Harry Maguire has returned to training ahead of England's Euro 2020 group match against Croatia

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Harry Maguire has been training with England for the first time since recovering from injury. It's still not expected that he will play in England's first match against Croatia. The Manchester United defender has not played since May 9 due to an ankle injury.

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  • Edward Bennett
    Edward BennettMåned siden

    Slab heads back

  • Craig Cassidy
    Craig CassidyMåned siden

    😆😅🤣.. oh dear this is why England aren't contenders desperate to have unfit maguire back.. I'm no Maguire fan, but isnt chance he could aggravate the injury being rushed back..

  • Muhammad Sazwan
    Muhammad SazwanMåned siden

    How are all these English so confident they can win it all while having maguire as their best CB. and he's not even match fit due to injuries. LOL.

  • Yellow
    YellowMåned siden

    Hey... Kyle Walker's hair is growing back 👶🏽👦🏽💇🏽‍♂️

  • Yellow
    YellowMåned siden

    "He's smiling". Yeah until he gets kicked in the chins 😭.

  • Casual Focus
    Casual FocusMåned siden

    The bus is back

  • Bryan Heslin
    Bryan HeslinMåned siden

    Frankenstein maguire!! Slower than a tortoise!!!

  • Super Rocky
    Super RockyMåned siden

    Pickford - Walker Stones Maguire Shaw - Mount Rice Bellingham - Foden Kane Grealish .... Cummon guys we gotta believe in our talent we are no small team we cant waste our talent on the bench wid 5 at the back...

  • h hazzy
    h hazzyMåned siden

    Give the guy a rest ffs

  • Red Kop
    Red KopMåned siden

    Oh wow! Harry has returned...its coming home then is it? ...........again🤔

  • Anthony Dixon
    Anthony DixonMåned siden

    Bad news for our chances then

  • charles bill
    charles billMåned siden

    I'm a Villa supporter, but I have doubts about Mings being in the the back line,but Stones is another who drops clangers on occasions. So the defence will be our biggest worry, I hope I'm wrong...

  • N. S.
    N. S.Måned siden

    Am I the only one who thinks Southgate is lacking presence...

  • N. S.
    N. S.Måned siden

    What's the black bra like vest's function?

  • Mooemoney
    MooemoneyMåned siden

    English pundits act like he vvd or something.....he has a comical defending video on NOprojects 😂

  • Martin Burke
    Martin BurkeMåned siden

    Where's Rooney lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Local Shopkeeper
    Local ShopkeeperMåned siden

    Southgate spineless clearly so many senior players too unfit for knockout competition but he’ll bring them anyways so when we bottle it he can say he did all he can and brought the country’s best with him and hide behind individuals like he did with Henderson. FRAUD

  • Lamin Saho
    Lamin SahoMåned siden

    Should have taken Tomori instead. Maguire is not fit

  • Gleb Chermennov
    Gleb ChermennovMåned siden

    So their logic was "if he's not fit, lets play 5 defenders instead of 4"?

  • Matt Dann
    Matt DannMåned siden

    All the sudden had one strong feeling that england will lose this match though

  • Rajat kundu 1 8 1 1 0
    Rajat kundu 1 8 1 1 0Måned siden

    Harry Maguire is the 3rd most important harry in county after prince harry and harry kane

  • CFC Steven
    CFC StevenMåned siden

    But he not match fit so stop talking 😂😂

  • Suraz Boka
    Suraz BokaMåned siden

    Is harry main man in England squad?

  • Phil McCracken
    Phil McCrackenMåned siden

    Maguire training? What a shame

  • drumthrasher
    drumthrasherMåned siden

    Stop talking about a back 3 as standard ffs grow some balls and play 4-3-3. Go into a back 3 once we have a +2 goal advantage minimum.. or for the last 5-10 mins defending a +1 goal lead. Our best starting XI GK Pickford RB Walker RCB Stones LCB Maguire LB Chillwell CDM Rice RCM Mount LCM Grealish RW Sancho ST Kane LW Foden

  • James Patrick
    James PatrickMåned siden

    southgates been playing fut champs😂

  • Tarim Ulhaq
    Tarim UlhaqMåned siden

    We talk about harry McGuire like he’s a John Terry. Relax sky

  • nolem


    Måned siden

    @Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus I'm joking chill out

  • Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus

    Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus

    Måned siden

    @nolem John wasn’t good? What imbecile producing hole did you crawl out of? John Terry was voted in more FIFPro TOTY’s than any other English player ever, second most of any CB ever… John is a top 3 english CB in the last quarter century.

  • Tarim Ulhaq

    Tarim Ulhaq

    Måned siden

    @Jhan Doriel your a world class moron if that’s your argument. Utter fool

  • Mojo K

    Mojo K

    Måned siden

    So mans need to score a goal in the world cup to be better. Okay. Nice logic

  • Elliot Masters

    Elliot Masters

    Måned siden

    Maguire* I never used to be a fan but he is deffo our best CB alongside John stones. Would be a huge blow if he doesn’t feature but it’s looking positive to start against Scotland where Gareth will explore his strengths in attack which Harry Maguire is key as we will need to play a back 4 not a back 5 like we will probably play against Croatia. He is no John terry but he could be crucial if England want success out of this tournament as like I said, maguire will bring that confidence in defence and not having to rely on Mings and coady would be nice.

  • Edmunds Life
    Edmunds LifeMåned siden

    This is what I don't like about England, hyping up a defender! So is there no any other replacement for him? These pundits need to focus on something else. He should have a replacement otherwise, England will not qualify in the group stage.

  • Bobsky98
    Bobsky98Måned siden

    Sorry 😭 guys but England won't reach semis. Come for me on mid July

  • Geoff Wright
    Geoff WrightMåned siden

    England are always good for a laugh

  • Man Utd
    Man UtdMåned siden

    Southgate is a clown

  • The Vall
    The VallMåned siden

    Messi:false 9 Maguire:false defending

  • Aravind Reddy
    Aravind ReddyMåned siden

    @3:54 both Harry Kane & Harry Maguire have similar nose.. are they related?

  • Damui
    DamuiMåned siden

    southgate thinks this is fifa with these fullbacks at cb😭

  • Diaz Tanurrezal
    Diaz TanurrezalMåned siden

    Harry returns to appreciate Harry’s new hair

  • @CFCMoi11
    @CFCMoi11Måned siden

    Hopefully he turns back to his old self like at Leicester

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22Måned siden

    Looks fine until he jumps then its 🥴🤕🥴🤕

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22Måned siden

    Are the Greek Police waiting on the touch lines lol

  • Tango 10
    Tango 10Måned siden

    England won’t get out the group

  • John W
    John WMåned siden

    Returning to training on the eve of a international tournament just says it all really. Hasn’t played in weeks. Wasn’t fit for selection. Shouldn’t be there. Simple as. Bringing him is such an English thing to do. Sergio Ramos has been struggling for fitness these past few months and he’s been left at home! Arguably Spain’s best player and their leader! That’s the difference in mentality between England and other elite nations like Spain, France, Germany etc. Out in the last 16 for me. May it be France, Portugal or Germany. If Southgate decides to take a huge gamble and throw a game or two to finish 2nd in the group and avoid above then it just tells you all you need to know about him as a person and manager. Weak minded.

  • Mitchell Webb
    Mitchell WebbMåned siden

    Mount is not playing left side forward lol theres way too many players contesting that position; he'll 100% be central.

  • Charles Klepac
    Charles KlepacMåned siden

    Watch them rush him back and make it worse😂

  • jekendra singh
    jekendra singhMåned siden

    With so much attacking option ..if Southgate play 5 at the back that will be total waste of talent and England won't win anything. They need to play on their strength that is attack

  • Sean Hanratty
    Sean HanrattyMåned siden

    1:31 mins in 4 possible man u players on screen # man u premier League winners

  • Jake Howie
    Jake HowieMåned siden

    Pickford, Reese James, Stones, Coady, Saka, Rice, Bellingham, Foden, Mount, Sancho, Kane. Bellingham has to start

  • james kelly
    james kellyMåned siden

    Haven't won anything since 1966 and every English fan and the English media hype them up every tournament... Reality is England are rubbish...

  • Chai Tachi
    Chai TachiMåned siden

    Maguire or 🗑 ?

  • krishan Curtis
    krishan CurtisMåned siden

    I don't understand this fuss with Harry maguire. He is decent player but He is not van dijk or Ramos. So don't think it will make much difference even if he is in I guess normal English hype

  • Mr Uploads
    Mr UploadsMåned siden


  • BOSSanac!
    BOSSanac!Måned siden

    He won't be playing against Croatia yet anyway

  • Krishanan Merdono
    Krishanan MerdonoMåned siden

    Yesss, Come on Maguire, My Slab Head, Play like prime John Terry for England and we will win the Euro 👍

  • Robester D

    Robester D

    Måned siden


  • Eric Mamadou
    Eric MamadouMåned siden

    He really must say to his wife everyday " you never thought you would have such a great life from me being so bad at what I do. dreams really do come true!

  • Reece Beckett
    Reece BeckettMåned siden


  • Lynch 616
    Lynch 616Måned siden

    I don’t care if he’s training. He’s not fit to play well in a international tournament and won’t be match fit until a few games into the PL season. This is always England’s problem. Is Maguire that good fully fit? Bulls**t

  • pip dog 2020
    pip dog 2020Måned siden

    it coming home can we win something before am to old to enjoy it 46 at the min lol

  • verbALs
    verbALsMåned siden

    First pint by 22? First pint by 12:22

  • I.R.
    I.R.Måned siden

    Wasn't he in crutches the other day 😂 glad to see him there

  • Who Knew 22

    Who Knew 22

    Måned siden

    yes but Uri being on the case lol

  • sam bekhtyari
    sam bekhtyariMåned siden

    Tewing with the beard 🤣

  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob BerryMåned siden

    mount is so versatile, he can play central midfield and slightly further forward central midfield i rate him but he doesnt strike me as that versatile in comparison to saka or grealish

  • M G
    M GMåned siden

    If Connor coady or mings start it’s over for England they are not good enough very average players

  • Am Mac
    Am MacMåned siden

    Stop attacking mings maguire is not all that and stones has always been mistake prone but because of who they play for you keep over looking that and want us to believe that they are so great tbh mings is just as good as those two. People who actually watch and understand football and dont let the media influence them will understand.

  • CosMnd
    CosMndMåned siden

    Should have called Konsa up. The most in form English centre back. Gareth is a plonker.

  • Teslim Bollard
    Teslim BollardMåned siden

    Getting in slap head hoping for a good euros from you

  • sam smith
    sam smithMåned siden

    Maguire, Henderson to breakdown by Scotland game and Rashford still doesn't score. As long as this politically correct manager satisfies the London media

  • Brandon
    BrandonMåned siden

    Maguire is far more match fit than Henderson that’s for sure.. prior to his injury he hadn’t missed a game in 2 years for Utd. His latest game was May 9… Christ Henderson last game was back in the middle of feb until Sunday when he had a horrible first game back capped off by his pathetic missed pen.

  • D M
    D MMåned siden

    Advantage Croatia then

  • Chris Samo
    Chris SamoMåned siden

    boo the knee ... loud loud loud

  • Chris Samo

    Chris Samo

    Måned siden

    @Byron Vatheven more sad you live your life ... they represent our clubs and country and get very well paid for it .... i dot not give a hoot about our players what they think of the booing ,,, stop this blm gesture and the boos will stop ... the players should just play the sport not give us there political views for something most of them do not even know what the knee stands for ... lets have an hour or so off gestures shall we ? you can clap and admire them its your choice but do not tell the majority not to boo ...

  • Byron Vath

    Byron Vath

    Måned siden

    @Chris Samo true supporters never boo their team before a ball has even been kicked. For alot of these youngsters its a culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication to represent their country but you are too full of fear and hatred to allow them to have their moment. Sad life you live.

  • Chris Samo

    Chris Samo

    Måned siden

    @Byron Vath numptys like you who just do what the leftys want ... politics out of sport numpty its very simple .... why should fans clap the knee .. its a disgrace and majority dont want it ... why no knee for solider lee rigbsy yet the knee for a junkie armed robber in states ? get your facts in order and listen to what people dont want in our sport ... support kick it out i agree but not a political act ...

  • Byron Vath

    Byron Vath

    Måned siden

    What does that achieve dumbass?

  • A B
    A BMåned siden

    Tissue paper defence.

  • Phone Tj
    Phone TjMåned siden

    If southgate plays McGuire and Henderson I hope they lose

  • Kernel Charles
    Kernel CharlesMåned siden

    We love that 🌟💯🌟

  • Sam's World
    Sam's WorldMåned siden


  • k tom
    k tomMåned siden

    It's not good news. He was bad even when totally fit, during Euros he will be even worse than usual.

  • yellow screen
    yellow screenMåned siden

    where is vardy?

  • L C

    L C

    Måned siden

    Retired and shite

  • Bob Radford
    Bob RadfordMåned siden

    Training is one thing, playing a full 90 mins is another. One whack on the ankle and he is done.

  • Charles Klepac

    Charles Klepac

    Måned siden

    So desperate I could see them rushing him back😂😂

  • Andrew 357
    Andrew 357Måned siden

    Southgate will be bald by the end of the group stage with the flak he will get. We all know the FA are trying to box tick and really its not up to Southgate or the players if they kneel or not.

  • Detective Police
    Detective PoliceMåned siden

    England lack solid GK and CB.

  • BeacuseTheInternet1080


    Måned siden

    @Nandu Syles mate he’s a timebomb, he’s got luck twice I can think of in an England shirt probably more. Vs Spain and Vs Croatia in 2018 Nations league games he nearly gave away needless goals through poor decision making.

  • Nandu Syles

    Nandu Syles

    Måned siden

    Pickford has never dissapointed England mate, where have you been?

  • snaggiz
    snaggizMåned siden

    Ayy Slabhead made it!

  • NoodlesTBograt
    NoodlesTBogratMåned siden

    IF < (BIG IF) Jack Grealish is our most talented player why is he still at Villa???? To me he is an overrated show pony who falls over a lot.

  • Bertie W

    Bertie W

    Måned siden


  • Confused Bruised
    Confused BruisedMåned siden

    Southgate saying - "ok boys and try the other knee now I blame brexit for the racism in England, dont worry it will be me who gets sacked"

  • moonunit


    Måned siden

    Have a day off mate

  • Robert Goodfellow
    Robert GoodfellowMåned siden

    the fact that there is still many unknown's makes me feel that the team will be pretty disjointed compared to Croatia who have a settled team

  • Jack Snell

    Jack Snell

    Måned siden

    we will beat them

    UNDEFEATEDMåned siden

    Grealish is not englands most talented player ffs

  • Group6
    Group6Måned siden


  • Let’sMathsDebate
    Let’sMathsDebateMåned siden

    If we are to win this we need to play all 3 keepers at once!

  • LiveWireRed B.
    LiveWireRed B.Måned siden

    I think Ben White and Stones should be good enough in a 2. No reason to be negative.

  • Cameron Storey
    Cameron StoreyMåned siden

    Knowing Southgate I just think he's going to the 5 4 1 for Croatia be something like Pickford Walker rcb Stones cb Mings lcb Trippier rwb Chilwell lwb Rice Phillips/Henderson Mount Foden/sterling Kane I'd absolutely hate it really really hate but this what this paigon does don't think grealish or Jude are starting which is just a travisty

  • verbALs


    Måned siden

    I can’t think of all misspelt word that could end up as “paigon”. What dumb word did you mean to write? Travesty? Travesty? Seriously?

  • J M
    J MMåned siden

    Where’s the best place to watch the game on Sunday in London?

  • Jack Owl

    Jack Owl

    Måned siden

    Google search *open air beer gardens, London*

  • Bertie W

    Bertie W

    Måned siden

    Behind the sofa.

  • Adnan Ahmed

    Adnan Ahmed

    Måned siden

    Wembley lol

  • J M

    J M

    Måned siden

    @Jack Owl well that’s most places, looking for the best atmosphere

  • Jack Owl

    Jack Owl

    Måned siden

    Anywhere that serves beer you dimwit

  • Mitchell Cryer
    Mitchell CryerMåned siden

    I'd rather he didn't but if Southgates plan of being knocked out early is to happen, we need him.

  • NoodlesTBograt
    NoodlesTBogratMåned siden

    You can't play Luke Shaw left of a back 3 he switches off

  • Times&Spaces


    Måned siden

    So do Stones and Walker. We just don't have any strengh in that position.

  • Jinzo
    JinzoMåned siden

    imagine if Kane's first trophy is the Euros

  • Red Kop

    Red Kop

    Måned siden

    Never gonna happen....England are overhyped yet again.

  • william potato

    william potato

    Måned siden

    @Suraz Boka pipe dream **

  • Suraz Boka

    Suraz Boka

    Måned siden

    Nice dream

  • Kyle Donaldson
    Kyle DonaldsonMåned siden

    England teams most important component.....but somehow hes doesn't get the same praise 4 man utd🤣😅

  • Jinzo
    JinzoMåned siden

    7:20 never had a pint at 22 xD wonder how many Gascoigne had had by then



    Måned siden

    @A-wal Games ok ok

  • A-wal Games

    A-wal Games

    Måned siden

    He said beer, didn't say anything about pints of vodka.



    Måned siden


  • Darren Edwards
    Darren EdwardsMåned siden

    Miracles happen ! No game time in months ,he was never the quickest player , if he plays the best of the best will be rubbing their hands to see how fit he is , you can’t play unfit players against the best of Europe , even Scotland ,there’s enough past history that shows us don’t play those players!!

  • Jinzo
    JinzoMåned siden

    Bloody hell here we go again boys, football's comin home

  • NoodlesTBograt


    Måned siden

    Draw with Crotia beat Scotland & we will be the best in the world

  • Kai Smolarek
    Kai SmolarekMåned siden

    English are hilarious been slaughtering this guy for years and soon as he’s injured he’s a world class defender

  • W


    Måned siden

    Hate? Where the english english media love him. Man Utd fans bash him before as they see him week in & week out & he really wasn't that good for a while & not worth the money, he improved a lot 2nd half of this season & has been good. But no one nationally has slaughtered him

  • ngin room

    ngin room

    Måned siden

    Most of the hate are from Man Utd haters. When it's national team, they finally realise their favorites, like Van Dijk or Rudiger, aren't English.



    Måned siden

    Not in my book. He's still one of the worst players I've ever seen. Never rated the bloke once in my life. I don't even want him on the bench let alone starting.

  • G W
    G WMåned siden

    England has made so many mistakes , 4 RBs ? Was stupid , no JWP stupid , rushing back Maguire , Stupid , 2nd place in the group for sure

  • dan brayne
    dan brayneMåned siden

    we need him

  • Alex
    AlexMåned siden

    GET IN

  • tom schmertz
    tom schmertzMåned siden

    Gareth should just go for it and play: Pickford, Shaw, Stones, White, James, Rice, Bellingham, Mount, Grealish, Kane, Foden. Bring on Sterling and Rashford in the 65th minute and see if Croatia can deal with that. If England can get of to a cracking start they can be a tournament juggernaut

  • whu58


    Måned siden

    Good team choice

  • Danięl Ø
    Danięl ØMåned siden

    Anyone else notice sky deleted their video yesterday about fans booing taking the knee? 👀 WE SEE YOU SKY

  • lidgie123
    lidgie123Måned siden

    Fucksake, bye bye any hope of winning Euros