rogan

  • Dammit Greg!
    Dammit Greg!49 minutter siden

    Polished brain

  • Jin gaming
    Jin gaming54 minutter siden

    Bro Atlest wait to get it cool😭

  • Yoshi but kage Kira
    Yoshi but kage Kira54 minutter siden

    Your first mistake here is believing the shit that comes out of 5 min crafts are actually legit.

  • Dyllan Becker
    Dyllan Becker55 minutter siden

    Dude you pulled as it was too hot that would definitely not work as the video showed.

  • jose dima24
    jose dima24Time siden

    Thank you men help the internet

  • Gamerboy 584
    Gamerboy 584Time siden

    You need to wait for it to cool😬

  • Kitten Zephyr
    Kitten ZephyrTime siden

    Even if the dent comes out.. you now have glue on your car lol.

  • Douglas Herrera
    Douglas HerreraTime siden

    I think you got to poor boiling water on it first

  • Steven Foley
    Steven FoleyTime siden

    why do people who do these never do them right

  • Quinn
    QuinnTime siden

    Gotta wait for it to dry first, man. Not every thing is instantaneous.

  • Natalie Moore
    Natalie MooreTime siden

    U were supposed to let it dry

  • Egemen Giray
    Egemen GirayTime siden

    U must wait a bit before pulling

  • John R. Allen
    John R. AllenTime siden

    The guy heats the car first tho no?

  • Blah Jelly
    Blah JellyTime siden

    It’s five minute hacks, it’s either going to suck or suck, and I think it sucked

  • Ash Tiller
    Ash TillerTime siden

    You gotta let the glue dry out dummy

  • MadJocker
    MadJockerTime siden

    Not only did he not wait for the glue to cool, he wasn’t even patient enough to let it melt all the way with the torch.

  • martiniiiw
    martiniiiwTime siden

    Do a Rubber band ball

  • BlueRune8740
    BlueRune8740Time siden

    U didnt let it dry

  • XD skedoy
    XD skedoyTime siden

    Thats idiot idea lol

  • TheReal COZY
    TheReal COZYTime siden

    Probably need to clean the area of the dent first

  • Hank Hill
    Hank HillTime siden

    Wait for it dude things take time

  • Sup Reme
    Sup RemeTime siden

    Man i guess common sense doesnt exist on this guy

  • I am gru.
    I am gru.Time siden

    Let the hot glue stick longer half human lol

  • Lillian Cook ÚwÙ
    Lillian Cook ÚwÙTime siden

    Wait a little and so try i think to hold it

  • F3aRxHaWk
    F3aRxHaWkTime siden

    My guy didnt let the glue cool down thats why it didnt work

  • 핑크BJ
    핑크BJTime siden

    The fact that NOprojects is being a trash of tiktok videos

  • Lattenzoe
    LattenzoeTime siden

    Fuck my generation

  • John Ramniel Palima
    John Ramniel Palima2 timer siden


  • Sly Baby
    Sly Baby2 timer siden

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  • Johnetta Stevens
    Johnetta Stevens2 timer siden


  • Flaming Iceberg
    Flaming Iceberg2 timer siden

    A plunger actually works wonders for dents

  • Ethan McGough
    Ethan McGough2 timer siden

    Common man. It's just common wisdom to not trust 5 minute crafts

  • Arlie Cerbo
    Arlie Cerbo2 timer siden

    Go buy some brain dude

  • Cody Chumbley
    Cody Chumbley2 timer siden

    You have to wait for it to dry bro it's common since

  • Kae
    Kae2 timer siden

    Bruh were did ur common sense go?

  • Lazar Petrakiev
    Lazar Petrakiev2 timer siden

    Man its not working because you need a blue car

  • Arkitech
    Arkitech2 timer siden

    Boiling water, a hair dryer and a plunger works, you didnt need glue sticks

  • Marjolein Castel
    Marjolein Castel2 timer siden

    You have to wait until it is almost dry

  • hal shepherd
    hal shepherd2 timer siden

    Hacks do not work

  • Anthony McGlinch
    Anthony McGlinch2 timer siden

    Wow, life hacks from Five minute crafts don't work. Imagine that!

  • Princess Sheantelle Valera
    Princess Sheantelle Valera2 timer siden


  • kulot fernandez
    kulot fernandez2 timer siden


  • lost liam
    lost liam2 timer siden

    use a plunger

  • Henry Brian
    Henry Brian2 timer siden

    Soooooooo WEAK

  • Patrick Allen
    Patrick Allen2 timer siden

    The was a stealth PSA for the common condition know as fuckwititus. Please give generously.

  • Arturo [DC]
    Arturo [DC]2 timer siden

    Tas bien wey jsjs

  • Sasha Foxx
    Sasha Foxx2 timer siden

    The trick is the right glue sticks and let it cool thats how i got the dents out of my Harley gas tank

  • Caleb Weldon
    Caleb Weldon2 timer siden

    You have to let the glue dry first

  • GnzePhise_
    GnzePhise_2 timer siden

    Bruh let the glue cool down first😥😅

  • Saying N*igro Makes YouTube cry
    Saying N*igro Makes YouTube cry2 timer siden

    I wish his father pulled out that fast.

  • Hamad LOL
    Hamad LOL2 timer siden

    He should have waited for the glue to dry🙄

  • stephanie rucker
    stephanie rucker2 timer siden

    Use a hairdryer

  • Umair Hussain
    Umair Hussain3 timer siden

    Him: “I’m gonna find the right career for myself after college” After college:

  • Bugaboo
    Bugaboo3 timer siden

    WASTED *roblox dead sound*

  • Drew Lamp
    Drew Lamp3 timer siden

    This is hard to watch

  • Karan Raj
    Karan Raj3 timer siden

    Ok let's stop being rude.. We always wanted to check if these 5min crafts are true and never tried it This guy does it for u

  • Postghost
    Postghost3 timer siden

    Not all hot glues are created equal. AND youre supposed to use enough to cover most of the dent area. AND you're supposed to actually let it cool and harden. Dumbass.

  • MindBrand Abbadon
    MindBrand Abbadon3 timer siden

    the trick is, they heat the dented part first then use the glue

  • Brendan
    Brendan3 timer siden

    Why isn't the molten glue pulling out my dent 🤪..... Let it cool and dry before you pull 🤦‍♂️

  • Will Knapp
    Will Knapp3 timer siden

    Dump boiling water on the car first

  • WUnder_wAffLe
    WUnder_wAffLe3 timer siden

    I honestly think it would work if u didn’t keep pulling it before it dried, it was getting kinda of infuriating that you wouldn’t let them dry

  • I940an Gaming
    I940an Gaming3 timer siden

    You have to wait for it to harden

  • Beanie baby Queen12
    Beanie baby Queen123 timer siden

    Because the five minute craft is a fake.

  • xXCandy BeeXx
    xXCandy BeeXx3 timer siden

    I assumed that if this would work it would only work on a small dent

  • OP Gaming
    OP Gaming3 timer siden

    I've actually done it so your intelligence is cap

  • 꽃따러오시오
    꽃따러오시오3 timer siden

    Do not believe china🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

  • Manolo Rios
    Manolo Rios3 timer siden

    Clearly doing it wrong lol

  • Mufasa Escanor
    Mufasa Escanor3 timer siden

    This is indeed cap 😂😂 im dead

  • ansory alqindy
    ansory alqindy3 timer siden

    Gabisa bahasa Inggris 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Azraei Azman
    Azraei Azman3 timer siden

    Common sense is not common anymore.

  • mb
    mb3 timer siden

    "this is indeed cap" 😬😬

  • Gabriel Ahlin
    Gabriel Ahlin3 timer siden

    just use a plunger??

  • just jimbo
    just jimbo3 timer siden

    he’s suppose to heat the surface of the car, not the sticks lmao

  • thcottie
    thcottie3 timer siden

    5 minute crafts is a joke

  • X borg
    X borg3 timer siden

    Let it cool off men!

  • Vyacide
    Vyacide3 timer siden

    Should’ve waited

  • derMemory
    derMemory3 timer siden

    You did it wrong, but I don't imagine this would work on most dents anyways. 5 minutes crafts is known for giving false information and potentially giving "life hacks" that can cause bodily harm when replicated.

  • K Charles
    K Charles3 timer siden

    Why you make something like this?

  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil3 timer siden

    I think you should do it when hot glue is cold means plz wait until it is dry

  • Kaio Lorentz
    Kaio Lorentz3 timer siden

    Pateta!!!! Tem que esperar secar.😑

  • Luca Libaro
    Luca Libaro3 timer siden

    J'ai déjà essayé sur une voiture et ça marche un peu