Billie Eilish Guesses How 4,669 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue


Billie Eilish guesses how 4,669 fans responded to a question survey about her. What color do fans think Billie should dye her hair? How many times has she cried in the last month? What would aliens say if they abducted Billie? Tune in and see how much love Billie has for her fans.

Billie Eilish’s album ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ is out now and for tour information:
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Billie Eilish Guesses How 4,669 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue


  • Noelani Gray
    Noelani Gray4 timer siden

    I love Billy eilish she's my favorite

  • Blink_Midzy
    Blink_Midzy8 timer siden

    What billie would be saying to the paper Stop wth u talkin abt Im not your friend Im the bad guy Duhhhh

  • Kelisious Gaming EEE shorts
    Kelisious Gaming EEE shorts12 timer siden


  • Michelle
    MichelleDag siden

    I have the same glasses as billie

  • janyeeter
    janyeeterDag siden

    16:59 Well that escalated quickly

  • S Davis
    S DavisDag siden

    She is

  • Mattia Rivoltella
    Mattia Rivoltella2 dager siden

    And i really love that part: 14:06

  • Mattia Rivoltella
    Mattia Rivoltella2 dager siden

    I love the fact that in interviews she is just herself and people loves her for this

  • club de fans de lulu99 y billie eilish
    club de fans de lulu99 y billie eilish2 dager siden

    I love you billie eillish 💚💚

  • Lila Gericke
    Lila Gericke2 dager siden

    When she said “my brother😌”

  • justlana
    justlana2 dager siden

    she’s so cute

  • Pasqua Ninna
    Pasqua Ninna3 dager siden

    One Direction - Story of My Life - Minneapolis - 7-26-15

  • Sarge TheAirHead
    Sarge TheAirHead3 dager siden

    “What color should Billie dye her hair?” Choices- Purple,Pink,Blue Billie: (laughs in blonde)

  • Millu Mirru
    Millu Mirru3 dager siden

    I love u billie eilish

  • Maria de Fatima Passo Alves
    Maria de Fatima Passo Alves3 dager siden

    cabando com a floresta amazonica billie?

  • my crafts s
    my crafts s3 dager siden

    Billie: looking at a picture sees Justin Billie: gasps My BaByYyY

  • Gene Johnsonn
    Gene Johnsonn3 dager siden

    Her favorite sound is BEANS

  • Margarida Gomes
    Margarida Gomes4 dager siden

    AAAAAAA i love her so so so so so muuuuuuuch I just cant stop loving her, its kinda scary🤣❤

  • th3yluvv_kaaylaa
    th3yluvv_kaaylaa4 dager siden

    when she said “dis my brother”😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • ii._hxney-drizzle?
    ii._hxney-drizzle?4 dager siden

    I feel like hollow has to sides Emo and Funny, Kind, Chilled If you know what I mean? 😂

  • Natayla Bennett
    Natayla Bennett5 dager siden

    Google search:What does Billie Eilish have in common with Louis Tomlinson Result:Avocados

  • P.Devina .P.Harahap
    P.Devina .P.Harahap5 dager siden

    thy way she said *"owh that's my bwother"* AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • •Rice randoms•
    •Rice randoms•5 dager siden

    “Wow humans are really saadd” XD

  • Lorresa Knights
    Lorresa Knights6 dager siden

    Billie Eilish being a raging Gen Z pansexual for 19 minutes straight

  • Cameron Sturkie
    Cameron Sturkie6 dager siden

    Billie: Dam purple 2021 goes blonde

  • its me
    its me6 dager siden

    "Das muh broder"

  • Mohammad Mukti
    Mohammad Mukti7 dager siden

    Awww Billie is so kind. And I really love the ending part. She is so cute.

  • Liam
    Liam7 dager siden

    What food animal or plant would Billie be No one: Not even thanos: Me: *billie is a burrito eating Venus flytrap*

  • Liam
    Liam7 dager siden

    No one: Literally no one: Not even FINNEAS: Billie: DIE PAPER DIE

  • ค๓гค
    ค๓гค7 dager siden

    She's wearing the same design as harry's in grammy 😂

  • Kat Krew
    Kat Krew8 dager siden

    Billie: it took so much takes Also Billie: it only took one take Me: wha? But it took-

  • Lucy Archer
    Lucy Archer8 dager siden

    I just LOVE Billie's eyes they are legit OCEAN EYES like her song Billie: I don't like my singing voice Me:You have a great voice Billie! Also Me:sounding like a whining dog that choked when I sing

  • holly maddox
    holly maddox8 dager siden

    You sold your soul

  • holly maddox
    holly maddox8 dager siden

    Bad guy my favorite song that you have ever made

  • holly maddox
    holly maddox8 dager siden

    Why do you keep crumbling every paper and then yeeting it out a

  • holly maddox
    holly maddox8 dager siden

    If you are a teen then when you grow up you will be a singer

  • holly maddox
    holly maddox8 dager siden

    I have nothing to say

  • Aleyna Melis Coskun
    Aleyna Melis Coskun8 dager siden

    17:57 is so true and cute

  • kate dooley
    kate dooley9 dager siden

    11:07 a lama......😂

  • kate dooley
    kate dooley9 dager siden

    oh, this my brother!!!! 8:54 I LOST IT 🤣🤣

  • Olive J
    Olive J9 dager siden

    The fans do think the same way you do. That’s why they are your fans

  • sofia sara
    sofia sara9 dager siden

    i love this interview more than myself

  • AriGomax
    AriGomax10 dager siden

    She went with blonde

  • Alessandra D'Elia
    Alessandra D'Elia10 dager siden

    Me in 2021 knowing that her hair are blonde

  • Benna Maria
    Benna Maria10 dager siden

    8:39 and 9:42 i think she just forgot his name is Justin

  • Anano Kapanadze
    Anano Kapanadze10 dager siden

    she is so cutee😭💘💘

  • Muhsina Jabbar
    Muhsina Jabbar10 dager siden

    This girl is inspiration for all ❤️

  • Ewen Gina
    Ewen Gina10 dager siden

    yoyoypyoyoyoyoyoyyo all the bleeps make me want to watch rick and morty

  • Sophie Lopez
    Sophie Lopez10 dager siden

    “I shave” 😭😭🦶🏻

  • Animal love kingdom
    Animal love kingdom10 dager siden

    Billie Eillish is 13 days older than me 🤗

  • Lala Mimi
    Lala Mimi10 dager siden

  • Zahid Hossain
    Zahid Hossain11 dager siden

    I found a green hair llama !!! Btw you look really cute.

  • Blaze Davidson
    Blaze Davidson11 dager siden

    2:39 A question in a question in an question

  • Lala Mimi

    Lala Mimi

    10 dager siden

  • Ellie Lormand
    Ellie Lormand11 dager siden

    When I saw that the Beatles was voted for 47 people my heart broke ☹︎❥

    GACHAGATOR11 dager siden


  • Zoya khan
    Zoya khan12 dager siden

    As far as i know her...BILLIE would like of the pictures out there...cuz she's the one all over there...

  • el_yell
    el_yell12 dager siden

    ayyy my letter is in there!!

  • Aarna Kadyan
    Aarna Kadyan12 dager siden


  • Cobra Lily
    Cobra Lily12 dager siden

    Billie's music: 🖤🕶☁️🌆🔪 Billie's personality: 🌸🤗🥺🎀🧸

  • Aiden M
    Aiden M12 dager siden

    When she said dis is my brither that like melted my heart

  • siddhu
    siddhu12 dager siden

    Do you like BTS billie

  • Skappy
    Skappy13 dager siden


  • Ella ZEPETO
    Ella ZEPETO13 dager siden

    Lol I’m just whatching Billie at yt and listening to her at my radio at the same time🤣🤣🤣😂😂🖤💚

  • RoyaleSophie_138
    RoyaleSophie_13813 dager siden

    all the beeps tho..

  • Mia Crossing
    Mia Crossing13 dager siden

    Billie:”my brother finies.” Me:THeRes OnE HUndReD AnD FOur DAys

  • Its_LeahJade
    Its_LeahJade13 dager siden

    Billie: bro a bigger just flew out of my nose Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I canttt-

  • Sherika Fortune
    Sherika Fortune14 dager siden

    Billie is so sweet and so nice and she isnt afraid to be herself and I love that about her and her voice is AMAZING

  • Des Morales
    Des Morales14 dager siden

    If she ever in the history of EVER dyes her hair orange, she would look like Natasha Romanoff would she not?

  • mr. floof
    mr. floof14 dager siden

    **sees picture of finneas** “oh... dats my bruder”

  • Ikshuja Bhardwaj
    Ikshuja Bhardwaj14 dager siden

    so she thinks that justin has been thro a lot... wat abt ari?? like she must be the strongest ever!!

  • Mendes Fan123
    Mendes Fan12315 dager siden

    7:39 she didn't know that she was going to have a new album in 2021 called the world's a little blurry

  • Dylan parker
    Dylan parker15 dager siden

    Billie:I'm not confident about my voice Me:bRuH....u sing like an angel

  • cooking with dave
    cooking with dave15 dager siden

    that lace front looking good ma

  • One Wolf
    One Wolf15 dager siden

    When the party’s over

  • big man jack
    big man jack15 dager siden

    My favourite line is You got your finger on the trigger but your trigger fingers mine

  • juddee
    juddee16 dager siden

    who’s here after she dyed her hair blonde !!!

  • bil's flying burrito
    bil's flying burrito16 dager siden

    11:30 omg that's my brother !! /j

  • Lexi Sucks
    Lexi Sucks16 dager siden


  • Lexi Sucks
    Lexi Sucks16 dager siden


  • Kyra Knibbs-Curtis
    Kyra Knibbs-Curtis17 dager siden

    I love you Billie

  • Nessa Quin
    Nessa Quin17 dager siden

    I like how she doesn’t act fake!! Most celebrities are sooo fake

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi18 dager siden

    Its funny because the last time I watched this I never knew the lyrics to her songs, now I know every song and word by word😭😁

  • Matthew Heredia
    Matthew Heredia19 dager siden


  • This_0ne dude
    This_0ne dude19 dager siden

    9:42 war veteran’s watching this

  • D Nice
    D Nice19 dager siden


  • lara M.
    lara M.19 dager siden

    This is my fav interview ever. Watched it like 500 times

  • Meral Rihani
    Meral Rihani19 dager siden

    billie yeet the paper

  • Tammi TV
    Tammi TV20 dager siden

    Billie: WHY EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW HOW I BECAME FAMOUS?!!! Me: Because I want to become famous too???

  • ༻Inari credle༺
    ༻Inari credle༺20 dager siden

    I luv billie!!!💚💚💚

  • Lucky Lily Ann
    Lucky Lily Ann20 dager siden

    When Billie Eilish was younger than my dad when he was a kid🤣🤣🤣🤣 and my dad can’t even sing well

  • Kilesious Gaming EEE
    Kilesious Gaming EEE21 dag siden


  • joice joychan
    joice joychan21 dag siden

    Billie is amazing 🤩🤩🤩 I love bad guy too i I love you billie so much she is so funny too

  • leah's trippy socks
    leah's trippy socks21 dag siden

    Her hair is a wig though 😉

  • It's Trace

    It's Trace

    21 dag siden

    No I think it's hair dye

  • C Killer
    C Killer21 dag siden

    The way she thinks about justin beiber is the way i think about her ❤️🤞

  • Munira Aden
    Munira Aden21 dag siden


  • Munira Aden
    Munira Aden21 dag siden


  • Corinne Welch
    Corinne Welch22 dager siden

    I bring my phone to the school bus frickin listen to all her songs like ocean eyes and there for I am

  • blackmusic
    blackmusic22 dager siden

    Haha funny

  • Samuel Flórez
    Samuel Flórez22 dager siden

    she is BLONDE now

  • Tyson Bills
    Tyson Bills22 dager siden

    tell her i like her with blond hair