Goodbye Old Stuff! Hammer Jam is BACK! (Clash Of Clans Official)


The Hammer Jam event is back and it's the season of upgrades! Take full advantage of the 50% Home Village building cost reduction, and get ready for the first update of the year that's coming veeeery soon! 👀

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- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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  • нинджа .бг
    нинджа .бг4 minutter siden

    Are we just gonna miss that the th 13 weapon is level 1

  • нинджа .бг
    нинджа .бг9 minutter siden

    The th 14 was shown in the th 13 upgrade thingi when the green smoke and light comed in

  • Haba Hassan
    Haba Hassan19 minutter siden

    واوي احب هيج منشورات استمروا

  • Ghadi Jeff
    Ghadi Jeff26 minutter siden

    “I’ll miss you!” “No you wont!”

  • Sakaryalı Sakar
    Sakaryalı Sakar26 minutter siden

    Keşke hep böyle kalsaydı

  • تحديات
    تحديات36 minutter siden

    من عربي ✅

  • Best Slowpoke EU
    Best Slowpoke EU48 minutter siden

    Bro I'm finally done with th12 gimme a break

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمدTime siden

    Vry good

  • AJ Kurano
    AJ KuranoTime siden

    0:25 how many of you noticed the electric owl? The upcoming pet update!

  • Isaac Barajas
    Isaac BarajasTime siden

    Every year the Hammer Jam is back?

    MUZIK MP3Time siden

    Turkler nerdesinizzz

  • Daniel Liu 25
    Daniel Liu 25Time siden

    Builders upgrading the th13 and the green smoke meaning jungle theme and th14

  • Partha Pratim Ghosh
    Partha Pratim GhoshTime siden


  • Joker 911
    Joker 911Time siden

    Do it every month once

  • فتآهہ‏‏ حزيـنهہ
    فتآهہ‏‏ حزيـنهہTime siden


  • status with kanha
    status with kanha2 timer siden


  • Lanoxy
    Lanoxy2 timer siden

    Where are my rushers😂👉👉

  • BLuKID Gaming
    BLuKID Gaming2 timer siden

    Best event

    ONE SHOT yT2 timer siden

    My favorite game

  • بصراويه بصراويه
    بصراويه بصراويه2 timer siden


  • أم جود
    أم جود2 timer siden


  • Jay Waghela
    Jay Waghela2 timer siden

    Archer Queen looks so Cute and Mommy to them all

  • ايفان
    ايفان3 timer siden


  • Bassl Bassl
    Bassl Bassl3 timer siden


  • ماجد ماجد
    ماجد ماجد3 timer siden


  • Knight
    Knight3 timer siden

    POV: your a builder and hammer jam is basically cutting your wages in half for the exact same work

  • FunnyBong _42
    FunnyBong _423 timer siden


    ALEXA3 timer siden


  • فاطمه كرار ك
    فاطمه كرار ك3 timer siden


  • A j baana
    A j baana3 timer siden


  • زهراء ماجد عبد الامير
    زهراء ماجد عبد الامير3 timer siden

    حلو استمر

  • Əli Əliyev
    Əli Əliyev4 timer siden

    Lütfen bir daha olsun

  • ashik sarker
    ashik sarker4 timer siden

    We need global chat backk

  • Cursed statue
    Cursed statue4 timer siden

    Cheers to that one guy from 2 years ago who said "I wish they did this again" and they did

  • مسلم البصراوي Alsemri
    مسلم البصراوي Alsemri4 timer siden


  • PI I
    PI I4 timer siden

    Plz bring back global chat

  • debbah
    debbah4 timer siden

    Ya bu insaatcilar neden normal saatte calismiyo yukseltmeler cok agir gidiyo ne etkiliyo bunlari 3 tane insaatci iksiri kullandim hala bitmediler

    ADNAN ADX5 timer siden

    Cool town

  • Lenra Namikaze
    Lenra Namikaze5 timer siden

    0:26 foreshadowing pet lol

  • Asaad Mohammed
    Asaad Mohammed5 timer siden


  • Nabajyoti Sarma
    Nabajyoti Sarma5 timer siden


  • هاي باي
    هاي باي5 timer siden


  • kazm KAZM
    kazm KAZM6 timer siden


  • سامر سامر
    سامر سامر6 timer siden

    حلو ،❤️❤️

  • حسين علي
    حسين علي6 timer siden


  • يونس العامري
    يونس العامري6 timer siden

    حلو استمري

  • ZomBieJo17
    ZomBieJo176 timer siden

    That queen is Almost big as the giant this was a Good Movie

  • Santosh Singh
    Santosh Singh6 timer siden

    The first time we saw Electro Owl (Clash Pet) 0:26

  • DakiV
    DakiV6 timer siden


  • King PUBG
    King PUBG7 timer siden

    بعد لو شويه يطول التحديث فد شهر

  • Rao Rashid
    Rao Rashid7 timer siden

    Plz video in urdu

  • fire rate ak
    fire rate ak7 timer siden

    When will update come

  • حسين اللامي
    حسين اللامي7 timer siden


  • Tunahan Ateş
    Tunahan Ateş7 timer siden

    Wizard Tower Sad😢

    IBRAHIM SHAHZAD7 timer siden

    Now I get why there is an owl

  • Y Up
    Y Up8 timer siden

    Tf is this ?

  • مجروحة وجرحي ينزف الزبيدي
    مجروحة وجرحي ينزف الزبيدي8 timer siden


  • rg ee
    rg ee9 timer siden


  • 『SYR么Ahmad』
    『SYR么Ahmad』9 timer siden

    Wtf TH14 was spoilered in 0:30

  • Gabriel Griffiths
    Gabriel Griffiths9 timer siden

    Yet everything still takes like 7 days

  • Suraj Kumar Samal
    Suraj Kumar Samal9 timer siden

    0:25 hero pet electro owl? 😆😆

  • fatima
    fatima9 timer siden


  • Red-x
    Red-x9 timer siden

    0:26 Oh that's the new Electro Owl... Nice sneak peek

  • Thomas Bugler
    Thomas Bugler9 timer siden

    0.25 electro owl pet :o

  • Jhumpa Ghosh
    Jhumpa Ghosh9 timer siden


  • اعزالناس امي
    اعزالناس امي9 timer siden

    روعة واحلى لايك

  • The Organism
    The Organism9 timer siden

    Wow Clash of Clans ACTUALLY teased the Hero pets (here they teased the Electro Owl) 0:25

  • Touheed Mir19
    Touheed Mir199 timer siden

    Highly thanks to hammer jam❤

  • على جبار
    على جبار9 timer siden

    اين عشاق كلاش اوف كلانس،، ♥️♥️♥️

  • احمد حبيبي
    احمد حبيبي9 timer siden


  • Ansh -brawl star
    Ansh -brawl star9 timer siden

    I lost mt account

  • Do gen
    Do gen9 timer siden


  • Deepayan Bhadra
    Deepayan Bhadra9 timer siden

    Please give this hammer jam event one more time...

  • Printer Pog
    Printer Pog10 timer siden

    Its a town hall 14

  • Aniサムライ
    Aniサムライ10 timer siden

    😭😭😭 как олд игры

  • nabin jha
    nabin jha10 timer siden

    Anybody notice that owl

  • ام موسى
    ام موسى10 timer siden


  • وفاء جواد
    وفاء جواد10 timer siden


  • Gunaraj Regmi
    Gunaraj Regmi10 timer siden


  • Default Name
    Default Name10 timer siden

    Bruh. I was rushing all my upgrades thinking there were only a few more minutes left for hammer jam only to realize there is 1 day left

  • Rashid Alaleeli
    Rashid Alaleeli10 timer siden

    0:30 also a teaser for th14

  • Rashid Alaleeli
    Rashid Alaleeli10 timer siden

    0:26 wait, this is the electro owl which is a new hero pet.

  • ورده زماني
    ورده زماني11 timer siden


  • Sixty Nine
    Sixty Nine11 timer siden

    There's actually that lighting owl cameo, which is a hero pet 😳

  • Admin
    Admin12 timer siden

    Русские приём, я один тут?

  • Code: Hydra
    Code: Hydra12 timer siden

    0:25 Electro owl?!

  • Василь Пислар

    Василь Пислар

    11 timer siden

    I wanna write this to))

  • aSizzle 585
    aSizzle 58512 timer siden

    I just noticed at 0:26 you can see one of the new pets in clash of clans

  • Average Penguin Enjoyer
    Average Penguin Enjoyer13 timer siden

    0:26 They teased the Electro Owl

  • zeroUZ
    zeroUZ13 timer siden

    Oʻzbeklar bormi

  • jagathesh rajaa
    jagathesh rajaa13 timer siden

    Coc nu oru movie vantha nalla irukum la . . . .

  • يوسف مصطفى
    يوسف مصطفى13 timer siden


  • E 33 Arham Satra
    E 33 Arham Satra13 timer siden

    Eletreco owl oooooohhhhhh

  • ستوري حزين
    ستوري حزين13 timer siden


  • ???????????
    ???????????14 timer siden

    0:26 they spoiled the hero pet

  • Khlood Hadi
    Khlood Hadi14 timer siden

    احلى لايك

  • عطر النسيم
    عطر النسيم14 timer siden

    اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد

  • غفوره
    غفوره14 timer siden


  • America Countryball
    America Countryball14 timer siden

    F in the chat for lvl 10 wizard tower 😭😭😭

  • As so
    As so14 timer siden


  • Trent Maffeo
    Trent Maffeo14 timer siden

    0:25 Wait did they tease the pets?!?