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  • Harley Danforth
    Harley Danforth11 dager siden

    Aasbo got screwed.... you shouldnt be initiating right after the shacane

  • SnowTYB
    SnowTYB15 dager siden


  • Sparkle Specialist
    Sparkle Specialist18 dager siden

    I like it that the comentarors sits on racing seats

  • Definitely a FH4 professional ok
    Definitely a FH4 professional ok19 dager siden

    FD:"(COMMERCIAL FREE)" NOprojects:am I a joke to you

    MONATIONMåned siden

    Mk4 vs mk5 🔥😍😍🤩

  • robert jobin
    robert jobin2 måneder siden

    Matt Field should’ve won that.

  • kohji386
    kohji3862 måneder siden


  • JuneJune HTX
    JuneJune HTX2 måneder siden

    The first two battles the 2020 Supras drift is too slow. Shouldn't lead at all

  • Luis Santos
    Luis Santos2 måneder siden

    0:33 is that a supra?!

  • Ice Bank Mice Elf
    Ice Bank Mice Elf2 måneder siden

    Ken pulled the E-break that's what caused the crash

  • Edgardo Alfaro
    Edgardo Alfaro3 måneder siden

    How can I become a race car driver

  • Lil Rino
    Lil Rino4 måneder siden

    What nissan was taguchi using?

  • Emmanuel Tidor

    Emmanuel Tidor

    Måned siden

    Silvia s15

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt4 måneder siden

    Sorry... But, this is actually really lame.

  • yourmothercb
    yourmothercb4 måneder siden

    Ohhh clean cut I like your cut g

  • Josué Cobos
    Josué Cobos4 måneder siden

    0:54 ey you! IS THAT A SUPRA!!!

  • JayJ_Playz
    JayJ_Playz5 måneder siden

    2:35 the mk4 supra said no I'm the best to the mk5

  • ᕼᗩᖇITᕼ


    11 dager siden


  • Counter


    4 måneder siden

    Rad Dan is an aggressive driver, it would make sense for him to go into Ken Gushi because he is a smoother drifter, not the fist time Dan contacted in a drift battle

  • los los
    los los5 måneder siden


  • Counter


    4 måneder siden

    If you dont understand or like the judges pick on who won, why do you keep watching FD if your just going to complain about the judges non-stop and make the fans look bad

  • Lasse Fagerli
    Lasse Fagerli6 måneder siden

    Field v Aasbo was a shame to watch honestly. Aasbo should definetely have won that seen as how Field got out of the chicane. Seems like they couldn't fix his car properly after his last run or something..

  • MrDarkSh0ck


    5 måneder siden

    that was bullshit. sure the lead driver has the right away but he should be allowed to go 2 lanes over into the chase drivers lane right off the start. i hope some rules change because of that. i dont personally think field is as honest as odi, iu dont think field would say if hios car was only half back together.

  • Reilly Marshall
    Reilly Marshall6 måneder siden

    Honestly nitto tires smoke too much and should be banned if you ask me

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat6 måneder siden

    Audio is more on the left for me.. sucks

  • 20-0391 Zacki Khairan
    20-0391 Zacki Khairan6 måneder siden

    What is TBC ?



    3 måneder siden

    To Be Confirmed

  • Purple King

    Purple King

    4 måneder siden

    How is TBC??

  • YoungJedi774


    6 måneder siden

    Who is TBC???

  • STONKS _
    STONKS _6 måneder siden

    At 37:50 the engine looks like a toaster lmao

  • Brian O'Connor
    Brian O'Connor6 måneder siden


  • Eric Robinson
    Eric Robinson6 måneder siden

    denofa & forsberg gave me goosebumps

  • Stanzy _PGH

    Stanzy _PGH

    12 dager siden


  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan6 måneder siden

    Great show as always....

  • iAgentLu
    iAgentLu6 måneder siden

    Finaly they are drifting BMW Supras...

  • u dont know me

    u dont know me

    3 måneder siden

    @Anton Hibl and ya i understand that supra has a lot of BMW parts but that doesnt mean they have same z4 chassis and some parts that doesnt mean toyota wont name it a Supra

  • u dont know me

    u dont know me

    3 måneder siden

    @Anton Hibl its like game where a different developers makes another game series but the one who publish it are still the same

  • u dont know me

    u dont know me

    3 måneder siden

    @Anton Hibl well the reason why they are called supra its because toyota was the one who publish it

  • Anton Hibl

    Anton Hibl

    6 måneder siden

    @iAgentLu How are they supras then? Those are just Z4s no need to call them something they're not.

  • iAgentLu


    6 måneder siden

    @Anton Hibl Not engine. WHOLE CAR is z4. Only queters panels and bumpers are different. Same engine wouldn't be same car.

  • Lo'Fi Ghost
    Lo'Fi Ghost6 måneder siden

    Yall...dan hella improved

  • sariah reigns
    sariah reigns6 måneder siden

    fair jersey gets screwed out of formula d this year. cops breaking up every single car meet this week too. but dont worry your allowed to protest peacfully while things are on fire but make a little noise with a few cars in a parking lot and its world war fucking 3.

  • Jesiel323
    Jesiel3237 måneder siden

    gushi needs some herb

  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo7 måneder siden

    Forsberg and Denfo was 🔥🔥💨💨💨

  • MrShadowofthewind
    MrShadowofthewind7 måneder siden

    I don't see how you could possibly blame that on Aasbo.

  • Alik Nielsen

    Alik Nielsen

    7 måneder siden

    It's easier for a driver to time the corner if they start with a more aggressive "manji" beforehand. With new tires and a new alignment for that run i can see why matt wanted to go a bit wider

  • Bishop M
    Bishop M7 måneder siden


  • Isaac Avacado
    Isaac Avacado7 måneder siden

    I really love FD but I always feel like you guys need to step your game up when it comes to camera work.

  • Arty Clutch
    Arty Clutch7 måneder siden

    The commentators are if Brian and Doms body shapes were swapped 😂

  • Ben dover
    Ben dover7 måneder siden

    Not a fair game from matt field

  • RPS13 Finney

    RPS13 Finney

    6 måneder siden

    Looks like his toe when out of whack right before he went into Aasbo, someone must’ve not locked the toe arms collar or it came loose lol.

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    7 måneder siden

    100% wrong. field had right of way as lead. your supposed to shadow lead as chase.

  • Kevin Walsh
    Kevin Walsh7 måneder siden

    Needed this! Missed drifting, Jarod, and Ryan.

  • Kevin Walsh
    Kevin Walsh7 måneder siden


  • Marcos Henz
    Marcos Henz7 måneder siden

    Fiquem sem entender como freid asbo perdeu 🤔

  • Хазами Магомедрасулов
    Хазами Магомедрасулов7 måneder siden

    Трансляция, да и походу организация мероприятия просто мёртвая, по сравнению с RDS GP

  • сергей бандуров
    сергей бандуров7 måneder siden

    Chelsea Denofa с Жекой Лосевым увидеть бы вместе

  • сергей бандуров
    сергей бандуров7 måneder siden

    только Гриня смотрит это до конца))

  • Thanos dv
    Thanos dv7 måneder siden

    Is it just me or Fredrick s Supra is kinda cheating taguchis too?? Has anyone noticed how the rear cooling hatch troughs smoke right in the other drivers view? I know that that's drifting my guy ... But still think it's kinda dumb since a simple wheel arch could solve that (that's my opinion keyboard warriors lol jk) no bad feelings

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    7 måneder siden

    i think its something we should keep an eye on for now. Kuhmo wasnt allowed to run the red smoke tires after new rules were made. also papadakis has done some questionable things with drift cars previously. Tanner faust scion tc was technically ilegal, it was a minivan chassis they passed as a scion tc frame with minivan front and rear subframe and a nascar V8 back in the day. edit watching turec and jr run hatchback should deffinantly have smoke vents thats really cheap. papadakis made that toyota hatchback too as its aasbo's old car.

  • Khairul Affendy
    Khairul Affendy7 måneder siden

    Where's Daigo Saito?

  • YoungJedi774


    6 måneder siden

    I dont think anyone knows where saito is because he was supposed to be here.

  • T
    T7 måneder siden

    aasbo got aasabo'd by mat field

  • Eddy Zboy

    Eddy Zboy

    3 måneder siden

    Nick- Andre I think it means that aasbo always uses rules on his favor

  • Nick- Andre

    Nick- Andre

    4 måneder siden

    Is This a hate comment about aasbo?

  • Joshua Luke
    Joshua Luke7 måneder siden

    HAHAHA asbo deserved that. Im so glad that happened. That's karma 😂

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    7 måneder siden

    aasbo is a nice guy personally but he deserved that for doing it to bluss a few years back.

  • Kyle Haines
    Kyle Haines7 måneder siden

    Denofa vs Forsberg run of the year bruh....god damn!!!!!!



    4 måneder siden

    Gosh* God*

  • ビッッツ
    ビッッツ7 måneder siden

    31:55 チェルシーの攻めの姿勢好き 審査区間外でも踏みちぎる笑

  • ビッッツ


    3 måneder siden

    先行です! 進入〜アクセルを踏むまでの姿勢作りはもっさりしている事も多いのですが、アクセルはキッチリ踏むので攻めてる感があるなと^^

  • 潤二田村


    3 måneder siden


  • Noah Wayne
    Noah Wayne7 måneder siden

    BS call on Burkett and Gushi

  • Danny A
    Danny A7 måneder siden

    The call on Burkett was 👎🏽.

  • ClutchkickPJ
    ClutchkickPJ7 måneder siden

    You guys need to get someone to make yall better thumbnails. That's what literally gets ppls attention more than anything.

  • T


    7 måneder siden

    you need to learn how to use literally

  • Pete's Creative Recycling
    Pete's Creative Recycling7 måneder siden

    That Denofa / Forsberg battle! :o

  • crispysak
    crispysak7 måneder siden

    Also falken should be very proud of that battle

  • 54raceman
    54raceman7 måneder siden

    Chelsea denofa doesn’t have any loose screws they’re plum missing lol

  • 54raceman
    54raceman7 måneder siden

    The judges somewhat redeemed themselves for the blown call against burkett by getting the matt fields call correct

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    7 måneder siden

    burkett was the right call. It was before the accell zone. your allowed to scrub alittle speed on initiation.

  • 54raceman
    54raceman7 måneder siden

    Burkett got screwed over on that deal. That was on gushi

  • Ashley Wilson

    Ashley Wilson

    6 måneder siden

    @Mason Pressley IMO that was Gushi's fault. Gushi pulled the handbrake twice before initiating which dramatically slowed his entry speed and causing Dan to crash into him. Yea Gushi did slow down in the right zones according to the rules, but it looks like his entry speed was 10-15mph slower than everybody else's entry speed and this choked Dan and left him nowhere to go. I can guarantee if Dan had done the exact same chase entry on anyone else he never would have ran into the back of them. Dan didn't come in too hot, Gushi came in too slow.

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    7 måneder siden

    @L W mk4 supras need ALOT of speed to transition that big body he pushed too much and paid for it that time. Sad but dan will be back.

  • L W

    L W

    7 måneder siden

    @Mason Pressley Not the first time either...

  • Mason Pressley

    Mason Pressley

    7 måneder siden

    nah, burkett came in too hot for sure

  • crispysak
    crispysak7 måneder siden

    Ill say what no one else will. Judges fucked Gitten jr. He won the first round heads up. Tuerck should be thanking the judges for the help

  • Wake up with The Rooster
    Wake up with The Rooster7 måneder siden

    Gushi slowed down way too much at 3:54

  • YoungJedi774


    6 måneder siden

    It doesnt look like you can take that corner much faster than that tbh....

  • JrP


    7 måneder siden

    He used the handbrake 2 times, I mean that's Fine he wasn't feeling well that time lol

  • 54raceman


    7 måneder siden

    Yeah he damn near stopped

  • Dorsett Dorsett
    Dorsett Dorsett7 måneder siden

    👀 holy 🐄 Denofa isn't taking any prisoners 👍

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller7 måneder siden

    This was a stacked event. Keep up the great work it was really fun to watch.

  • Brandon Yang
    Brandon Yang7 måneder siden

    Field got wheelspin at the start and oversteered into aasbo and tried to cover with his flick



    3 måneder siden

    Pretty sure something was broken still... looks like the back end was already crabbing off the line

  • sariah reigns

    sariah reigns

    6 måneder siden

    @T exactly T no one said anything when aasbo did this to bluss 2 years ago and shorted his initiation. Aasbo has always done this and got bit for it this time.

  • Lennart Zuydervelt

    Lennart Zuydervelt

    7 måneder siden

    Wheelspin or not at the start doesn't matter. The chase car has to enable room for the lead to initiate. Field did that flick in multiple runs, it wasn't a mistake. It's predictable from a spotters point of view. Aasbo just didn't expect that and/or went to fast of the line.

  • Brandon Yang

    Brandon Yang

    7 måneder siden

    @T watch in .5x speed and look at the wheelspin he gets off the line do you know how physics works or momentum works lmfao

  • T


    7 måneder siden

    @Brandon Yang you aren't stating any facts foo. field flick entries, assbo got got with his own bullshit dirty trick

  • Macht
    Macht7 måneder siden

    42:02 Props for busting the flip out live on the spot. Better than Chelsea’s acrobatics at the end that’s for sure lol.

  • David Esau
    David Esau7 måneder siden

    Damb i have never seen chris forsburg drift like that he was all over that mustangs ass but denofa is a damb gr8 driver i see tht pony 3wheeling damb ites gr8 2 have drifting back

  • Teuku Rafi
    Teuku Rafi7 måneder siden


  • Vert344


    7 måneder siden

    @Teuku Rafi Yeah. Also on his IG seems he's been doing some rock crawling stuff for fun too. So just having fun outside of FD. I think its good for some of the drivers to have that year or two off to just relax. Family time and possibly get things sorted to come back another time. Has worked for some guys like Gaz Whiter in D1NZ and others. Sometimes the time away is better to reflect and improve moving forward. :) Even if he don't come back as long as he happy ya know.. Haha~ Sorry ranting.. bad habit.

  • Teuku Rafi

    Teuku Rafi

    7 måneder siden

    @Vert344 thanks bro good info

  • Vert344


    7 måneder siden

    From what I heard he had a kid... took the year off. Might come back next year.. don't know.

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard7 måneder siden

    "Matts a pretty vocal dude" haha he is always calling people out. Lone star Drift week, Luke Fink had the most epic shutdown of Matt when he started at it. Dont get me wrong i like matt, but hes vocal alright.

  • Palatinik


    7 måneder siden

    @Laerrus T. Yea right? Matt got a bit salted and Luke just said that they were having fun and Drift Week wasn't FD, so no reason to get mad.

  • Laerrus T.

    Laerrus T.

    7 måneder siden

    @DJ Kelley IT wasn't what he makes it out to be. Matt is Matt.. but it wasn't a "EPIC SHUTDOWN"

  • Cody w

    Cody w

    7 måneder siden

    Definition of a douchebag

  • DJ Kelley

    DJ Kelley

    7 måneder siden

    Can you link to that video?

  • NDD fd
    NDD fd7 måneder siden

    Качество трансляции осталось 2008 года.

  • Matt Good
    Matt Good7 måneder siden

    Loving the 2020 season so far, just wish I wasn't having to skip everything in the middle, the format in years past was far better, not just a live stream reposted. Regardless keep up the good work everyone, so glad to finally see this season get kicked off!

  • Macht


    7 måneder siden

    Matt Good it’s a new production company or whatever.. Hope the production company employees are reading the comments, they need to step their game up.

  • Delvi Burgos
    Delvi Burgos7 måneder siden


  • Jimmie Maultsby
    Jimmie Maultsby7 måneder siden

    when you so quick to say first but dont even watch the video

  • Saleem Ali
    Saleem Ali7 måneder siden


  • Jimmie Maultsby
    Jimmie Maultsby7 måneder siden

    im first

  • Jimmie Maultsby
    Jimmie Maultsby7 måneder siden


  • Rafif Aditya
    Rafif Aditya7 måneder siden