Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT

Film og animasjon

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  • The Rat prince

    The Rat prince

    2 dager siden

    did you seriously get Kathryn herself to do the kills for you?!

  • Nicolas Ezekiel

    Nicolas Ezekiel

    3 dager siden

    @Douglas Anderson awesome! Took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!

  • Douglas Anderson

    Douglas Anderson

    3 dager siden

    Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hack if you wanna try it yourself

  • erain martinez

    erain martinez

    3 dager siden

    (gasp) 16:12 Language! O.O

  • Laura Kelly

    Laura Kelly

    4 dager siden

    Can you do the movie would you rather

  • The god
    The god56 minutter siden

    That's no Chelsea

  • Matthew Wasonoredjo
    Matthew WasonoredjoTime siden

    Can you do Willy wonder land he needs to see this like this plz

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboiTime siden

    "Mom can we go see Freaky?" "We have Freaky at home." Freaky at home: 22:50

  • Gnix Aldovino
    Gnix AldovinoTime siden

    This seems cool if she can sometimes be the host heheh

  • Kevin Carranza
    Kevin Carranza2 timer siden

    23:11 Chelseaa!!!!

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Time siden

    I really hate josh

  • Gage Peavey
    Gage Peavey2 timer siden

    I did not know this was filmed in my town Covington Georgia it’s also where vampire diaries was filmed

  • leafer_bag420
    leafer_bag4202 timer siden

    Miss the boobs lmao

  • neoasura
    neoasura2 timer siden

    I always thought Kathryn Newton would make a good Kristen for a Nightmare on Elm Street 4 remake movie, she looks a lot like Tuesday Knight.

  • Drpp
    Drpp3 timer siden

    Lol, the first time I heard about Freaky I can straight to you didn't make it yet because it didn't release on blue ray yet so I am stoked to see that you've released it now -edit: the 947 people that disliked are the ones who didn't make it in time under 24hrs to switch bodies

  • thinkableabcdefg
    thinkableabcdefg4 timer siden

    "Non-Binary actor" *piss off*

  • leo herver
    leo herver5 timer siden

    who heard this n word blooday at 1:52

  • Paul Helfrich
    Paul Helfrich5 timer siden

    Best count the kills of all time

  • kit kat
    kit kat5 timer siden

    Omg Chelsea!!! 😂 her professional voice!! It’s funny after listening to the podcast so much haha

  • Toni Fuller
    Toni Fuller5 timer siden

    The enormous hole endoscopically wail because clef holly blind following a abounding rose. polite, fantastic boy

  • johnny rocket
    johnny rocket7 timer siden

    I wonder if James will have the conviction to point out Biden and Cuomo assault reference when they start hitting movies.

  • Godzilla Duck
    Godzilla Duck7 timer siden

    Holly shit

  • General Grizz
    General Grizz7 timer siden

    Ik I'm a bit late, but that Zack Morris reference just got me real good. Ik its stupid

  • poke454
    poke4547 timer siden

    Leave it to disney to copyright a fucking date

  • Giant Sea Monster
    Giant Sea Monster7 timer siden

    Freaky is honestly pretty great movie. Gotta be one of my favorite recent horror movies.

  • Yesris Junior
    Yesris Junior7 timer siden

    I really hate josh

  • Michael Okumu
    Michael Okumu7 timer siden

    So she's a cartoon cop of usefulness

  • Thicc boi Doggo
    Thicc boi Doggo8 timer siden

    3:10 yo that kinda rhyme wtf

  • Xafronica Jones-Puijn
    Xafronica Jones-Puijn8 timer siden

    chelsea, dont quit your day job...

  • Aaron Saltzer
    Aaron Saltzer9 timer siden

    They took a similar route in the 1976 Freaky Friday where their personalities weren’t really shown through their body switch. I think in that case it was because there wasn’t a lot known about the characters to begin with. I can see why there was a remake of that movie.

  • Typical Septiceye
    Typical Septiceye12 timer siden

    Where is the Outback America

  • BBOY 10001
    BBOY 1000112 timer siden

    I just realized is called freaky because freaky Friday movie then omg Friday the 13th bruh

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang12 timer siden

    14:55 i started crying 😂😂😂

  • Brad Eddy
    Brad Eddy12 timer siden

    Kathryn Newton sort of looks like Kiera Bridget

  • Xclusive. Maya
    Xclusive. Maya12 timer siden

    James we love you 🙂

  • Spectre
    Spectre13 timer siden

    That bottle belongs on the count.

  • Kayama Koomori
    Kayama Koomori14 timer siden

    I hope that one day, A Director makes a Horror movie for the specific reason (Besides Money) to have James have a fun time counting the Kills

  • The king of Joe grusts
    The king of Joe grusts15 timer siden

    We need Chelsea to do a whole kill count episode

  • Rock Vocalism HD
    Rock Vocalism HD15 timer siden

    Honestly the opening sequence is super awesome the bottle down the neck is a new one on screen for me

  • Mackenzie Syron
    Mackenzie Syron16 timer siden

    “This is America mister, not the outback!” I love it. Proud Aussie here 👏🏻

  • 5hadow5talker
    5hadow5talker16 timer siden

    Did not see the numbers gag coming, love all the cute in jokes XD

  • Yank Espinal
    Yank Espinal17 timer siden

    The stiff duckling neurochemically tow because hacksaw baly flash but a steadfast flag. magnificent, uncovered credit

  • Jaytheradical
    Jaytheradical18 timer siden

    Wait, Tobin and Squee? Oh my god.

  • malachai
    malachai19 timer siden

    Please please do resident evil next, been watching you since 2018 big fan!

  • Toni rollins
    Toni rollins21 time siden

    God this movie was going great till the bret joke

  • Andre Pettersson
    Andre Pettersson21 time siden

    "Kavanaugh confirmation hearings" ah i see so the movie isn't on my watch list then. No need to watch references to liars like Blasey Ford.

  • Speeding Atheist
    Speeding Atheist23 timer siden

    This review is as woke as this shitty movie.

  • AshleyTheFighter
    AshleyTheFighter23 timer siden

    "𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓸𝓸𝓫𝓼"

  • Dignitary Droog
    Dignitary Droog23 timer siden

    I felt like he was about to start rapping at 3:10

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & GrootDag siden

    *18:47* *The Dude is a Serial Killer you woke activist..* *Go burn a Liquor Store to make yourself feel better than..*

  • Aiden Biller
    Aiden BillerDag siden


  • Tomas C.
    Tomas C.Dag siden

    Not mad at Chelsea getting some spotlight lol

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & GrootDag siden

    *These Films are Like Rated R Disney Channel Movies..*

  • Joseph Zetwo
    Joseph ZetwoDag siden

    did anyone else catch the Heathers (1989) reference when she(he) was walking into school with the red leather jacket while “Que Sera, Sera” played!?

  • The Adrian Show
    The Adrian ShowDag siden

    23:45 « miss the boobs » that killed me😂😂😂😂

  • Craig_M
    Craig_MDag siden

    Anytime you can reference back to Jaws 3D it's a solid kill count

  • ppk Keith
    ppk KeithDag siden

    Do the nun

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Dag siden


    BIGGAMERBOY 25284Dag siden

    You know, with all that head bobbing and nodding, you'd think Jame's neck would be *RIPPED*

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Dag siden

    9:38 I guess lesbianism became a religion now

  • ivxrson
    ivxrsonDag siden

    Do a Dead Rising kill count

  • User_Player
    User_PlayerDag siden

    The creativeness love it

  • Kyler Miller
    Kyler MillerDag siden

    As a roofer in Chicago can confirm bullets do have to come down

  • Alpha Trix
    Alpha TrixDag siden

    I'm sorry but at 3:10 why does that sound like he's rapping

  • Jason Davis
    Jason DavisDag siden

    James would you say her cop was worse than the two cops in Halloween 5?

  • Al 4399 Luís Miguel
    Al 4399 Luís MiguelDag siden

    That movie was preety bad imo

  • Kye Breaker
    Kye BreakerDag siden

    Hold on did James say he pisses himself

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Dag siden

    He sure didn't.

  • Arial D
    Arial DDag siden

    I don't even watch movies anymore I just come here lol

  • Charlotte Parker
    Charlotte ParkerDag siden

    The voiceless afterthought historically burn because war putatively invent including a flashy beach. magnificent, steady moon

  • We_need_2talk -
    We_need_2talk -Dag siden

    Great job chelsey and james

  • Mippy Uchiha Rblx
    Mippy Uchiha RblxDag siden

    why does the start looks like a rip off a Friday the 13

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Dag siden

    Because It's set around Friday the 13th, the killer wears a mask and it was originally called "Freaky Friday the 13th".

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick SullivanDag siden

    I wish you weren't such a social justice warrior...

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    15 timer siden

    @Patrick Sullivan Well, the filmmakers are gay, so it stands to reason they'd want to portray gay people in a good light. That's James stating a fact, not giving an opinion. Or would you rather he didn't mention it at all?

  • antigender


    19 timer siden

    @Patrick Sullivan then don't watch movies with people that aren't "like you". jesus

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan

    Dag siden

    @Kosta Danicic we don't have to have representation for everything type of person in the world... I don't care if a movie character "isn't like me" who cares. I'd prefer movie characters that aren't like me

  • Kosta Danicic

    Kosta Danicic

    Dag siden

    @Patrick Sullivan And movies and TV shows portray real life to some extend

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan

    Dag siden

    @Kosta Danicic it's a movie...

  • Pops Maelard Mega Kranus
    Pops Maelard Mega KranusDag siden

    You should've said uncut, unlike ma hairs

  • marie-hélène martel
    marie-hélène martelDag siden

    Go Chelsea!

  • Phillip Kalinko
    Phillip KalinkoDag siden

    9:38 I guess lesbianism became a religion now

  • Angelo
    AngeloDag siden


  • Dem_playzRBX No
    Dem_playzRBX NoDag siden

    First time I never skipped to the kills I guess it’s not so bad after all

  • The Swift Kitten
    The Swift KittenDag siden

    “I miss the boobs”

  • Avonyx
    AvonyxDag siden

    1:50 did James just say the N-Word lmao

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Dag siden


  • plague doctor
    plague doctorDag siden

    you are black i am gay scp 173 is a peanut

  • Ania Farberg
    Ania FarbergDag siden

    Petition for Chelsea to take over Dead Meat

  • Pac 450
    Pac 450Dag siden

    Miss the boobs

  • Sassafrass
    SassafrassDag siden


  • wasptwister
    wasptwisterDag siden

    video starts at 3:00

  • Freaky
    FreakyDag siden

    guys they stole the name of the film from me..... i renamed my channel 1y ago

  • Freaky


    15 timer siden

    @Shifty Bench Podcasts yeah no shit

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    15 timer siden

    They didn't, though.

  • Greatest Gilmore
    Greatest GilmoreDag siden

    Haven’t watch this in a minute

  • Mxr Scream
    Mxr ScreamDag siden

    James can you try and do the kill count for Irishman but if you can’t I understand since it’s 3 hours XD but if You do good luck and thx

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    15 timer siden

    @Mxr Scream Yes but this is a horror channel.

  • Mxr Scream

    Mxr Scream

    Dag siden

    But it has kills

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Dag siden

    He can't because it's not a Horror movie.

  • marklola12
    marklola12Dag siden

    That bottle death was fully ripped off from the sorority row remake

  • King Kaiju gaming
    King Kaiju gamingDag siden

    22:50 is that his wife!!?

  • Aaron Borger
    Aaron BorgerDag siden

    He was Cameron?! He sure doesn't look like it. never would've known as without you James

  • rahxrahster
    rahxrahsterDag siden

    Not you (James) saying he (Christopher Landon) should stay in "the hard R lane"

  • rahxrahster


    Dag siden

    @Shifty Bench Podcasts I know 😁 the wording is just funny

  • Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Shifty Bench Podcasts

    Dag siden

    It's a perfectly valid term used regarding movie ratings.

  • Theemuis 123
    Theemuis 123Dag siden

    11:41 I litterly thought he said " I'M GAY, WHERE SO DEAD"

  • Trey SaVge
    Trey SaVgeDag siden

    Ferris bueler was the shit when it came out

  • Trey SaVge
    Trey SaVgeDag siden

    I watch u before I watch movies 😅

  • Qwerty_Ops
    Qwerty_OpsDag siden

    Janisse A James

  • Sebastian Rhys
    Sebastian RhysDag siden

    Gotta say, that bottle kill is creative

  • Gaignun Lucid
    Gaignun LucidDag siden

    I think my favorite thing about this movie was they didn't kill off any likeable characters.

  • Celestia ludenburg
    Celestia ludenburgDag siden

    Is it just me or did I start wheezing when he said " shoot that mother*****

  • deepak deepu
    deepak deepu2 dager siden

    nice movie and concept HOLLYWOOD ROCKS, BOLLYWOOD NO MATCH

  • ScriptedBlanket
    ScriptedBlanket2 dager siden

    this is freaky

    Callum RICHARDSON2 dager siden


  • randomfangirl sio
    randomfangirl sio2 dager siden

    8:33 my brain shortaged for like thirty seconds when I saw Brendon's face and I think more of a problem than I previously assumed

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo2 dager siden

    I love how she said “Pie” the way James does

  • xxx Dre
    xxx Dre2 dager siden

    "You're black, im gay, we're both dead" Me: Someone knows their cliché horror movies

  • Helldiver Admiral

    Helldiver Admiral

    Dag siden

    @yasio bolo did you pass language arts

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    2 dager siden

    Let me let you know that the scene between Charlene and and the main characters sister would have no words if you know why u know why

  • bruno grubb
    bruno grubb2 dager siden

    23:38 wh does he sound EXACTLY like John Mulaney

  • Incar Reveldime
    Incar Reveldime2 dager siden

    Youre on a critical roll with the tabletop references these last few vids

  • Firey400blade
    Firey400blade2 dager siden

    You should do human centipede