Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (Official Video)

'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over':
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  • Rachel Fertitta
    Rachel FertittaTime siden

    I love you

  • FLORES, Evelyn D.
    FLORES, Evelyn D.12 timer siden

    rosé please sing this one this really suits u 😳

  • Noah
    NoahDag siden

    I swear they get me through actual fucking shit, they have definitely saved my life multiple times

  • McKenzie Jordan
    McKenzie JordanDag siden

    so proud of them honestly

  • Jashley Supan
    Jashley Supan2 dager siden

    My favorite song 😍

  • Maisie Morrison
    Maisie Morrison2 dager siden

    Such a sad song😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • R_ MAN
    R_ MAN2 dager siden

    Taller than you think you are… use your influence to empower those who are oppressed, not cause people to feel crushed and perplexed… Demi Lovato does this well… 💜

  • Beauty & Brain HEALTH
    Beauty & Brain HEALTH2 dager siden

    10 years?!

  • Reiko Hansen
    Reiko Hansen2 dager siden


  • Ana Claudia Goncalo
    Ana Claudia Goncalo3 dager siden

    Amo-te Deme 💖💖💖💖 love you Deme. Angola 🇦🇴

  • bandung ASMR
    bandung ASMR3 dager siden

    Lagu yang sangat indah

  • Nofri Fanggi
    Nofri Fanggi3 dager siden

    Pencakar langit 🔥

  • forever faithful
    forever faithful3 dager siden


  • Tristan T. Moss
    Tristan T. Moss4 dager siden

    She was only 18 and already singing such a sad song :(

  • Tristan T. Moss
    Tristan T. Moss4 dager siden

    Can't believe this is ten years old now

  • Rebecca Horsfield
    Rebecca Horsfield4 dager siden

    10 years later and this song is still my go to when I need to remind myself that no matter what life throws at me I am and always will rise again💪👐👌

  • No_pressure
    No_pressure4 dager siden

    She looks so beautiful here OMG I love her so much

  • junne
    junne4 dager siden

    like a skyscraper..

  • Steven Kaniski
    Steven Kaniski4 dager siden


  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo Silva5 dager siden

    essa musica eh top demy

  • Lekima Waqavuki
    Lekima Waqavuki5 dager siden

    2021 and still here.

  • cheri van den berg
    cheri van den berg5 dager siden

    Still crying listening to this in 2021

  • AC Jabe
    AC Jabe6 dager siden

    I can't believe it's already 10 years

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta6 dager siden

    Demi el vato

  • Rafael Valdes
    Rafael Valdes6 dager siden

    este tema ayudo en mi adolencia, gracias, de verdad!

  • Edson Lopes
    Edson Lopes6 dager siden

    mds tô ficando velho

  • Сергій Степаненко
    Сергій Степаненко6 dager siden

    Beautiful song Thank you

  • Wendy Resaka
    Wendy Resaka7 dager siden

    No I didn’t search for this

  • Cassandra Mae
    Cassandra Mae7 dager siden

    This song is 10 years old now and it's STILL amazing!

  • Cassandra Mae

    Cassandra Mae

    4 dager siden

    @Miranda Gormley Facts!!

  • Miranda Gormley

    Miranda Gormley

    5 dager siden


  • Carolina Liley
    Carolina Liley7 dager siden

    I miss this demi 💔😭

  • Tha Prophet
    Tha Prophet7 dager siden

    When she dies ppl will say how much they loved & supported her but while she was alive we know who the real ones are

  • Morrel Small
    Morrel Small7 dager siden

    This my song from day 1

  • Matthias K.
    Matthias K.7 dager siden

    this great voice always gives me goosebumps

  • Tetea Hauhnar
    Tetea Hauhnar8 dager siden

    July 20, 2021. Still listening to this song

  • 07. Niyati Kaur
    07. Niyati Kaur8 dager siden

    Is it just me or does she look like piper from heroes for olympus? No? Just me?.. ok....

  • Artistic Child drawing

    Artistic Child drawing

    6 dager siden

    They use they/them pronouns :)

  • Reema Shehadeh
    Reema Shehadeh8 dager siden


  • Mario Pražma
    Mario Pražma8 dager siden

    The days when Themi Lovato was Demi Lovato

  • M REVELLI Medan
    M REVELLI Medan10 dager siden

    See in july 2021

  • Carl John Villamor
    Carl John Villamor10 dager siden

    I search this with a wrong spelling LMAO "Sky flakes" but then its skyscraper

  • itsjustjordaann
    itsjustjordaann10 dager siden

    This song just brings me to my 2010 self and I was just so broken back then and it feels like God is doing that same test again and I pray to pass with flying colors

  • itsjustjordaann


    10 dager siden

    2011 self*

  • itsjustjordaann
    itsjustjordaann10 dager siden


  • Pamee Sykes
    Pamee Sykes10 dager siden


  • Haru Venn
    Haru Venn10 dager siden


  • brodhing 95
    brodhing 9511 dager siden

    Love for demi, from indonesia

  • João Paulo Freitas
    João Paulo Freitas11 dager siden

    Musica perfeitaaa

  • Camille Cariaso
    Camille Cariaso11 dager siden

    10 years huh..

  • Shadrach Smith
    Shadrach Smith11 dager siden

    I know you know me, i am really in love with this song so i know we are great friends somewhere in life.

  • Funtom Bunny
    Funtom Bunny12 dager siden

    I remember this song. It really helped me get through a tough depressive phase... my inner demons were devouring me from inside out, I was feeling worthless, not needed in this world, had no job and thought to just end it all, my days consisted of laying in bed all day and no motivation for anything at all. I thought that damn year was going to be my last one. My life is much much better now. Thank you for this song!

  • Galore Inferno Lion
    Galore Inferno Lion12 dager siden

    The Nightcore version is more hyped up but this is just beautiful and amazing 😊

  • Ashley Spence
    Ashley Spence12 dager siden

    this is iconic

  • Princy prince
    Princy prince13 dager siden

    so broken!..silence is killing me ....

  • Julie Dute
    Julie Dute13 dager siden

    This song is 10 years old today :)

  • Eduardo Gama
    Eduardo Gama13 dager siden

    2021 aqui 🇧🇷

  • Sherwin Lumantas
    Sherwin Lumantas13 dager siden

    It's been 10 long years!!!!

  • Geraldine Pateno
    Geraldine Pateno13 dager siden

    To the people who can read this and struggle with bullying, be strong fight if you are not doing bad for them, be strong don't let them put you down!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Pat Luciano
    Pat Luciano13 dager siden

    Demi came back stronger than ever and l am happy to be a Lovatic and l love Demi Lovato

  • Striivxx
    Striivxx13 dager siden

    its been 10 years. wayy to long it seems like it was yesterday...

  • Ximena Parra
    Ximena Parra14 dager siden

    10 years 🥺🤧🤍🤍 love you demi I'm already 23 and for real I never forget this song.

  • ladysavannajadeofficial
    ladysavannajadeofficial14 dager siden

    Can't believe artist Kerli was involved in this song.💖

  • Evynn Alvarez
    Evynn Alvarez14 dager siden

    shes crying in the song.

  • Vince Chiquino
    Vince Chiquino14 dager siden

    I hope cringe TikTok kids don't find a way to introduce this to TikTok...

  • Aytana C. Rosales
    Aytana C. Rosales14 dager siden

    I needed to hear this song as I am dealing with the aftermath of a bad panic attack. I just noticed this is 10 years old today, july 14th of 2021. What a coincidence. Hope y'all are doing good out there, and if you're not, it's okay. Everything is temporary.

  • Heaven
    Heaven14 dager siden

    10 anos hoje

  • Elwyn Roberts
    Elwyn Roberts14 dager siden

    Been there xx

  • Ashley Lynn
    Ashley Lynn14 dager siden


  • Amitabh Poonar
    Amitabh Poonar14 dager siden

    it is just...wowwwwwww....👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dat KidD JUSt LiSTEN
    Dat KidD JUSt LiSTEN14 dager siden

    Love this song

  • Banana Head
    Banana Head15 dager siden

    Hello stranger, Remember that if you are going through a hard time, there is always hope and you will get better. I believe in you. Smile, laugh and have fun That’s what life is about. Demi has made my life so much better and it’s because of how strong she is and her journey. There is always light in a dark place You are loved and cared for. If you are having a hard time, tell someone and pray. Demi rose like a skyscraper like she said and you can too. I believe in you.

  • Artistic Child drawing

    Artistic Child drawing

    6 dager siden

    They use they/them pronouns now :)

  • LOREM Galaxy
    LOREM Galaxy15 dager siden

    Thank you DEMI & KERLI

  • Kritika Sharma
    Kritika Sharma15 dager siden

    Happy birthday Skycraper 🤧✨

  • Joemark Dela Cruz
    Joemark Dela Cruz15 dager siden

    happy birthday skyscraper

  • Jepay
    Jepay15 dager siden

    Can't believe this song is already 10 years but still a Bop iconic and a vibe ahckkkkk✨ that's Queen Things

  • N N X S S
    N N X S S15 dager siden

    i still love you like the first day Demi💗

  • M B
    M B15 dager siden

    Everyone remember Kerli wrote this song and gave the rights to Demi!!! Don’t forget Kerli!

  • Helpless Writer

    Helpless Writer

    9 dager siden

    Kerli is THE queen

  • Kialyn Quillen
    Kialyn Quillen15 dager siden

    happy 10 years to skyscraper!!!

  • Iann Navas
    Iann Navas15 dager siden

    12th July 2020 - 10 years of this masterpiece today!

  • Novelle Ann Lim
    Novelle Ann Lim15 dager siden

    Demi lovato is really beautiiful

  • Amak Joson
    Amak Joson15 dager siden

    Happy 10 years to this song.

  • Maria Fernanda Vega
    Maria Fernanda Vega15 dager siden

    10 años , te amamos mucho Demi❤

  • Rafaella Brescansin
    Rafaella Brescansin15 dager siden

    10 years after, i just still here. i loveyou demetria.

  • Jayson Rey Convicto
    Jayson Rey Convicto15 dager siden

    A DECADE AGO. such an inspiring song from then ‘til now 🤍 love lots

  • Zanessa757
    Zanessa75715 dager siden

    10 years !!!!!!!!!

  • Dawid
    Dawid15 dager siden

    15 july is decade from public this video how fast right?

  • The Ultron gaming
    The Ultron gaming15 dager siden

    And it's 10years today , only NOSTALGIA twerking ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • A P
    A P16 dager siden

    How the fuck was this anthem released a whole decade ago? 😭🥲 I feel so old

  • Rodrigo Barreto
    Rodrigo Barreto16 dager siden

    It's been ten years, han? What a song...

  • Leo Berto Albano
    Leo Berto Albano16 dager siden

    Happy 10-Year Anniversary To The Demi Lovato Music Masterpiece And The Signature Song For Demi Officially Called: "Skyscraper" #SkyscraperAt10

  • Liberty Morris
    Liberty Morris16 dager siden

    This song has kept me from taking my own life several times. Thank you Demi

  • rafael
    rafael16 dager siden

    10 anos desse hino

  • rafael
    rafael16 dager siden

    10 years

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique16 dager siden

    10 anos dessa obra! Demi ❤

  • Yoyoh Khadijah
    Yoyoh Khadijah16 dager siden

    June 2021

  • Sihle Qhomo
    Sihle Qhomo16 dager siden

    This is Demi Lovato's best song in my opinion

  • Amadelin Disla
    Amadelin Disla16 dager siden

    Quien 2021?

  • Rahma Hossam
    Rahma Hossam17 dager siden

    2011 try not sing 2021 try not cry

  • Carrie Durber
    Carrie Durber17 dager siden

    Fantastic song 😘

  • krucial the liberator
    krucial the liberator17 dager siden


  • build-a-bear
    build-a-bear18 dager siden

    i found badly scribbled lyrics of this from five years ago in an old notebook so I came here

  • build-a-bear


    18 dager siden

    six year old me really did not know the direction of s they're all backwards 💀