Driving 48 States in Two Mazda FD RX7s - Episode 1


Our most ambitious trip to date. We drove our two Mazda FD RX7's to all 48 continental states in the US. We thought about driving to Alaska and Hawaii as well, but it turns out it cost $7,000 and two weeks to ship cars to Hawaii, so that's just not rational. but driving all 48 continental states on the other hand...
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    If you liked this episode, thank Advance Auto Parts for sponsoring it! They gave us a discount code of 25% off your online Advance Auto purchase! Code: GEARS25

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    Dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Facebook account using SicZine. Just google for it xD

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    What is enimitsu premix

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    So, is the chase vehicle a Tesla? :)

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    Early QOTD Blackpink songs love you all and stay safe 😷❤️♥️:videos of satisfying slime please click to watch :noprojects.info/camera/video/lMuSoMCup5xtqWY

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    K20 swap , you lost me for ever , you are an idiot, just get a Honda , you do not deserve the car , I will never watch this channel again, why?? , get a different car ,

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    jesse bearDag siden

    Finnish version of this would be like: "Lets eco roadtrip 4 guys in a Corolla for 200 miles for 8usd per gallon"

  • Saber is love, Saber is life
    Saber is love, Saber is lifeDag siden

    This might be a cool idea for me to do someday with a friend. Thanks for the content and letting us come along for the ride. Always wanted an FD but I had an FC so it's almost the same.

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    Track It Performance5 dager siden

    Lmao it’s jersey tell him to move an put the premix in your self then have him pump the gas

  • TXGRunner
    TXGRunner6 dager siden

    The most unreliable? RX-7s are wasted on ignorant drivers who are too lazy to take the time to understand rotaries. There is a reason rotaries are banned from Le Mans - piston engines can't beat them for reliability. FD twin turbos aren't pre-soccer mom NA FBs you can just gas and go. If pre-mixing or checking the oil is too much for you, go buy a Civic or Yaris, you'll be happier and so will somebody who can appreciate an RX-7. Rotaries are far more reliable than piston engines. However, rotaries are less tolerant of abuse and their failures are usually catastrophic (require a rebuild). Mean time between failures for almost any piston engine will be much, much lower than a rotary, but their failures are only rarely catastrophic (repairs don't usually require a full rebuild). For example, most piston engines over-heated are more likely to remain functional, without requiring a rebuild. Don't try that in a rotary. Lots of proprietary generators and pumps use rotary motor designs precisely because they are incredibly reliable with a very predictable service life. As for the K swapped thing, it might be an FD body, but it's no RX-7. Why would you take a fine car, throw out the core element around which everything else was designed, and think you could still expect to have the good handling of what no longer has 50/50 weight distribution? That's a waste of a good RX-7, a waste of a good engine in any other body, and is very revealing about just how much of a "car person" the owner was in reality. There are some great handling, sleek, attractive cars out there that already come equipped with excellent piston engines. So, why mutilate a rotary into something it isn't? Are you going to convert your GT-R into a boat towing rig? Swap it for a diesel? Maybe convert your Dodge Charger into a pickup by cutting off the back part of the roof? You're taking 25-27 year old cars with unknown maintenance histories, one highly modified by God knows whom, on a lengthy road trip. Given the profile of the average original buyer, the cars were probably ridden hard and put away wet when they were new. What were you expecting? You think a '93 Plymouth Colt or '93 For Tempo wouldn't give you trouble on such a journey? The difficulty with yucks like you and regular car reviews is you have broad automotive knowledge, but you think depth of knowledge in one narrow area means you also have depth of knowledge in other areas. Worse, you're too lazy to do real research or seek out people with some expertise. You read Wikipedia, some crap reviews, and maybe a couple of posts from a forum and think you know everything necessary. Maybe stick with something you know, or at least bring on somebody who actually does have some experience and expertise in the area you're going to discuss.

  • Joseph Sein
    Joseph Sein6 dager siden

    I love the video, but please don’t compare Virginia to Maine ever again! Virginia is garbage, literally the worst place I’ve ever been...

  • BWG
    BWG9 dager siden

    This is too good. So much effort and not enough views. Damn guys, y’all are inspirational!

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  • Guillermo S.
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  • imDerrick
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    Let's not forget who drove and recorded all of this

  • kazuhira 777
    kazuhira 77712 dager siden

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  • Quube
    Quube14 dager siden

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    You filmed chicago so well. Watching that part legit made me tear up; miss my hometown

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    What is that song by the way? I need it on my driving playlist!

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    Always Right Never Left18 dager siden

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  • RetroCNY
    RetroCNY23 dager siden

    This is still without a doubt the most beautiful car Mazda has ever designed and manufactured. It's always been on my sort of bucket list of nostalgic import cars to one day own. Thankfully there's not too many left on that list because I've been fortunate enough to own quite a few of them over the years, albeit most were temporary.

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    Woodlands Crew - PA28 dager siden

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    ScrubtiMåned siden

    As a german guy I have a question (I am not customed to us gas station customs): Why can´t you fill your own gas in Jersey? Or rather what are the reasons for such a law existing? Thx a lot and as a eurobeat lover this is nice content imo :)

  • ticrevenge Reg
    ticrevenge RegMåned siden

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