Does James May make the best bacon sandwich in the world?

The bacon sandwich is a sacred part of British culture, but how do you like yours - industrial or executive? James and Lucy battle it out in the kitchen to see whether making a bacon sandwich 'posh' actually makes it better.

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  • Lucy at DriveTribe
    Lucy at DriveTribe4 måneder siden

    Which sandwich would you rather have?

  • John O'Meara

    John O'Meara

    Måned siden

    James May's Bacon sarnie. Sorry Lucy

  • Young Thunfisch

    Young Thunfisch

    Måned siden

    Your‘s Lucy, because it has some veggies on it, which I’m quite fond of.

  • Kyle Chattaway

    Kyle Chattaway

    2 måneder siden

    James May's Bacon sandwich

  • Managerial Elite Toaster

    Managerial Elite Toaster

    2 måneder siden

    It looked like your bread was cut a bit thick.

  • bean machine

    bean machine

    2 måneder siden

    James May's

  • Alex Agius
    Alex Agius2 timer siden

    No HP? Heresy.

  • Ddot
    Ddot6 timer siden

    feckin mayo on a bacon sandwich.. f*ck off love

  • Benjulz
    Benjulz8 timer siden

    Mayo on it is best

  • Paul Sweeney
    Paul Sweeney17 timer siden

    What a poncey sarnie. What's utterly wrong with both is you both used far too few slices of bacon. Also, James' is closest, but they could all be crispier, as crispy fat is filled with flavour.

  • Leinster
    Leinster19 timer siden

    This isn't even a fair fight, James out cooked Gordon Ramsay...

  • TheMugwump1
    TheMugwump120 timer siden

    You all must try the version that follows... Oscar Meyer bacon -cooked crispy on a toasted English muffin with a little Hellmanns mayo. If you want to take it to the next level you add a scrambled egg, a grind of pepper, and a squirt of the heinz ketchup. Best sandwich ever.

  • pixle500
    pixle50021 time siden

    its all about the filling ratio ofc cheap is gna win

  • pixle500
    pixle50021 time siden

    dont want the fat on ur bacon u dont deserve the flavor it brings!!!

  • Anne Clough
    Anne Clough22 timer siden

    Did they have raw bacon on the chopping board and then they used the same board to prepare the bread?

  • yorkaturr
    yorkaturrDag siden

    It's obviously British cuisine when even the bourgeoisie version looks like something from a gas station vitrine.

  • Liam90
    Liam90Dag siden

    Butter on a bacon sandwich and no HP sauce!! Both wrong Also need to grill the bacon

  • TomaHawk36
    TomaHawk36Dag siden

    James won as soon as they announced the ingredients

  • DRmEAM
    DRmEAMDag siden

    Interesting result. I was gonna do a tasting contest with my Dad and still might. My Dad massacres the Bacon Butty: he microwaves the bacon, lightly toasts the bread so its just warmed up a bit and he DOTS the sandwich with Tomato ketchup. It's heresy in my view but he gets up so early I'm beaten to breakfast and he loves to serve me his version of the bacon sandwich cold that he made an hour before I got up. I'm gonna do this taste experiment with him and re-educate him on the power of cooking food properly

  • DRmEAM
    DRmEAMDag siden

    I'd have to eat both I think to make sure. I do love a BLT but my mouth waters looking at the streaky bacon and tomato sauce

  • Viktor  Reznov
    Viktor ReznovDag siden

    My bacon sandwich: Bread (doesn't matter what kind) Bacon Heinz ketchup Do with this information what you will

  • sannox01
    sannox01Dag siden

    Ketchup all the way for me, so I know 1:23 in, whcih I'm going for :-) (Waits for debate)

  • Matt Telford
    Matt TelfordDag siden

    Editing this like a TikTok video with an elderly James May

    JIM ROSS2 dager siden

    Totally with James but James, marry that girl.

  • BigRandomUn


    Dag siden

    1. James has been in a commited relationship for 20 years. 2. The age difference between the 2 is 20 + years.

  • John Taggart
    John Taggart2 dager siden

    James May is serial bore

  • John Bach
    John Bach3 dager siden

    It may be… the best bacon sandwich… pause…. In the world…

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor3 dager siden

    You just DON'T put butter on a Bacon Sandwich!!!

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim3 dager siden

    I prefer back bacon not so stringy, I’m retired now but loved bacon sandwich early morning James version definitely!

  • Malcolm Rix
    Malcolm Rix3 dager siden

    May made a bacon sandwich lucy made à blt so may won by default

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall3 dager siden

    They both messed up by not baking the bacon. ALWAYS bake bacon. Comes out so much better. But apart from that, it has to be cheap and cheerful.

  • Paul Hilton
    Paul Hilton3 dager siden

    What was the point of having two different sorts of bacon and then cooking them in the same pan? They are both going to taste like each other?!

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson3 dager siden

    Mayonnaise in a bacon sarnie?! DEATH TO THE BOURGEOIS!

  • Dominic Croucher
    Dominic Croucher3 dager siden

    Asking Tom how he wants his bacon sandwich cut and then not giving him any. That's the worst thing that anyone has ever done in the entire world EVER.

  • Archie Harris
    Archie Harris3 dager siden

    Both wrong, smoked back bacon on warbutons thick toastie bread. Butter on both sides and ketchup spread on one side. Also need like 3 or 4 bits of bacon. Also, sliced 2 big triangles.

  • Carol Riches
    Carol Riches4 dager siden

    Lucy all the way

  • Phill Bullen
    Phill Bullen4 dager siden

    Posh one isn't a bacon sandwich. it's a BLT. Nice but not the brief.

  • JayEmm on Cars

    JayEmm on Cars

    Dag siden


  • golden
    golden4 dager siden

    James' morning gut rice is in ferment.

  • jlebrech
    jlebrech5 dager siden

    The experiment is invalid, you cooked the cheap bacon in the juices of the more expensive bacon

    CHRISTIAN KNIGHT5 dager siden

    Grilled smoked Bacon with HP and never streaky! thats used for pigs in blankets

  • Jim Stewart
    Jim Stewart5 dager siden

    Both terrible, gotta be HP sauce

  • Steven McGovern
    Steven McGovern5 dager siden

    Unfortunately, neither of these two sandwiches are the way forward. The accompanying sauce has to be Brown - preferably Daddies or HP

  • Frankie M
    Frankie M6 dager siden

    Best bacon sandwich is my own. I don't care for ketchup nor foliage in my sandwich. Mayo, cheese, egg, BACON and if I fancy some avocado.

  • Chay Warnell
    Chay Warnell6 dager siden

    That fact that there is no HP source means these people know nothing

  • Frozen Monkey
    Frozen Monkey6 dager siden

    If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

  • MrArchie800
    MrArchie8006 dager siden

    Hang on!! I'm about to switch off when someone suggested putting mayo on a bacon sandwich - what is wrong with you people????!!! Mayo FFS

  • Jeff Forbess
    Jeff Forbess7 dager siden

    I’ve never, in all my 53 years, squirted ketchup on a bacon sandwich. Makes sense, though.

  • Matt Lawless
    Matt Lawless7 dager siden

    May, you pillock.

  • Shang-yih Chen
    Shang-yih Chen7 dager siden

    Where's the egg? It's like Bert without Ernie, Batman without Robin, Abbott without Costello..

  • Matt S
    Matt S7 dager siden

    As always, James is right

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood8 dager siden

    Mayonnaise in a bacon sandwich! What. On. Earth?!

  • Major0099
    Major00998 dager siden

    One is a butty, the other a sandwich!

  • T.B.Photo
    T.B.Photo8 dager siden

    But then the question: Is it better with Ketchup or HP Sauce?

  • Lee Butterworth

    Lee Butterworth

    8 dager siden

    Obviously HP

  • Make it Nice
    Make it Nice8 dager siden

    Can confirm with James, working extended shifts with no off day on busy seasons at work, id always snatched some fresh crispy bacon with warm dinner roll and boom back to work sustained and not bogged down lol 😆 I worked in the kitchen, so there was always a pan of bacon on hand and fresh rolls in the warmer too

  • Jack Me'Hoffe
    Jack Me'Hoffe8 dager siden

    How do you lot find that thing attractive? It's the least female I've ever seen. Uninterested and worthless. I apologise.....not

  • ColdPebble
    ColdPebble8 dager siden

    They're both wrong. Brown sauce is the one.

  • Louis Chapman
    Louis Chapman9 dager siden

    It's not a genuine bacon butty unless it's on fried bread, and has a dollop of HP sauce. Mayonnaise? Tomato sauce? Blasphemy

  • thegoldennugget59
    thegoldennugget599 dager siden

    Brown sauce

  • Mark Lang
    Mark Lang9 dager siden

    No,no,no, you must grill the bacon..........and lashings of butter.😋

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson9 dager siden

    Well fired roll, lightly butter Smoked bacon medallions Daddies brown sauce. 👌

  • skidmark 0174
    skidmark 01749 dager siden

    I prefer...Thin smoked back bacon 🥓..Fresh slightly tosted crusty sourdough and to finish it off .. Greeta's Mango chutney.. nothing will ever defeat that combo

  • Laura
    Laura10 dager siden

    Get real, toast the bread and don't add butter. It's a posh heart attack on a plate. Only condiment needed is Best Foods Mayo aka Hellman's.

  • Degarmot
    Degarmot11 dager siden

    Would rather have the normal one, but would have HP sauce instead of tomato

  • Vape
    Vape11 dager siden

    Mayo and Bacon sacrilege!

  • Jim Elliott
    Jim Elliott11 dager siden

    Who knew that taking all the fat off the bacon and loading it with tomatoes would make a worse sandwich

  • Eccleswaslegendary
    Eccleswaslegendary11 dager siden

    James = Breakfast Lucy = Lunch

  • tqdzwa maramba
    tqdzwa maramba12 dager siden

    Lucy, you heathen post-millenial! The fat is the best part! You cut the skin off. The skin. You don't even cut it off, you pull it off and eat it whilst the bacon still cooks

  • Barry Taylot
    Barry Taylot12 dager siden

    none of them are bacon sandwichs with only 3 bits of bacon in you need at least 5 slices per sandwich :P

  • Rick Macleod
    Rick Macleod12 dager siden

    Almost James, toast the bread and voila , yum 😋

  • Tim Godwin
    Tim Godwin12 dager siden

    James has gone mental with his streaky bacon

  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt12 dager siden

    Get a gerdayum serrated knife for cutting ya sammy

  • James Boal
    James Boal12 dager siden

    She cheated. She added flavor from James's bacon.

  • Sam Wannell
    Sam Wannell13 dager siden

    May’s for breakfast and Lucy’s for lunch 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • smartalec2001
    smartalec200113 dager siden

    You come at the King, you better not miss.

  • Shovelhead Steve
    Shovelhead Steve13 dager siden

    Bacon sandwich vs B.L.T.

  • T2K
    T2K13 dager siden

    No brown sauce on either bacon sandwich 😪😪😪

  • K B
    K B13 dager siden

    Rocket......NO WAY !! Coleman's English Mustard......YES

  • N.F
    N.F14 dager siden

    I seen Mayo in the thumbnail so immediately the answer is no.

  • GeoDelGonzo
    GeoDelGonzo14 dager siden

    If the bread was toasted like a normal bacon sandwich; the technical difficulties of the butter would have been avoided. 🤌

  • Chaz Madge
    Chaz Madge14 dager siden

    Ahhhh!!!! metal utensils in a non-stick pan no no no

  • Dibbler D
    Dibbler D14 dager siden

    Have a shave you scruffy toad :D

  • Mihoshika Furude
    Mihoshika Furude14 dager siden

    I am of the opinion that bacon is best eaten on its own.

  • Jimmy Estrella
    Jimmy Estrella14 dager siden

    James and his kin, Lucy May.

  • Lino
    Lino14 dager siden

    I am 1'35" into this video and James wins. Mayo.. I mean.

  • rasmus dam
    rasmus dam15 dager siden

    Lurpak is from Denmark

  • LMTD_Reckless
    LMTD_Reckless15 dager siden

    "That tastes like you're about to do something useful." Thats another quote for the books

  • Samos Jon
    Samos Jon15 dager siden

    Add a fried egg to May's sandwich and it'd be perfect

  • Sean Vale
    Sean Vale16 dager siden

    She doesn’t like much, she skinny asf.

  • The Vercetti Family
    The Vercetti Family17 dager siden


  • craig
    craig17 dager siden

    play the song "Benny Hill Theme" in another window and put this video at x2 speed. Thank me later.

  • JKs
    JKs18 dager siden

    Toast The Bread. Please.

  • Michael Di Bernardo
    Michael Di Bernardo18 dager siden

    Lucy basically made a BLT.

  • Sherwin Pillay
    Sherwin Pillay18 dager siden

    She lost cause she cut off the fat! It's not bacon without the fat.

  • Alec
    Alec19 dager siden

    Where's the HP sauce!?

  • Ludolf Wegener
    Ludolf Wegener20 dager siden

    The Editing is on point. Great!

  • James Flowers
    James Flowers20 dager siden

    Lucy, great looking sammich, but its more of a BLT (BRT?) than a bacon sammich.

  • Brock Landers
    Brock Landers20 dager siden

    The best bacon sandwich is a BLT. Who doesn't know this?

  • Brian Pattillo
    Brian Pattillo20 dager siden

    This is the Seinfeld of NOprojects. A show about nothing, but you keep watching.

  • NewMafiaOrder
    NewMafiaOrder20 dager siden

    these two should have more videos together

  • soviet248
    soviet24821 dag siden

    Industrial all the way

  • zdenek oldrich marek
    zdenek oldrich marek21 dag siden

    Lurpack Butter is great but not the spreadable which must have an oil mixed in ? Be Blessed

  • An Ngo
    An Ngo21 dag siden

    I'll have both, and ask for second, of each.

  • atherstone55
    atherstone5522 dager siden

    Got to be brown sauce

  • yamahonduki
    yamahonduki22 dager siden

    just want to say, according to the clarifications given a)breakfast and b)lunch, , i would love a breakfast, but i think i would skip lunch.... that bread lucy used looked fantastic, but thats where it ended. way too much bread for a butty. i'll take the council bread all day long. oh, and one final tip, , LEAVE THE GARDEN OUTSIDE, it has no place on a bacon butty!

  • Tommy Tucker
    Tommy Tucker23 dager siden

    a real bacon sandwich has to have brown sauce not red sauce or mayo, it's the law obey it!!!

  • George Dobbin
    George Dobbin23 dager siden

    Nothing can beat a bacon Brie and cranberry toastie.