Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break (Official Video)

'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over':
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  • Steph G
    Steph G8 timer siden

    Still in love with this song 😍♥️

  • Pets Lover
    Pets Lover19 timer siden

    When I was 14 the song was release and I still listening 🎧 it to hold my memories😞😞😞😞

  • Mayara Carvalho
    Mayara Carvalho21 time siden


  • Kiana Rodelas
    Kiana RodelasDag siden


  • Veronica Valdez
    Veronica ValdezDag siden

    Rlibza stnliore TICA TICA tuits para hacer bnlio en la plaza del pueblo liureaq en como zliomfes en la plaza del pueblo de la carnicería carne que me conteste si nliodsa no se lo encargué a los dos se encuentren bien.hoy

  • Evelyn Vitória
    Evelyn VitóriaDag siden

    Pq essa música me causa sdds????

    TWYLA SCOTTDag siden


  • Kacie Lewis
    Kacie Lewis2 dager siden

    okay but like dont forget and give your heart a break are such a vibe!!!

  • Rutilo Romero
    Rutilo Romero2 dager siden

    Poor Girl. So gorgeous and talented and now?

  • ;
    ;2 dager siden

    Lagu kenangan tahun 2014 jaman saat kuliah semester akhir ❤️

  • Princess Sharon
    Princess Sharon2 dager siden

    My song 2021 still 🥰😍

  • 우리 교론아자Yedam
    우리 교론아자Yedam2 dager siden

    Oh my middle school just flashed in front of my eyes

  • Diana Estrada
    Diana Estrada2 dager siden

    Coming this 2022

  • Anitta a patroa
    Anitta a patroa2 dager siden

    Let me give you a heart break...

  • Siwon Choi Pika
    Siwon Choi Pika3 dager siden

    No 🎉

  • Siwon Choi Pika
    Siwon Choi Pika3 dager siden

    Anak nya Iswandi cz semua tau ❤️❤️

  • Siwon Choi Pika
    Siwon Choi Pika3 dager siden

    1 kota Alex

  • Rationalis
    Rationalis3 dager siden

    Back when she was normal-ish :)

  • Hlui Chhakchhuak
    Hlui Chhakchhuak3 dager siden

    This will be my favorite song ever..

  • Lord Ronn
    Lord Ronn3 dager siden

    This is Demi Lovato we deserve

  • Veronica Valdez
    Veronica Valdez3 dager siden

    Tmolsdfe huifes zlionbfe delonza hiumlue de los angeles dsloafer como forma en nliodsa para hacer tuilomuaa en su gloria cfes en su gloria de los angeles huisre en nliodsa de mi vida por hoy no pude llegar fmliers

  • Trina Sky
    Trina Sky3 dager siden

    Smiling Big 🤭😁 July 2021❤️

  • Dave Kappler
    Dave Kappler3 dager siden

    ok lots of requestions for this one : i Pi Phi broke the heart into heairt and Phil hard my bad Phil

  • Meu Canal
    Meu Canal3 dager siden

    best Demi's phase

  • Victor Henrique
    Victor Henrique3 dager siden

    Nunca esqueço essa canção

  • Hooman Adnan
    Hooman Adnan3 dager siden

    Beautiful song ❤️

  • Muhammad Husain
    Muhammad Husain3 dager siden


  • Ariana Cevallos
    Ariana Cevallos4 dager siden

    Amo esta música :)

  • Prebella Prebella
    Prebella Prebella4 dager siden

    Always loved this song

  • Maverick Jackson Executive Director & CEO
    Maverick Jackson Executive Director & CEO4 dager siden

    Wow I love this #beautiful song 👏🏾💓 🎶💓👏🏾 Well produced!! I've got to tell my Producer Young Billionaire about you. I represent him. #DemiLovato 💓

  • U G
    U G4 dager siden

    I listened to this with my girlfriends, in our dorm room. when I was in 10th now Ive completed my undrgrad but still hang onto this song 💜💜

  • Rafaela Oliveira
    Rafaela Oliveira4 dager siden

    hino ❤

  • Ali Diab
    Ali Diab4 dager siden

    will never stop listening to this masterpiece

  • Ricky Longjam
    Ricky Longjam4 dager siden

    I love old songs 😭

  • Shafiqah
    Shafiqah5 dager siden

    Fav song ever. The best. Love her

  • Sandesh HJ
    Sandesh HJ5 dager siden


  • Celina Belacan
    Celina Belacan5 dager siden

    Let's see how many people still hear this song on 2021

  • Yurimia
    Yurimia5 dager siden

    July 2021

  • jasxteo
    jasxteo5 dager siden

    2021 and i am still here

  • Dave Kappler
    Dave Kappler5 dager siden

    I lost the Pi Phi break due to cancellation of some shit but it's got to be at like 2:49 - and it's perfect

  • Dave Kappler
    Dave Kappler5 dager siden

    okay it wasn't quite Marren Morris style ( the heart in HSF 10 ) but still he heard me - my bad Phil, praise Be to Jesus, and praise be to all who help me distort heart without getting my ass kicked.

  • Damian Gomez
    Damian Gomez5 dager siden

    Quien mas extraña esta clase de temas 😪

  • Yusuf Areksono
    Yusuf Areksono5 dager siden

    Verry beautifull, but now... No gender 😭 i am sad...

  • Akabane Auditore Kuroudo Kholhring
    Akabane Auditore Kuroudo Kholhring5 dager siden

    Wow.. 2021

  • JEAN Souza
    JEAN Souza6 dager siden

    Alguém escutando em 2021?

  • Nananina nana
    Nananina nana6 dager siden

    Damn i never bored to listen this song ❤

  • Anne May Laggui
    Anne May Laggui6 dager siden


  • Yakup Sökmen
    Yakup Sökmen6 dager siden

    Allah kahretmesin nasıl 10 yıl olmuş yaaa hala :::://////

  • merryl Tuscano
    merryl Tuscano6 dager siden

    What are we getting from songs like WAP? Music is getting worse these days

  • MPS C
    MPS C6 dager siden

    Bipolar type 1

  • MPS C
    MPS C6 dager siden

    Multi vitamin

  • MPS C
    MPS C6 dager siden

    I was taking tab-o-vite with my medication

  • MPS C
    MPS C6 dager siden

    I was in the hospital mental cleansing

  • second account
    second account6 dager siden

    ok her bf in the music video so cute for what-

  • Daniyar К
    Daniyar К6 dager siden


  • Porscha Leshley
    Porscha Leshley6 dager siden

    I love this song falling in love is a beautiful thing.

  • Allex Tiko
    Allex Tiko6 dager siden

    Who’s the male model ?

  • Dont trust me Anyday
    Dont trust me Anyday7 dager siden

    Demi Is giving me all Yandere Vibe here 😂😂 ( Its a joke, been watching too much anime lately)

  • Reen Warham
    Reen Warham7 dager siden

    Still fantastic in 2021

  • Soleil Moonguy
    Soleil Moonguy7 dager siden

    929.... you rang❓😹💅

  • Carolina Liley
    Carolina Liley7 dager siden

    She was amazing. I miss this demi 💔😭 now I morn her. She's not the same after her brain damage. It's literally the saddest thing I've ever seen. Her music got me through so much of my abusive childhood. I would escape my trauma through her music

  • Carolina Liley

    Carolina Liley

    Dag siden

    @Seven teens well since I'm a conservative it would make sense that I watch Ben Shapiro now wouldn't it? Not everyone shares the same beliefs. There's nothing wrong with that. I thought we were all for diversity here?

  • Seven teens

    Seven teens

    Dag siden

    @Carolina Liley lol, so be it. Wouldn't expect much more from someone who unironically watches ben shapiro.

  • Carolina Liley

    Carolina Liley

    2 dager siden

    @Seven teens I promise you do not want to get into this debate with me. I'm not going to change my mind on the situation. You might want to go type to someone else. I am not going to change my speech because a select few want me to. Call me what you want to.

  • Carolina Liley

    Carolina Liley

    2 dager siden

    @Seven teens not everyone believes that sort of thing. I believe that if you were born a women or a man than that is your gender. Unless you go through reassignment surgery. Don't push your beliefs on me. And I will not push my beliefs on you. Demi also has brain damage. And I think that's why she's doing all this. And yes it is considered politically correct for someone to go by preferred pronouns. I am not politically correct. I don't live in make believe land where you can be a unicorn if you want. I go by science and biology.

  • Seven teens

    Seven teens

    2 dager siden

    @Carolina Liley hun it's not a political thing lol. It's about respecting demi as a person. They have come out as nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. They do not identify as a girl. Misgendering people is not politically incorrect, it is just disrespectful.

  • Jevaughn Palmer
    Jevaughn Palmer7 dager siden

    Such a great song 💯💯💯

  • lucas nabeshima
    lucas nabeshima7 dager siden

    Bro 9 years wtf i remember just if was yesterday

  • Sofan ali
    Sofan ali7 dager siden

    Very nice 😊

  • محمد النعيمي
    محمد النعيمي7 dager siden

    We miss this demi not the demi we know today💔

  • Owen Matthews
    Owen Matthews7 dager siden

    After all this time, to realize this is Demi is crazy

  • Tetea Hauhnar
    Tetea Hauhnar8 dager siden

    July 20, 2021. Still listening to this song

  • Chyllzei Erestain
    Chyllzei Erestain8 dager siden


  • Anna Mosley
    Anna Mosley8 dager siden

    why can't we have music so normal and not sad

  • ahmed jess
    ahmed jess8 dager siden

    ISS Infestation Survivor Stories

  • -Burak ÖZTÜRK-
    -Burak ÖZTÜRK-8 dager siden


  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore8 dager siden

    Better times.

  • Play Boy
    Play Boy8 dager siden

    So youre telling me its 2021 and you still check this up??!! R u serious😱 Joking, welcome to the family 😊

  • Matthew Levey
    Matthew Levey8 dager siden

    This song is so relatable

  • Mario Pražma
    Mario Pražma8 dager siden

    The days when Themi Lovato was Demi Lovato

  • Cyclone Gaming
    Cyclone Gaming8 dager siden

    I remember this song.

  • • Q u e e n -N i c k i•
    • Q u e e n -N i c k i•9 dager siden

    Eu amooo uma menina que começa com D e termina com Demi lovato 😄😍💕

  • NRL Fit
    NRL Fit9 dager siden


  • danadelion yellow
    danadelion yellow10 dager siden

  • Absar Custodio Hajiri
    Absar Custodio Hajiri10 dager siden

    damn road.

  • chu thoong
    chu thoong10 dager siden

    I think she is same my age

  • Anonymous Sources
    Anonymous Sources10 dager siden

    Beautiful girl, fantastic voice, great song

  • Stephen Kimani
    Stephen Kimani10 dager siden

    Memories of back when she actually knew what gender she was.

  • Kayden Solis
    Kayden Solis10 dager siden

    Looking forward for a quick reply and let u get you the right time and not just a few days to get it and then we are going to be able 😊 and we can get a little

  • kamarul hisham
    kamarul hisham10 dager siden

    org sekarang mudah sgt tertipu dgn orang yg berlakon baik

  • Gulistan Zerin
    Gulistan Zerin10 dager siden


  • Kimberly Hemmans
    Kimberly Hemmans10 dager siden

    Olym-pics? HaHa! See? WINNERS! Gold! Powercouple... who are we? Wondering how we would look together? Let me put the PUZZLE together ---- tadah!!!!!

  • Haru Venn
    Haru Venn10 dager siden

    Still a freaking damn iconic

  • Mark Mazelon
    Mark Mazelon11 dager siden

    she had 12 year old me singing about heartbreaks

  • brodhing 95
    brodhing 9511 dager siden

    I love you demi From indonesia

  • Always Hungry
    Always Hungry11 dager siden

    The biggest flex the guy could make of his life is to have plenty of pictures with demi ahahah

  • Architect Ayu
    Architect Ayu11 dager siden

    Mirip kan foto Thumbnail video ini Demi Lovato yang di bahu seorang cowok sangat mirip dengan TTDJ *lol*

  • Yess It's Me
    Yess It's Me11 dager siden

    selena rejected this...

  • Lovely
    Lovely11 dager siden

    It's 2021.. still my fave song 😍😍 I love you Demi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ha Charif
    Ha Charif11 dager siden

    Love you demi

  • Andreza Brito
    Andreza Brito11 dager siden

    I miss this Demi kind of song

  • Anonim 00
    Anonim 0011 dager siden

    my god it's been 9 years i'm listening with the love of the first day 🥺❤️