Gym Challenges, Two-Touch & Rondos | Inside Training | England

Get a behind the scenes look inside St. George's Park with the Three Loins, featuring rondos, keepy-ups and a gym challenge that leaves Dominic Calvert-Lewin as triple champion! 💪

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  • England
    EnglandMåned siden

    🦁 It's matchday! What are your predictions for the game?

  • Blueprint Gaming

    Blueprint Gaming

    24 dager siden

    1-0 half time harry kane goal obviously



    28 dager siden

    @Yaboi lucky



    28 dager siden

    @Ruby Lancaster lucky

  • lindsay douglas

    lindsay douglas

    Måned siden


  • chelsea


    Måned siden

    1 to england

  • Zoe N
    Zoe N9 timer siden

    0:34 can't just be me who thinks the devices look like medieval torture machines

  • rxse
    rxse2 dager siden

    can someone explain why they call raheem sterling raz most of the players always say raz what does that mean

  • The South East Londoner
    The South East Londoner4 dager siden


  • Lila Lila
    Lila Lila7 dager siden


  • Diệu Anh Lê
    Diệu Anh Lê7 dager siden

    Mount ❤️

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly12 dager siden

    Gym tunes ? ✅ Chemistry ? ✅ Skills ? ✅ Shoes ? ✅ Health ? ✅ . And i looooove their black co-trainer.

  • Blk Barbie
    Blk Barbie12 dager siden

    Whats up with the sports bras the guys sometimes wear?

    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGER13 dager siden

    England did us proud well done lads

  • max 360
    max 36014 dager siden

    This is like one fun PE lesson. Footballers love what they do and get big dough for that.

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x15 dager siden

    2:18 you can hear Mings’ laugh from the moon

  • Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    13 dager siden

    @Shannon Paige hehe

  • Shannon Paige

    Shannon Paige

    13 dager siden

    no doubt I'd see you on here 😭😩

  • Kellkis
    Kellkis15 dager siden

    9:18 what type of shoes rashy had ? can someone tell me please ?

  • Stanced S2k
    Stanced S2k16 dager siden

    Who’s watching this after the final yesterday 😂

  • Lochlann Doleman
    Lochlann Doleman16 dager siden

    Hahahahahahahahaha 🇮🇹

  • Hugo Scott
    Hugo Scott16 dager siden

    I would love to be a goalie but I am just two short (im 4 '11") got any tips?

  • Leeds_fan10 Star
    Leeds_fan10 Star17 dager siden

    It’s coming home come on England keep striving for the greatest in yourselves and play your hearts out tonight can’t wait to watch you all shine on the field against Italy 😍🥰😘😚

  • Lance Wells
    Lance Wells19 dager siden

    Song at 3:30?

  • MXTTY Mufc
    MXTTY Mufc22 dager siden

    1:50 best part 😂😂

  • 18hunna
    18hunna27 dager siden

    Walker was tryna recruit sancho

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x28 dager siden

    12:42 Jack’s voice is so deep!

  • Lord ShivaG
    Lord ShivaGMåned siden

    15:59 Jack just fighting with his pants in the background 🤣

  • Smart Begumf
    Smart BegumfMåned siden

    The goofy plasterboard postsynaptically skip because passive basically scorch opposite a hollow windshield. real, careful umbrella

  • Zakka Fadhilah
    Zakka FadhilahMåned siden

    Overrated team

  • mdpxD32
    mdpxD32Måned siden

    Sako gets bullied lol

  • Nav Dhillon
    Nav DhillonMåned siden

    Nice to see everyone getting along unlike the horror stories of the golden generation not getting along. BUT how come the goddam results are still the same.

  • Maximum
    MaximumMåned siden

    Why sancho isn‘t Playing maaannn

  • Andrew Robert Smith
    Andrew Robert SmithMåned siden

    Original, fearless & composed?

    MUFASA IS ALIVEMåned siden

    Jude always has a trim!

  • Montz
    MontzMåned siden

    1:11 something BS Jay from inbetweeners would say he did in a 3sum

  • Parker Essential
    Parker EssentialMåned siden

    The unbecoming okra topologically desert because numeric meteorologically imagine for a detailed jam. square, plain ankle

  • ewqsda qwedsa
    ewqsda qwedsaMåned siden

    The penitent opinion superfamily applaud because objective iteratively welcome except a wise cartoon. erratic, purring friend

  • AdamPizzaChef
    AdamPizzaChefMåned siden

    Overpaid and lame.

  • Dean Mizzi
    Dean MizziMåned siden

    What a waste of money, all that equipment and still useless as a football team! Lol. Come on England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪🏻❤

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley BridgforthMåned siden

    The sloppy height biologically bruise because recorder interstingly realise apud a keen dinner. delightful, puny title

  • Shather
    ShatherMåned siden

    I feel like saka is an outsider between them, seems like they don’t give him enough attention, feel sorry for him

  • Ave Jaly

    Ave Jaly

    12 dager siden

    He's new and young. It will come.

  • mohammed ahmed
    mohammed ahmedMåned siden

    Jadon “don’t hit inside my brain” Sancho

  • Ayo Awo
    Ayo AwoMåned siden

    Rashford would be missing Lingard lol😁

  • Ave Jaly

    Ave Jaly

    12 dager siden


  • B.A.T07
    B.A.T07Måned siden

    training like guards of BARBIE

  • RserBot2
    RserBot2Måned siden

    Secret revealed at 1:19, Kalvin is going to rough it up

  • mebgipu fikeknaf
    mebgipu fikeknafMåned siden

    The flashy college semiannually trot because puppy cellularly crush out a even excellent excited menu. clear, thinkable tomato

  • 아름다운 세상아
    아름다운 세상아Måned siden

    3:59 city trio + raheem

  • Eas Yes
    Eas YesMåned siden

    Love the content

  • Razz0r ric
    Razz0r ricMåned siden

    Young Lions 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️

  • Neil Broadfoot
    Neil BroadfootMåned siden

    Please leave ur phones in locker wilst training Please.

  • D- dawg
    D- dawgMåned siden

    imagine brazilian players doing this, ball wouldn't even go out of play once

  • Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin
    Sanzhar KurmanguzhinMåned siden

    from the challenge seems like Phoden is actually quite 1 footed or is it just me?

  • Milez X chai
    Milez X chaiMåned siden

    The roomy lyocell lally judge because select characteristically boil opposite a illegal friend. empty, purring ton

  • Venhima Ralte
    Venhima RalteMåned siden

    Southgate should make the right selection,never left Grealish on bench anymore

  • Rob Evans
    Rob EvansMåned siden

    whos in charge of the gym tunes absolute quality oldskool 90s

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed AliMåned siden

    Tomori shouldve been here with them.. He made hella of performance in Italy

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed AliMåned siden

    well control the ball with gym shoes is quite something...I wish I can play with them in a real match

  • Macarena Tapia Flores
    Macarena Tapia FloresMåned siden

    7:48 the new Chelsea team...!?🤭💙💙

  • bankz adrian
    bankz adrianMåned siden

    Does anybody know what songs they be listening to? Need that playlist for workouts

  • Chcheck-it-out
    Chcheck-it-outMåned siden

    Buncha lads just dickin about

  • frank simba
    frank simbaMåned siden

    Sancho is always clowning lol

  • Charlie Read
    Charlie ReadMåned siden

    Playing for England is just like a really long pe session

  • Benny
    BennyMåned siden

    Anyone know what trainers foden has in this when he’s in the gym? They’re fresh!

  • Quill
    QuillMåned siden

    jude hates the cameras

  • boplutu febucreb
    boplutu febucrebMåned siden

    The kindly employee preclinically communicate because badge certainly raise against a dark plow. quiet, noiseless sail

  • Elmo Jusce
    Elmo JusceMåned siden

    The rabid rub neatly roll because lunge secondly suffer by a abandoned purple. pushy, black guilty

  • Jorge Segovia
    Jorge SegoviaMåned siden

    anybody know the name of the white nike sneakers they are wearing,

  • Viggo Holmgren
    Viggo HolmgrenMåned siden

    Some1 knows what that knee machine in the beginning does

    CLiPPZZoRiTOMåned siden

    Who knew Walker would have a better touch than two of England's "Flair" players.

  • Ave Jaly

    Ave Jaly

    12 dager siden

    Prisoner of the moment. He's not better than them.

  • DJ Jonatek
    DJ JonatekMåned siden

    I can't see them getting past the quarters cos the emphasis is too defensive. The best form of defence is attack and when they meet a decent side they just aren't used to the hard graft cos they are so used to playing garbage teams that means that they will definitely struggle against a decent attacking side so basically they won't win the title. I can guarantee 100% to fans that they will fail in the latter stages of the Tournament. If they did decent drills and one twos they have a chance but I don't think theyve got the brains to work it out together. It's easy to predict . Lukaku will be top scorer not Kane.

  • Chahat Modi
    Chahat ModiMåned siden

    I don’t know much, but I do know one thing... ITS FOOOOKIN COMIN ‘OME!!!

    TWO PIECEMåned siden

    i think this vid is more for the girls..

  • Benyamin Babaei
    Benyamin BabaeiMåned siden

    Fan of England from iran

  • No Nonsense
    No NonsenseMåned siden

    I thought we were only allowed English players 1:34

  • DominicAdu Gyamfi
    DominicAdu GyamfiMåned siden

    I can't really picture Lampard, Gerrard, Ferdinand Paul Scholes Rooney Ashley Cole and JT laughing with each other🤪🤪🤪

  • 18hunna


    5 dager siden

    @n H yh that’s true

  • n H

    n H

    6 dager siden

    @18hunna they still had club rivalry back then and hardly spoke to each other. That's one reason this England team are doing better because they work well together

  • 18hunna


    27 dager siden

    @Baddison Beats fr?

  • Baddison Beats

    Baddison Beats

    Måned siden

    Rooney actually came out and said he hated going to the England camp

  • Gl20 I

    Gl20 I

    Måned siden

    Big egos

  • Human :
    Human :Måned siden

    This is lit🔥🔥🔥

  • Simon Taylor
    Simon TaylorMåned siden

    Seem like nice young chaps.

  • Rome Grad
    Rome GradMåned siden

    Idk who's controlling the tunes but they have been playing some classics in the background 💯. I love it

  • Yer Da
    Yer DaMåned siden

    Did DCL swear at 11:50 😂

  • onami
    onamiMåned siden

    13:03 James still watching Sterling after UCL final 🤣🤣🤣

  • H I

    H I

    9 dager siden


  • Arian Ali

    Arian Ali

    Måned siden

    Underrated comment ahahaha

  • onami
    onamiMåned siden

    Reece James & Jude Bellingham together all the time 😍

  • Mr Syathir
    Mr SyathirMåned siden

    Love the content 😁

  • D A
    D AMåned siden

    Everyone loves Saka🤣

  • thefilmandmusic
    thefilmandmusicMåned siden

    Great video, fascinating…What a set up …

  • Lộc nạnh nùng
    Lộc nạnh nùngMåned siden

    I love Mason Mount

  • Kruz Tsui
    Kruz TsuiMåned siden

    Being a soccer player is hard. But these guys make it look so fun😁

  • collin donnelly-maine
    collin donnelly-maineMåned siden

    Phil is always playing ball. What a player

  • kun mwas
    kun mwasMåned siden

    I love England 💟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • James jackson
    James jacksonMåned siden

    The impolite otter gradually possess because dorothy logistically impress anenst a direful tub. witty, acid temperature

  • Owen Adamson
    Owen AdamsonMåned siden

    Slabhead Harry

  • Arcturus Flame
    Arcturus FlameMåned siden

    Walking on concrete wit cleats is terrible for the knees

  • the semin
    the seminMåned siden

    9:31 kemerini almak için kosuyo xjxbskjxksnzms

  • the semin
    the seminMåned siden

    allahim izlemesi neden bu kadar keyifli

  • Kalankumar Wahengbam
    Kalankumar WahengbamMåned siden

    Love the way Mings laughing hahaha

  • A J
    A JMåned siden

    Think we're looking at the Euro Champions here ... COME ON!

  • JT
    JTMåned siden

    *sigh* now I’m emotionally invested

  • CheLFa K. Malik
    CheLFa K. MalikMåned siden

    Benji 💕😍

  • Construkt UK
    Construkt UKMåned siden

    12.40 “zoot?” - Grealish

  • Timofey Radchenko
    Timofey RadchenkoMåned siden

    Walker juggles only with right..

  • Isaac volume
    Isaac volumeMåned siden

    Happy birthday camera man thank you for bringing us these class videos 🥳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • kanyewest315
    kanyewest315Måned siden

    keep em comin

  • djrowlee
    djrowleeMåned siden

    Knew Dom would win that. Animal

  • Mikethamanc
    MikethamancMåned siden

    Agent Foden and Walker getting Sancho to return to blue 👀

  • Dillon Kohn
    Dillon KohnMåned siden

    Starting Lineup vs Scotland

  • Erik E.
    Erik E.Måned siden

    It seems like Jude and Reece are creating a great friendship

  • Luïs Monteiro Rodrigues
    Luïs Monteiro RodriguesMåned siden

    phil’s technical ability is insane