highlights from the jake paul vs ben askren kick off press conference in Las Vegas as both jake paul and ben askren spoke on their upcoming fight on April 17th on Triller! As Jake Paul talks about how he will become the biggest star in boxing and Ben Askren talks about how annoying Jake Paul is as we bring to you the jake paul vs ben askren press conference highlights!
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  • Fight Hub TV
    Fight Hub TV15 dager siden

    Put together this little highlights package for everyone who doesnt want to sit thru the full press conference! Enjoy!

  • Old school tv

    Old school tv

    7 dager siden


  • bigzoot69


    10 dager siden

    how isnt the face off included in a highlights video like man thats the best part

  • Blue Statik

    Blue Statik

    12 dager siden


  • Anwari Jan

    Anwari Jan

    13 dager siden

    Surah rahman

  • Nobody Special

    Nobody Special

    13 dager siden

    @Eric Antongiorgi Jake is an embarrassment to humanity.

  • Shawn Whitworth
    Shawn Whitworth47 minutter siden

    Jake Paul has no chance

  • Matthew Batista
    Matthew BatistaTime siden

    Bro Jake is so annoying, mans said he didn’t need to get the attention of anyone to fight him when he deadass was talkin mad shit to Conner and Floyd, we just supposed to forget that?!😂😂

  • xcarraski
    xcarraski3 timer siden

    Can't believe people actually watch jake Paul

  • Heavy
    Heavy3 timer siden

    dude i will go to a college,put all my efforts in it,my sweat and blood. So one day i'll make a time machine,save Muhammad Ali,come back with him and put him in a ring with logan's little brother

  • Heavy
    Heavy3 timer siden

    Ben a real chad,just look at him

  • Filip Borgen
    Filip Borgen7 timer siden

    Jake looks like a rich homeless person.

  • Sculaki Humba
    Sculaki Humba10 timer siden

    Jakes team is not a brotherhood, its a bunch of yesmen lmao

  • Oscar Sullivan
    Oscar Sullivan12 timer siden

    jake is so fucked it’s hilarious

  • Quisby
    Quisby13 timer siden

    If he loses that finna be hella embarrassing

  • Nasher Buenafe
    Nasher Buenafe14 timer siden

    Jake got exposed lol fragile ego

  • NortherlyElf0
    NortherlyElf014 timer siden

    His balls are bloody and the fight hasn't even happened?? Dude you need to get that checked out...

  • Lo
    Lo17 timer siden

    Ben askren is such a stand up dude. Super kind & secure in his life. It’s so cringe to watch Jake try to get under his skin

    NABEEL ALI20 timer siden

    He has no respect for his olders. Every athlete that’s been in the ring has always been really respectful

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    15 timer siden

    No where near representing boxing or a celebrity

  • MrNo Nayme
    MrNo Nayme20 timer siden

    Jake fights a fat video gamer and a basketball player. He definitely earned his childish ego trip 🤪

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    15 timer siden

    “Because dylan won’t say yes dumb dumb”😭😭😭

  • J Lane
    J Lane21 time siden

    "this is boxing vs mma" then why hasn't he fought a boxer

  • Oscar
    Oscar22 timer siden

    Bens patience is incredible, Jake on the other hand hasn’t even boxed a real boxer😐 this guy went from family friendly Disney to a fucking dick

  • Sneaks Lolll
    Sneaks Lolll23 timer siden

    Why the hell did Ben come with flip flops lol

  • Estime Mamba
    Estime MambaDag siden

    When jake hit Ben, Ben thought to himself who threw that piece of paper at me

  • Stop Being Confused About Health
    Stop Being Confused About HealthDag siden

    Jake took this so personally. Ben called out his low self-esteem.

  • Андрей Стоян
    Андрей СтоянDag siden

    Wanna show to world that he’s boxer fight a real boxer 😁😁😁

  • Phorzan Manager
    Phorzan ManagerDag siden

    4:09 when Jake was vomiting, I started to die lmao

  • rodrigo
    rodrigoDag siden

    Never knew this logan's brother guy but HOLY FUCK this guy is fucking cringe, this is like a 12 year old level of trash talk. This guy is trying to pull a mcgregor but failing miserably

  • Rutger .792
    Rutger .792Dag siden

    Jake is a fucking youtuber... what does he want to proove?

  • Luke Webley
    Luke WebleyDag siden

    I hope Jake gets knocked out as quick as Ben got knocked out by Misvidal.

  • _Matte_black
    _Matte_blackDag siden

    Sounds like cod trash talking honestly

  • UJ
    UJDag siden

    "this is mma vs boxing" So you're a professional boxer?

  • UJ
    UJDag siden

    Don't be surprised if nobody wants to fight with Jake in the future. If you get physical he will slap your ass.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsinDag siden

    “Do it right now” that is the last thing Jake wants, because when he’s not in the ring with the ref and rules Ben introduces him to some pavement.

  • I love DramaAlert
    I love DramaAlertDag siden

    “Because dylan won’t say yes dumb dumb”😭😭😭

  • The Flame
    The FlameDag siden

    No where near representing boxing or a celebrity

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    Dag siden

    how can a guy this dumb get this big?

  • G and j Gomez family
    G and j Gomez familyDag siden

    Please put him in front of Nate so he can get beat up

  • Rob G
    Rob GDag siden

    You can literally hear the cogs turning in Jake's brain as he searches for a word to say in every setence.

  • slunk
    slunkDag siden

    Jake : "I haven't been able to show my skill because my last fights have been 4 minutes" Yeah mr paul u boxed a basketball player and an amateur youtuber boxer u never fought a real fighter

  • Conor Molloy
    Conor MolloyDag siden

    I love how everyone is calling him Logan's little brother now hahah

  • Bee Boops
    Bee Boops2 dager siden

    Up to this point Jake Paul has never really box anyone good or anyone who has actual skill in boxing

  • KiwiPokerPlayer
    KiwiPokerPlayer2 dager siden

    How is a Jake Paul famous? He's such a tool. His fans must be 10 years old.

  • Yousef Rawas
    Yousef Rawas2 dager siden

    Why is Jake so fuckin nervous lol

  • Dr. Detroit
    Dr. Detroit2 dager siden

    Hey Jake can I be next...55 year old 6'7" 250 lbs...I'd beat your ass... Go Maverick

  • Slowmo Tron
    Slowmo Tron2 dager siden

    What does he mean by “taking over the world”? No one outside of the bubble of yes men and 13 year old white boys with swooped bangs likes him or his brother. They get made fun of by everyone on youtube. People who actually are fans of them won’t even admit it

  • N. M.
    N. M.2 dager siden

    That is really the first time in life where i feel second hand embarrassement trough a video.

  • DJ The Gamer
    DJ The Gamer2 dager siden

    Jake you went from the top to the bottom just like that your actions have consequences and I used to look up to you and want to be like you one day but now I don't

  • NoobyGamez
    NoobyGamez2 dager siden

    Jake Paul is the most immature person I’ve seen 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • x-perthunter.
    x-perthunter.2 dager siden

    Can’t lie jake got the drip

  • GeralDLC
    GeralDLC2 dager siden

    He should fight Gabriel Flores Jr. but that's disrespectful to Flores Jr

  • Ramon Dübi
    Ramon Dübi2 dager siden

    how can a guy this dumb get this big?

  • WuhSuhDood
    WuhSuhDood2 dager siden

    Logan Paul is at least trying to do better, the guy wants to be respected and understands the work required to achieve that. Jake Paul is stuck in a NOprojects paradox, where he keeps acting like an idiot, and thinks he can just keep falling in to lucky situations. Hopefully he gets knocked out and wakes up a new person

  • NumberOneFootballGeezer
    NumberOneFootballGeezer2 dager siden

    Ben Askren looks like a Greek statue from half of these angles

  • SWS-Vlogs
    SWS-Vlogs2 dager siden

    Watch out for a Flying-Knee Ben Ass!

  • Toby G
    Toby G2 dager siden

    Ben Askren won the presser

  • dope
    dope2 dager siden

    why is jake so awkward

  • John Drake
    John Drake2 dager siden

    Didn’t expect to see Tai Lopez at the end there. I guess i didn’t have the knowledge that he’d be there.

  • Tatum Wacholz
    Tatum Wacholz2 dager siden

    Ahhh Jake is just so so cringey it pains me 😳. It’s so so awkward

  • Nooblife101
    Nooblife1012 dager siden


  • T P
    T P2 dager siden

    Jake Paul deserves a beat down for stealing Chael Sonnen's snoring routine at a press conference......Dudes not even using original stuff.

  • Alagi M
    Alagi M2 dager siden


  • HushSsh
    HushSsh2 dager siden

    "you sound stupid", the fact that in that 14 minute video those words ended up coming out of jake pauls mouth astounds me

  • Mohamed Faris
    Mohamed Faris2 dager siden

    This dude think's he's conor lmaooooo

  • WilfordThe 4th
    WilfordThe 4th2 dager siden

    Ben just exposed how easily broken jakes mentality is. He has the head game of an insecure middleschooler

  • Random Stuff Weekly
    Random Stuff Weekly3 dager siden

    Jake: “This isn’t middle school” Also Jake: proceeds to act like a middle schooler

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo3 dager siden

    “Jake I know you have low self esteem but don’t project it on to me.” 😂😂

  • Adilet
    Adilet3 dager siden

    Lets hope that Ben will destroy him

  • Rye1
    Rye13 dager siden

    Jake Paul is absolutely shitting himself, I really hope Askren destroys him but his stand up is that bad Paul will probably win

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    3 dager siden

    Big up Ben for the way he handled this man baby’s massive ego

  • Shadow Aitherios
    Shadow Aitherios3 dager siden

    If Logan's little brother can get a fight contract anybody can at this point.

  • Elijah Zinman
    Elijah Zinman3 dager siden

    Ben you gotta win 🙈

  • John Getek
    John Getek3 dager siden

    Someone needs to step on jit

  • t Pat
    t Pat3 dager siden

    10:10 god he handled that so well this literally shows the difference of kid and adult

  • Mr Richman Cash
    Mr Richman Cash3 dager siden

    Jake Paul's ego explained in less than 15 minutes

  • tita coleen
    tita coleen3 dager siden

    Jake would NEVER fight Dillon 😂

  • MrAbdulla
    MrAbdulla3 dager siden

    “ I’m going to end his career” MOST USED LINE IN PRESS CONFERENCES.

  • Val Val
    Val Val3 dager siden

    Second hand embarrassment for Logan’s little brother😭

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J3 dager siden

    Ben is gonna knock he out 5th round

  • Tuấn z800
    Tuấn z8003 dager siden

    Ben’s face and his hair looks like an Ancient Greek God

  • Emilio Reyes

    Emilio Reyes

    3 dager siden

    I was thinking the same thing, he's a walking sculpture

  • Alice Lilith
    Alice Lilith3 dager siden

    But is nobody talking about this kid's outfit? Like wtf? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • TTV lesbianwater
    TTV lesbianwater3 dager siden

    Yo Ong it’s so sad to see how hard he’s trying to revive his career by fighting people right after they lose and or don’t even fight and not only that he sounds like a kid u would run into in a call of duty or fortnite match with a hot mic just seems pretty sad if u ask me

  • Charlize Renee
    Charlize Renee3 dager siden

    Notice how Logan’s brother talks mad shit but can’t look Ben in the eye while saying it😂

  • Charlize Renee
    Charlize Renee3 dager siden

    Big up Ben for the way he handled this man baby’s massive ego

    ADHDMADEME.3 dager siden

    Look at Ben’s absolute chad chin. He is the average MMA enjoyer

  • Dekashi_6ix9ine
    Dekashi_6ix9ine3 dager siden

    2021 will be the year of Funky Ben’s resurgence.

  • Acorn to Icon
    Acorn to Icon3 dager siden

    Every comment Jake Paul made I just cringed to almost death. 😬

  • Rich83
    Rich833 dager siden

    You can tell this kid is empty with daddy and brother issues

  • ØIN Music
    ØIN Music3 dager siden

    ok logans little brother ok

  • Steve Hunter
    Steve Hunter3 dager siden

    This is the fight game 😂😂😂 John Paul shut the fuck up ....... name dropping fighters as if he is mates with them hahahahahaha

  • Roxz 875
    Roxz 8753 dager siden

    We all know that we all know we need someone to ask jake why he hasn’t fought a real boxer😭

  • faye
    faye3 dager siden

    Jale paul cannot be real

  • Risto
    Risto3 dager siden

    Can we agree that everyone is just paying attention to this entire fight just to see him get knocked out.

  • Fight Hub TV

    Fight Hub TV

    3 dager siden

    Pretty much. But will it happen? That’s why we wanna see.

  • ShadowHumor
    ShadowHumor3 dager siden

    Take a shot everytime jake says, "ya know."

  • nathaniel nizard
    nathaniel nizard3 dager siden

    I hope for Askren to not bruise him too much, this dude has to go back to school or something to get education.

  • S.A.M.
    S.A.M.3 dager siden

    Jake paul is a 13 year old boy in a man's body

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson3 dager siden

    “Just like I’m representing boxing because imma boxer” 😂😂 the entire “real” boxing community just had a stroke 😂😂😂

  • gewkc
    gewkc3 dager siden

    bruh i wanna see ben win soo much now

  • Andrew Spotted Bull
    Andrew Spotted Bull3 dager siden

    Jake sounds like one of my students 😂

  • Armatige.23
    Armatige.233 dager siden

    just from watching this, looks like jake is gonna sneeze 3 times before this match

  • Derrick Rosas
    Derrick Rosas3 dager siden

    I'll fight Jake Paul for free

  • cameron passmore
    cameron passmore3 dager siden

    if he wins this hes gonna go on thinking he can beat freaking connor mcgregor and floys mayweather in the same ring lmao

  • Lego IG-88
    Lego IG-883 dager siden

    He's literally a child

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor3 dager siden

    Why doesn’t Jake do a mma fight then

  • Xoitlajeno
    Xoitlajeno3 dager siden

    😂😂 he can't even swear right bruh 🤧😭😭

  • deaFicit
    deaFicit3 dager siden

    Well masvidal just lost a bunch of respect. Trolling or not, calling jake...embarrassing.

  • Alex w
    Alex w4 dager siden

    I'll respect jake as a boxer when he fights a boxer

  • Flawless Whoreless

    Flawless Whoreless

    3 dager siden