Hammond vs May: Who makes the best poached eggs?

Poached eggs are a bit like beds - everyone has their own way of making them. When we heard James May and Richard Hammond can’t agree on the best way to do them, we knew it was time for a showdown. No walking on eggshells here - just a cracking head-to-head fight to the death. Or, y’know, eggs. Whatever.

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  • OpLapDancePikachu69
    OpLapDancePikachu6950 minutter siden

    I would prefer Hammonds cuz I have the same issue with the whites.

  • Themazeful
    Themazeful2 timer siden

    Haven't seen Hammond in a while. He looks like a dollar store Hugh Jackman.

  • Luka Dacić
    Luka Dacić16 timer siden

    Hammond's eggs were overdone, May's underdone. Toast was burnt to crisp. I'll have a bagel, thank you very much.

  • LimPu
    LimPu18 timer siden

    Hammond won

  • The Sherman show
    The Sherman show20 timer siden

    James where slightly under and Richards where about 1 minute over

  • Happisak's Happi Place.
    Happisak's Happi Place.22 timer siden

    Eggs, about the only thing Hammond will eat isn't it?

  • Jan Plašil
    Jan PlašilDag siden

    eggs.. it reminded me sci fi short story "Pâté de Foie Gras" by Isaac Asimov :D

  • Jan Plašil
    Jan PlašilDag siden

    why dont you keep the shell to feed it to some chickens? dont throw it away.. stack em up and give em to somebody who is keeping hens for eggs.. they need the shell for the minerals in it to produce another eggs..

  • Triple 675
    Triple 675Dag siden

    If you have worked beside the same people for at least ten years, you'll understand.

  • MG
    MGDag siden

    The world's least interesting man cooking eggs for the world's angriest yobo. "I have scraped more appetizing things off with a boot scraper"

  • Robb
    Robb2 dager siden

    I love lots of white wine vinegar in my poaching water.

  • Gaz
    Gaz2 dager siden

    “I’ve got a bit of a bad cold” if he said that 3 months later Richard would of died.

  • Jackson Santander
    Jackson Santander2 dager siden

    I watch this almost every day 😂😂 love yall, greetings from Chicago

  • Ian W
    Ian W2 dager siden

    How do like your eggs in the morning boiled or fertilized????

  • Black Pine
    Black Pine3 dager siden

    Hammonds eggs overdone………..

  • Nigel Bumcorn
    Nigel Bumcorn3 dager siden

    Hammond is so annoying

  • Black Pine
    Black Pine3 dager siden

    My mom always broke eggs into a cup first……..like May……..cause you didn’t want to ruin the entire recipe……..with a rotten egg…..

  • BooBooYup
    BooBooYup4 dager siden

    hammond's eggs look way better. the toast is also burnt.

  • Patrick
    Patrick5 dager siden

    He's a mean little magician looking jockey.

  • Zack Middleton
    Zack Middleton5 dager siden

    8 minutes is too long. Mine were cooked through off the fire.

  • audioarchetype17
    audioarchetype175 dager siden

    That toast is burnt within an inch of its life 😄 but the eggs look great! Nice work, guys.

  • PMabbz
    PMabbz5 dager siden

    That is some seriously burnt toast. Definitely make the eggs like Hammond and not May's.

  • All_The_Sith
    All_The_Sith5 dager siden

    "Lurpak spreadable butter, invented in 1901..."

  • Kyle picks 86
    Kyle picks 866 dager siden

    "Slapdash long haired yabo"? Dont have that term here in Texas lol.

  • Fomal Haut
    Fomal Haut6 dager siden

    "modern egg that came out of a modern chicken"

  • werotos
    werotos6 dager siden

    it pains me to admit but i think i'd choose hammonds eggs. may's toast was...well. let's say a bit overdone and although i'd quite like the way he made his eggs i hate any recipes with specific utensils so richards free vinegar eggs take the win. def gonna make my eggs that way from now on :D PS: in the theoretical case of them actually making breakfast i'd prefer may's because he has better planning skills. his toast choice may be questionable but he sure made it with confidence and timed it perfectly with his eggs. 10/10

  • John Brewster
    John Brewster6 dager siden

    There's no one here except us chickens. Cluck, cluck.

  • Quantum Magnus
    Quantum Magnus6 dager siden

    Both their methods are acceptable. I don’t have a preference for either way.

  • Christopher tiller
    Christopher tiller7 dager siden

    At 6:49 Hammond seriously contemplating if prison would be worth it

  • Jim Lenze
    Jim Lenze7 dager siden

    I have used James May’s technique for years. It produces perfect poached eggs. You are correct, Mr. May. My congratulations. Mr. Hammond, I can smell the egg-ruining vinegar through the Internet.

  • AngryZombie808
    AngryZombie8087 dager siden

    I like the shape of Hammond's egg & the texture of May's egg. And those toast is definitely BURNT.

  • Paul Gunningham
    Paul Gunningham7 dager siden

    Hammonds eggs are the right way to do them

  • Cristelmoon Shadow
    Cristelmoon Shadow8 dager siden

    you to are like an old couple lol

  • Super mrplellp
    Super mrplellp8 dager siden

    Hammond‘s one is better haha

  • Theo Murphy Ross
    Theo Murphy Ross8 dager siden

    I just made Hammond eggs his style. Went quite well and cooked exactly as it was in the video. Yum.

  • mackenzie hunt
    mackenzie hunt8 dager siden

    both you plonkers are breaking your eggs wrong, break on a flat surface, that way there's a much lower chance of shell breaking INTO the egg

  • Ian James
    Ian James8 dager siden

    Saucepan method every time

  • Lawrence GT
    Lawrence GT8 dager siden

    Never seen anyone do to an egg, whatever it was that Hammond was doing. Always used a proper egg poacher like May for 40 years. Perfect poachies every time.

    FILM GUY8 dager siden

    People have their own opinions, Don't listen to other people saying negative phrases about your creation. -FILM GUY

  • Jumzzy Boy
    Jumzzy Boy9 dager siden


  • Tutone Lyles Naranjo
    Tutone Lyles Naranjo9 dager siden

    Dialogue presupposes “not simple.”😂 I do like all the way cooked white of the poached eggs. It is personal preference but the fun is in the telling✅

  • Just a pink guy who's here for pusi
    Just a pink guy who's here for pusi9 dager siden

    "I've scraped more appetizing things of a boot scraper" - Richard Hammond

  • gaz7060
    gaz70609 dager siden

    Richard wins!

  • Keith Daniels
    Keith Daniels10 dager siden

    Watching this in July 2021 and I was liek "why does a video about poached Eggs have 2.43 Million views?" *Watched Video* Now I remember why I love the trio hahaha

  • Jill Nesbitt
    Jill Nesbitt10 dager siden

    Hammond had the better eggs! Snot means not cooked!!

  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux10 dager siden

    I like them either way slightly over or under done.

  • smfx
    smfx10 dager siden

    You could see Richard thinking about it when holding the knife 😂

  • Jez Madden
    Jez Madden11 dager siden

    Like a married couple.... :-)

  • Rick Common
    Rick Common11 dager siden

    James may has once again won this challenge. There is no man who can face him. He is bae.

  • the licensednerd
    the licensednerd13 dager siden

    James:" there's no one else in here" Hammond's seeing ghosts and I'm seeing a shadowy figure that looks as if it's holding some kind of photographic device

  • Sarah Martin
    Sarah Martin13 dager siden

    I don’t even like eggs and I’m still watching this

  • Jack Blades
    Jack Blades13 dager siden

    2:55 If I was May I would have taken a shoe off used that instead. Then force fed the egg it to Hammond if I had to.

  • Jopino
    Jopino14 dager siden

    >poached eggs >butter

  • Chris Cutress
    Chris Cutress14 dager siden

    I hate to say it but Hammond's right !

  • GuyRaavv
    GuyRaavv15 dager siden

    Its 3:54am. and im here watching two middle aged alcoholics complain about the colour of egg yolks

  • K Ram
    K Ram16 dager siden

    Well..now I now how to make egg-snot on charcoal. I'm sure it'll turn out to be a useful skill someday.

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker16 dager siden

    Hammond over-cooked his. End of story.

  • mazack00
    mazack0016 dager siden

    6:49 ......

  • Velveteen Cat
    Velveteen Cat17 dager siden

    I’m with Hammond and yeah May’s toast was burnt Love this channel 🤩👍🏻

    NITROBILDER1217 dager siden

    So eggs in a nest but no nest

  • the1stbman
    the1stbman17 dager siden

    I'll take Captain Slow's eggs over the Hamster's eggs

  • LNER 4489
    LNER 448918 dager siden

    agree with Hammond apart from the vinegar

  • Calamity Jane
    Calamity Jane18 dager siden

    The hotel should ask “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” A la steak doneness. Saves arguments. I’m pretty fussy myself, but then I’m a Virgo.

  • Egg
    Egg20 dager siden

    That hurt

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin20 dager siden


  • superfortress
    superfortress20 dager siden

    Hammond made them the right way.

  • Pete and Drake
    Pete and Drake21 dag siden

    I cant wait to see them do bits like these in their 80's

  • zdenek oldrich marek
    zdenek oldrich marek21 dag siden

    Well done Hammond you are helping James in his therapy. Be Blessed Both Of You.I think both ways of cooking poached eggs are fine but what about useing wine mr Hammond viniger taste not my flavour ?

  • Raphael DaGamer
    Raphael DaGamer21 dag siden

    I must say Hammond's eggs looked prettier and I would eat those. I don't even like to eat eggs. I would not eat May's eggs.

  • Fan Advocacy Network
    Fan Advocacy Network23 dager siden

    It’s like watching brothers fight.

  • Wombo Man
    Wombo Man24 dager siden

    If Clarkson was here, the whole kitchen would be on fire.

  • Gandalf Greyhame

    Gandalf Greyhame

    21 dag siden

    Nice job copying the top comment

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn25 dager siden

    Two crusty guys eating burnt toast

  • sockington1
    sockington125 dager siden

    only an amatuer would poach eggs in a saucepan. He should use a frying pan with same method

  • Daxidol
    Daxidol26 dager siden

    Hammond's win, easily.

  • Amal Dev
    Amal Dev26 dager siden

    The only thing these gentle men will feel is the taste of the burnt toast, but it’s funny to watch them

  • stuff here
    stuff here27 dager siden

    My husband has made me watch top gear for years. Everyone gives James a hard time but of the three, he's the more rational, normal and likable of the three.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith27 dager siden

    Sorry but May's eggs are not poached. They are fried and steamed.

  • Robin Eniffer
    Robin Eniffer28 dager siden

    great viewing

  • Max
    Max28 dager siden

    James’ Eggs were correct. Richards’ eggs are incinerated.

  • EndingStage
    EndingStage28 dager siden

    After watching years and years and years.. of Top Gear, this episode was great to watch

  • bellabana
    bellabana29 dager siden

    Hammond’s eggs were the best, not too runny or overcooked, just right. James’s were undercooked and he burnt the toast.

  • drumboarder1
    drumboarder129 dager siden

    "Here eat this stuff covered in plastic"

  • Beskar 1409
    Beskar 140929 dager siden

    Yes lurpak b Oi

  • Daan De Weerdt
    Daan De Weerdt29 dager siden

    Honestly, just have Gordon Ramsay judge them

  • Tyler Ward
    Tyler WardMåned siden

    I prefer hammonds way I hate the white snottyness

  • emanandchill
    emanandchillMåned siden

    They're both almost the same thing. Mays is a bit under cooked. But i prefer his butter seasoning. Although , i haven't tried the other one so i can't definitely say. I will say that I like hammond's cooking method better and his is fully cooked. As Gordon says it's better 30 seconds overcooked than 30 seconds undercooked. Taste wise A taste test would be the decider of who wins. Technique wise, hammond's more natural method wins.

  • Carley Wright
    Carley WrightMåned siden

    Hammond for the win

  • parodysam
    parodysamMåned siden

    Hammond’s flippancy is scoopable

  • pepe the frog poops on right wingers
    pepe the frog poops on right wingersMåned siden

    brian may and paul chuckle poach some eggs c.2020, colourised

  • Micke Knight
    Micke KnightMåned siden

    I would have had Hammonds eggs fore sure, perfect!

  • aseem latkar
    aseem latkarMåned siden

    why did I watch the whole thing I don't know... Hammond's was right by the way...

  • j k

    j k

    Måned siden

    nah, both were on either side of right. Hammond's cooked a little too much, james's a bit not enough.

  • gizzy guzzi
    gizzy guzziMåned siden

    Hammond has eaten breakfast all over the world. Rice Crispies.

  • j k

    j k

    Måned siden

    ...and in some parts of the world he used chopsticks to eat them.

  • Philip Adams
    Philip AdamsMåned siden

    Hammond - very overcooked eggs. Yolk looked scrambled.

  • Prairielander
    PrairielanderMåned siden

    I think May has better eggs, but Hammond has better toast.

  • Draliseth
    DralisethMåned siden

    James, oh James. Hammond's eggs looked much better and that toast was proper burnt.

  • Vinnukona
    VinnukonaMåned siden

    richard had a bad day. maybe

  • Anna Knitowski
    Anna KnitowskiMåned siden

    Hammond has perfect eggs

  • Mr. Jim
    Mr. JimMåned siden

    Hammond got very old very fast

  • Dew Hackler
    Dew HacklerMåned siden

    The devilish clipper pharmacologically mend because camera adventitiously boast aboard a aggressive siamese. physical, lumpy roast