CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Ep. 3: “Leo's Return”


While Leo McCoy’s return to Attaway stirs up plenty of drama; Claire and PK disagree about campaign strategy and Harmony searches for a new extra-curricular.
With Rhyme and her friends all grown up, Harmony has found her own squad of Chicken Girls. But with all their new interests, secrets and crushes, can this girl group survive middle school? Created by Janey Feingold.
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  • Paula García
    Paula GarcíaTime siden

    They use the music from the sims lmaooo

  • Mxaddie
    Mxaddie15 timer siden

    Simone gets on my nerves-

  • Kelsey and Avery
    Kelsey and Avery18 timer siden

    The thing I think is funny is that the intro is Jules and everyone else singing and like half of the pictures are from the younger seasons lmao

  • Kiara Figaro
    Kiara FigaroDag siden

    You can pot a ID

  • Kiara Figaro
    Kiara FigaroDag siden

    Hi txu can we do a zoom call

  • Wynn Harrell
    Wynn Harrell2 dager siden

    At 9:13 Jordan was smiling, and to save it, he looked away and came back with a straight face🥰😂

  • Danasha Culton
    Danasha Culton2 dager siden

    did any body see that smirk 9:12 lmfaoo

  • Suzzet Nunez
    Suzzet Nunez2 dager siden

    why leo’s jeans too tight ?

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad3 dager siden

    Them calling the 90s "Retro" hurts 😥

  • Gaytri Tyagi
    Gaytri Tyagi3 dager siden

    Annie- drama club *ahem gets a guy* Harmony - history repeats itself

  • Leighla Filoa
    Leighla Filoa3 dager siden

    TBH, Leo actually looks a lot bit of T.K

  • Curtis Hill
    Curtis Hill3 dager siden

    Is it just me…or does Leo’s outfit look kinda, weird!?

  • pretty rock
    pretty rock3 dager siden

    Is txsunamy that mean i don't she like nice but in movie she like that right

  • Laila McKenzie
    Laila McKenzie3 dager siden

    The sims music 🎶 😆

  • H̾a̾n̾a̾n̾방탄 소년단
    H̾a̾n̾a̾n̾방탄 소년단4 dager siden

    9:13 I can't be the only one that saw Jordan not trying to laugh XD LMFAO-

  • Sara Villagran
    Sara Villagran4 dager siden

    so cringey

  • Elxna
    Elxna5 dager siden

    Sims freeplay music

  • 1-800-LUVME
    1-800-LUVME5 dager siden

    @ leo pls end me respectfully

  • Cassidy Todd
    Cassidy Todd5 dager siden

    PK: Vote Clair Fitzroy for class president! Bel: Interesting choice Leyla: It’s got a certain quality to it Me: Um 😐 loving the photo Also how do Jordan and Leo looks so similar?

  • Kirra Duplantis
    Kirra Duplantis5 dager siden

    I can't belive he is letting a kid named egg bully him

  • Ebony Tinoco
    Ebony Tinoco5 dager siden

    Tell me I’m not the only one that heard the sims music😂

  • Lina Leon
    Lina Leon6 dager siden

    Leo andclaire

  • Vanshika
    Vanshika6 dager siden

    3 guys behind harmony... well who can blame her

  • Olivia Mantock
    Olivia Mantock6 dager siden

    I know all of the girls

  • •sxturn•
    •sxturn•7 dager siden

    I swear if harm doesnt get with leo GRRRR

  • Mark Bentham
    Mark Bentham7 dager siden


  • aixa
    aixa7 dager siden

    ok but period to xunamy’s character (idk how to spell her name) for mentioning criminal minds

  • aixa
    aixa7 dager siden

    ok but period to xunamy’s character (idk how to spell her name) for mentioning criminal minds

  • Clara Wagner
    Clara Wagner8 dager siden

    Harmony's got a type

  • Lily Hassan
    Lily Hassan8 dager siden

    Eggie at 0:58 be like: who this guy think he is. I’m Eggie the egg.

  • Bella Fairley
    Bella Fairley9 dager siden


  • moon dust
    moon dust9 dager siden

    I'm here just to put a dislike Lol

  • Guess whaa dude Idrc
    Guess whaa dude Idrc10 dager siden

    Am I crazy or was they playing sims music 💀

  • That girl Baddie periodt
    That girl Baddie periodt10 dager siden

    Why corrine gotta be the mean one WHYYYYYYY

  • Tablet Samsung
    Tablet Samsung11 dager siden

    Omg I'm so happy the mid summer night play is actually my real life play in school and in play hermiaaa

  • RainGow
    RainGow11 dager siden

    When Simone agreed to wacky Wednesday I just knew they were lying because why the heck would they agree to anything she says when they don't like her.

  • RainGow
    RainGow11 dager siden

    WAit wait a sec! Brit what did you just say was on criminal minds? I've heard of MO, signature, unsub and a bunch of other stuff on criminal minds but statue of limitations, what does that even mean?

  • RainGow
    RainGow11 dager siden

    Just like her sister Harmony is going to have plenty of love interest just did expect there to be 3 at the same time. That's never happened before has it?

  • Jaleea Slade
    Jaleea Slade11 dager siden

    If she gets with Leo, I’m gonna be so mad 😡

  • Vicky Garcia
    Vicky Garcia12 dager siden

    Not the sims free play music😂💀

  • Raslebury22 Gaming
    Raslebury22 Gaming12 dager siden

    LMAO Harmony's old friends are soo blonde (this is a joke)

  • {L e m o n s}
    {L e m o n s}12 dager siden

    Its the "hmph good one" for me lol. 💘I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW 💘

  • Nisha Anthara
    Nisha Anthara13 dager siden

    I want coco in episodes mostly..

  • Ellie Bender
    Ellie Bender13 dager siden

    To be honest I don’t like Jordan

  • harley
    harley13 dager siden

    do rhyme and britney and katie become friends again?

  • Santa Grike
    Santa Grike13 dager siden


  • Mata Igiebor
    Mata Igiebor14 dager siden

    Corinne is making me so angry! That means that she is doing a great job in acting (BTW i now i am late but i just finished watching cg for the 4th time)

  • Chana Harris
    Chana Harris14 dager siden

    The sims theme song-

  • Arielle
    Arielle15 dager siden

    I think Walker would be the best with Harmony

  • Anina imbeah
    Anina imbeah15 dager siden

    Wow three guys for harmony lucky I wish i had three guys fighting for me

  • safa
    safa16 dager siden

    I feel like Jordan is another Tim Sharp and Leo is another TK

  • Peter Yeboah
    Peter Yeboah17 dager siden

    Best show ever

  • Young Life Youth Ministries
    Young Life Youth Ministries17 dager siden

    Dude it’s only 10 minutes

  • mvcstar
    mvcstar17 dager siden

    I’m sorry but you could have atleats learned to s properly 5:24 like i

  • DuhEllie
    DuhEllie17 dager siden

    look at jordan's face. 9:10

  • Janette’s World
    Janette’s World17 dager siden

    0:53 why was that funny lmao

  • Suncerrae Avilla
    Suncerrae Avilla17 dager siden

    u should take them off the cheer team

  • Maria Luisa Silva M
    Maria Luisa Silva M17 dager siden

    Coco reacording Claire me: you you

  • Cara Franklin
    Cara Franklin17 dager siden

    If eggy makes another comment I'm gonna make him into scrambled eggs 😑

  • Triana
    Triana17 dager siden

    did anyone else noticed when jordan looked at harmony and smiled (he kinda blushed it was cute) and then he turned around.

  • Its__ Meh!
    Its__ Meh!17 dager siden

    I miss tk and rhyme idk how spell rhymes name

  • Jennifer Bosco
    Jennifer Bosco18 dager siden

    did u see how harmonys boyfriend smiled when he was supposed to be angry.

  • Aesthetic Lavender
    Aesthetic Lavender18 dager siden

    I heard if you say a NOprojectsrs name 3 times you get a like let’s try it Brat tv Brat tv Brat tv Did it work

  • Kataliya .A
    Kataliya .A18 dager siden

    HARRY POTTER TALK?! I love this episode 😉

  • Songbird 214
    Songbird 21418 dager siden

    It's three now?! Holy crap, y'all, cool it with the love parallelograms!

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love18 dager siden

    At 9:13 when Jordan started to smirk bc he couldn’t help it ahaha oh gosh this show isn’t that bad I have been hear since season 1 episode 1

  • itxs_lexxis loo
    itxs_lexxis loo18 dager siden

    anybody realize the boy handing out pins is enzo, ADDISON RAES YOUNGER BROTHER

  • Diçe


    17 dager siden

    @itxs_lexxis loo I understand

  • itxs_lexxis loo

    itxs_lexxis loo

    17 dager siden

    well you see, i stopped watching chicken girls after the og cast left or started to kinda fall out of the main cast, becuase it just wasnt as interesting for me anymore so i recently returned to it in season 8.

  • Diçe


    18 dager siden

    We realized that in season 7

  • Ravi Moka
    Ravi Moka18 dager siden


  • Katie Peck
    Katie Peck18 dager siden


  • Emily Megan
    Emily Megan18 dager siden

    Am I going mad or did they use sims music?

  • stray kids
    stray kids19 dager siden


  • Saibh Martin
    Saibh Martin19 dager siden

    the sims music in the back tf

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello19 dager siden

    yesss harmony does sound like hermione btw I love Harry Potter 😫✋🏼

  • Rebecca Robles
    Rebecca Robles19 dager siden

    I’m sorry but Leo’s outfits look tight on him😶and no one really wears those clothes

  • Sadie Emalyn
    Sadie Emalyn19 dager siden

    Aiden is so mean I mean Eggie haha

  • Bing Bingo
    Bing Bingo19 dager siden

    Starting at 3:35 is that sims theme song?!?!

  • GachaLivv
    GachaLivv19 dager siden

    “Harmony has guys falling all over her”

  • Grace A
    Grace A19 dager siden

    At 5:25 what was that pronunciation as a french speaker that triggered me😦

  • Alison Unsworth
    Alison Unsworth19 dager siden


  • Robert Zimecki
    Robert Zimecki19 dager siden

    i love how kind walker and layla are

  • yoyoyo
    yoyoyo20 dager siden

    is it just me who’s extremely bothered by her horrific pronunciation at 5.27 ... like seriously did the directors not say anything?!?

  • routes and roots
    routes and roots20 dager siden

    Anybody got a recap on who rhyme is dating?

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue20 dager siden

    Eggy:*is the coolest guy at school* Me: how can you be cool when your name is eggy?

  • bella taylor
    bella taylor20 dager siden

    leo sus 💅🏼

  • Arianna Swanson
    Arianna Swanson20 dager siden

    i can’t believe i’ve watched this for like 2-3 years now

  • Sandy Ortiz
    Sandy Ortiz20 dager siden

    Geez eggie is hell of rude.

  • Manisha Occean
    Manisha Occean20 dager siden

    "Vote Eggie Don't vote Claire don't do that" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Princess Sisters
    Princess Sisters21 dag siden

    You guys are so big now but we’re piper

  • Nigel Barumbo
    Nigel Barumbo21 dag siden

    who has been here since TK took a picture with Ryme

  • hëyîtß kç
    hëyîtß kç21 dag siden

    Txunamy is in this show

  • Deaven Smith
    Deaven Smith21 dag siden

    I feel like the show was better with rhyme more interesting

  • fatima
    fatima21 dag siden

    the fact its a love square and not triangle 🤔

  • Tianna Lawrence
    Tianna Lawrence22 dager siden


  • nicky vlastarakou
    nicky vlastarakou22 dager siden

    Claire trying to speak french tho😭✋

  • Yara Alawi
    Yara Alawi22 dager siden

    "u dont need a fairy god mother" what about cinderella dude 😂

  • gigi t
    gigi t22 dager siden


  • Evelyn Poop
    Evelyn Poop22 dager siden


  • Avery Curran
    Avery Curran22 dager siden

    I wish I had a bunch of guys wanting to be with me lol 😆

  • Megan Velasco
    Megan Velasco23 dager siden

    ahhhh i love their outfits

  • Victoria Omosebi
    Victoria Omosebi23 dager siden

    9:13 Jordan laughed