Best of James May's Toy Stories

Best of JM's Toy Stories, 2009.


  • incT
    incT4 måneder siden

    this video comes to a sudden end because i may or may not have forgot to add a fade out/outro to this video

  • Andy Mcneil

    Andy Mcneil

    3 måneder siden

    Not really needed. It ends where it ends. Great posting.

  • Brodown64


    4 måneder siden


  • Dattroll 201
    Dattroll 2015 dager siden

    anyone know the song at 18:08 ?

  • iamtheoceaniamthesea
    iamtheoceaniamthesea9 dager siden

    How does James mays father look younger than him?

  • natsu fairy
    natsu fairy12 dager siden

    Good show for remove stress

  • Nephanielle Shane
    Nephanielle Shane18 dager siden

    Our best man, James May.

  • Sam W
    Sam WMåned siden

    1:15 Making a joke about Italian design when he's the knob who lives in the UK and still bought a motorcycle, is peak Top Gear Irony.

  • Mikestion
    MikestionMåned siden

    I can't believe James May allowed children to build toy tanks. That's awesome.

  • DarkE
    DarkEMåned siden

    James may has had some of the best TV show - underrated

  • Jonathan Simmel
    Jonathan SimmelMåned siden

    How does James look the same age as his dad?

  • Spengler
    SpenglerMåned siden

    I remember years back, watching episodes of this when I was in primary school- I think I was about 9? I’m 18 now so it’s not like it was *that* long ago all things considered, but still- I remember how much we all enjoyed the show in class, so it’s heartwarming to go back and see it again.

  • wall
    wallMåned siden

    Really is a shame the episodes got taken down from NOprojects.

  • Doktor Spock
    Doktor SpockMåned siden

    Eiffel Tower Facts had me on the floor

  • juiuffophiguo
    juiuffophiguoMåned siden

    Just randomly flirting with the person he's supposed to interview about the Eifel tower

  • Floyd Entertainment
    Floyd EntertainmentMåned siden

    Prodigy - Poison, very suitable music....

  • BigDaddy
    BigDaddy2 måneder siden

    This whole series is just James May taking the piss out of new generations. Great fun tho :D

  • TopMotors
    TopMotors2 måneder siden

    Headmaster Dumbledore

  • Handsome Italian
    Handsome Italian2 måneder siden

    I like that there’s a 1/1 odd that James will get thrown off the dock

  • tier
    tier2 måneder siden

    It was quite unexpected to hear The Prodigy in this show

  • Max Bowen
    Max Bowen2 måneder siden

    this was such a good series

  • You REEE
    You REEE2 måneder siden

    I' surprised how those toys atleast a decade ago was considered irrelevant whilst those same toys in 3rd world contires are relevant as hell

  • flo __
    flo __2 måneder siden

    "what if those lego robots make more lego robots"... Tilk get the spas 12!!

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller2 måneder siden

    Such a great series! Wouldn't mind if James would do something similar again. :) BTW, any chance that anyone knows the song playing at 15:50?

  • Ben Beatinmydique
    Ben Beatinmydique2 måneder siden

    Absolutely delighted that I got to hear a Prodigy song while James May crushed a car in a tank. Just awesome.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin2 måneder siden

    i loved it when he did a speech to the russian anthem

  • Riprex
    Riprex2 måneder siden

    Watching them talk about air fix and how enjoyable yet frustrating it is. I'm like you sure your not talking about making Warhammer models? Especially Resin

  • Duane
    Duane2 måneder siden

    May is 46 here? Looks way older.

  • shawn boyce
    shawn boyce2 måneder siden

    Name of the Series?

  • incT


    2 måneder siden

    james may's toy stories...

  • Dark
    Dark2 måneder siden

    2:50 Exhibit: Religious man experiencing peak mental capacity.

  • Bailey Phelps
    Bailey Phelps2 måneder siden

    For anyone legitimately curious about how long it would take you to hit the ground if you jumped from the top of the Eiffel Tower...about 8 seconds

  • Kryss
    Kryss2 måneder siden

    10:11 bet she’s the life of every party she attends

  • Nathan Bundy

    Nathan Bundy

    2 måneder siden

    She doesn't go to parties 🤣

  • Eugeo_Synthesis_32
    Eugeo_Synthesis_322 måneder siden

    Ouch the poor Primera that got ran over by a tank

  • Ace 1265
    Ace 12653 måneder siden

    the fact all them kids that dont know about air fix is sad im maybe bit older then em and have bunch of em my dad raised me right i can tell

  • ODRI
    ODRI3 måneder siden

    Man, I watched this when I was 8 or so, bloody hell did I absolutely love it lmao. Good times, eh

  • Jozan_Tube
    Jozan_Tube3 måneder siden

    Wow I forgot how ruddy miserable the Chelsea flower show judges were...

  • Blake Guajardo
    Blake Guajardo3 måneder siden

    15:07 is what spousal abuse looked like then

  • cool whip
    cool whip3 måneder siden

    in the future, he'll still playing with a robot toy which calling him BIM

  • partypoison
    partypoison3 måneder siden

    lets take a second to appreciate james's father for forming his love for toys, this show had a sense of warm and happiness in the making, whilst in top gear or grand tour, james just hates everything and everyone

  • TewdPlays
    TewdPlays3 måneder siden

    7:25 My first model was also a Spitfire. Loved those crafts!

  • Aldrich Tanudtanud
    Aldrich Tanudtanud3 måneder siden

    James looks older than his dad wtf??

  • FolstrimHori
    FolstrimHori3 måneder siden

    I'd like to see James May build a gundam kit!

  • Lars
    Lars3 måneder siden

    James May looks older than his dad ladies and gentlemen

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo3 måneder siden

    How come his dad only looks about five years older than he does.

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo3 måneder siden

    If James May just happens to watch this I just want to say I recently discovered diecast aircraft, airfix plasticy crap is now dead to me, but Im still with you on the Lego thing....

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc3 måneder siden

    I'm hoping somebody can help me find my red Nissan Primera - it went missing a number of years ago and police enquiries have come up with nothing...

  • Seb Mendez
    Seb Mendez3 måneder siden

    James is a godsend for the dads, screw the kids.

  • Andy Mcneil
    Andy Mcneil3 måneder siden

    Old school will always outdo new rubbish. Electronics? Crap compared to real toys. Well done Mr. May.

  • egg
    egg3 måneder siden

    This is what happens when clarkson can’t interrupt😂

  • Sir Henners
    Sir Henners3 måneder siden

    the amount of Prodigy in this is weird

  • Sir Henners

    Sir Henners

    3 måneder siden

    @TregMediaHD absolutely, rip legend

  • TregMediaHD


    3 måneder siden

    But well received .. Rip Keef

  • Soviet Doge
    Soviet Doge4 måneder siden

    "Ok Boomer"

  • Reo Mccaffrey
    Reo Mccaffrey4 måneder siden

    How does James's father look the same age as him

  • Lord _ Scrubington
    Lord _ Scrubington4 måneder siden

    "Have to go to a school from Yorkshire" As someone who attends a school in yorkshire, I can confirm that we are far too enthusiastic over anything so long as you present it by saying "yaaaah, come!"

  • Al M
    Al M4 måneder siden

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  • Al M
    Al M4 måneder siden

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  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck4 måneder siden

    10:08 - WELCOME, NOGGERS!

  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck4 måneder siden

    From Prodigy to Booker T & The MGs.

  • Alaa AbdelGhany
    Alaa AbdelGhany4 måneder siden

    20:10 .. OCD May !

  • Alaa AbdelGhany
    Alaa AbdelGhany4 måneder siden

    4:49 Captain sense of direction striking !

  • Dominik Koitzsch
    Dominik Koitzsch4 måneder siden

    18:05 the guy on the left is actually one of the guys who built the biggest miniature railway in The world

  • Jowo
    Jowo4 måneder siden

    one of my fondest childhood memories is rewatching this series again and again. ive been to mercedes benz world many times and can still recognise places from the scalextrix track and i even visited the lego house while it was under construction at denby's

  • Revs


    3 måneder siden

    @Jowo yeah been feeling so nostalgic watching it. Remember watching them when they aired.

  • Jowo


    3 måneder siden

    @Revs it was brilliant. hi topa

  • Revs


    3 måneder siden

    Fancy seeing you here. I'm now rewatching the series cos I really enjoyed this when it aired.

  • Themiiman 123
    Themiiman 1234 måneder siden

    this show is a master piece i loved to bits when i was yonger

  • TehDarkrai
    TehDarkrai4 måneder siden

    *Broke:* "crossing the streams" *Woke:* "making the two jets of water play upon each other in an artistic fashion"

  • B M
    B M4 måneder siden

    James May is a national treasure. No doubt about it

  • NorthernZeus
    NorthernZeus4 måneder siden

    Sometime in the 90’s. Time magazine had a article of the top 100 toys of all time. #1? The card board box.

  • Hellwyck


    4 måneder siden

    If it's good enough for Big Boss, it's good enough for me!

  • Muck006
    Muck0064 måneder siden

    "Moody sexy lighting" in a building of bright and quite a bit aggressive colours. It really shows how these "interior designers" are talking without actually thinking about their environment.

  • mozomenku
    mozomenku4 måneder siden

    I like the minecraft font from the thumbnail

  • Howard Clare
    Howard Clare4 måneder siden

    Couldn’t give kids in school knifes these days they would shank up the opps

  • daedalus
    daedalus4 måneder siden

    thats hornby o gauge 👁️👄👁️

  • Ben Dyson
    Ben Dyson4 måneder siden

    loved this show

  • Joel Carter Ramadge
    Joel Carter Ramadge4 måneder siden

    I didn't know Tiff was in James May's Toy Stories!

  • Benjamin Picton
    Benjamin Picton4 måneder siden

    all these miserable faces, if james may showed up at my school i would go ape shit

  • clown emoji

    clown emoji

    2 måneder siden

    @Soundwave3591 durr hburr technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch

  • Arthur surname pending

    Arthur surname pending

    2 måneder siden

    @Soundwave3591 it's insulting to say "all they do is move pixels around" because I could just say doing models is glueing bits of plastic to eachother. You see? At least in a game you don't need instructions, it's all in their heads, and produced in the game

  • Arthur surname pending

    Arthur surname pending

    2 måneder siden

    @Soundwave3591 computer games aren't problem solving? Are you out of your mind! That's what they are, games like, let's go with your example, Minecraft. The problem is you need to survive, and there are monsters coming for you, you need to work out how to build a base, what resources you need to build this, how your going to need to build it and, you know, not die, then, once you've problem solved and got everything, you'd use creativity to make this structure, and the things people build are stunning because it's not just one thing, say a plane or a car, it can literally be anything, a deep treacherous cave for there friends to survive or a megacity. I'm not saying toys are bad, absolutely not, but computer games aren't just "moving pixels around" because they're immersive. Now, you'd say, what about Lego, that's the same, but it's not because it's not as accessible. So if someone wanted to build a town, they'd need to spend loads on Lego, and then spend hours building it all. Or you could get a game, usually around £20, and you've got everything you want, and as big as you want, so you can create bigger things quicker.

  • Soundwave3591


    2 måneder siden

    @Excel what I said was, in essence, if the kid can't _figure out_ a rather basic and straightforward instruction set, yet has no problem sitting at their computer for 14 hours digging holes in Minecraft to build the emperor's skull fortress overrun with Endermen, it doesn't bode well for problem-solving skills.

  • Soundwave3591


    2 måneder siden

    @Arthur surname pending meccano, Lego, and all the other construction toys taught kids engineering techniques and mechanical operation skills. You could construct a functioning machine, give it power and bring it to life. And the scale of that mechanism was limited only by your access to parts. All Minecraft, Roblox, And all those "foundry" games teach you is how to push pixels around. You may have an infinite number of pixels, but that's really all you've got going for you.

  • Sackmatters
    Sackmatters4 måneder siden

    Wow when kids were allowed to use a razor blade.

  • Sackmatters


    Måned siden

    @Hellwyck my bad. Damn autocorrect.

  • Hellwyck


    4 måneder siden


  • Joshy JJ
    Joshy JJ4 måneder siden

    Thanks, I really needed to see James May run over a car with a tank 👍

  • Thomas Johnston
    Thomas Johnston4 måneder siden

    Hahahaha that fella from Liverpool Uni wearing an 'I Love Purple Aki' t-shirt 🤣

  • Chubski
    Chubski4 måneder siden

    Wish there was the ey ey ey scene

  • Chubski


    4 måneder siden

    @Aisha Kallon ehy

  • Aisha Kallon

    Aisha Kallon

    4 måneder siden

    He's got my mechano

  • whit
    whit4 måneder siden

    "head up, shoulders back, be proud" "bugger off."

  • Yeah Yeah

    Yeah Yeah

    Måned siden

    Best part

  • js-xr
    js-xr4 måneder siden

    Will I be escorted in then to Battersea-we will edit this.

  • Francesco D'Acunzo
    Francesco D'Acunzo4 måneder siden

    2:23 wow she's cute ....

  • Whovian Music

    Whovian Music

    4 måneder siden

    what if, I said... no.

  • Nelson Glover

    Nelson Glover

    4 måneder siden

    *the actual fuck*

  • George M

    George M

    4 måneder siden

    the actual fuck

  • Ovactus


    4 måneder siden

    the actual fuck

  • Carl, Wheezer of souls

    Carl, Wheezer of souls

    4 måneder siden

    the actual fuck

  • Elite
    Elite4 måneder siden

    This is content

  • Muck006


    4 måneder siden

    This was "back then" ... when there was still a glimmer of creativity around.

  • incT


    4 måneder siden


  • Jeb Dunkins
    Jeb Dunkins4 måneder siden

    7:15 shoutout to James dad who bought a Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL in 1971

  • Christo S
    Christo S4 måneder siden

    James May is 46? I thought he was in his 60s...

  • Wait What

    Wait What

    4 måneder siden

    James is now 58.

  • Jeb Dunkins

    Jeb Dunkins

    4 måneder siden

    Unlike Richard Hammond james hasn't been 38 for the last 15 years

  • incT


    4 måneder siden

    this show is from 12 years ago

  • Трамвай Валера
    Трамвай Валера4 måneder siden

    9:24 reminds of the top gear blue camaro hot wheels clip with "a 1:1 scale car of a model of a real car", something like that

  • Moose-ah
    Moose-ah4 måneder siden

    This is James May's childhood revisited

  • Jason Cheng
    Jason Cheng4 måneder siden

    How come my school never invited a model kit-giving guest?

  • Hellwyck


    4 måneder siden

    Glue sniffing?

  • Muck006


    4 måneder siden

    Just start being creative on your own ... maybe something like this: [if you have industrial areas nearby to scrounge palettes off for free] and it might result in something useful.

  • Jason Cheng
    Jason Cheng4 måneder siden

    12:44 I was wondering about the music choice, but it made sense when James said "revolution" and "people's"

  • Gary


    3 måneder siden

    There is literally a huge Karl Marx bust in the garden

  • loading2112


    4 måneder siden

    "Our garden"

  • Ruby-7Seven


    4 måneder siden

    Nothing like a little communism from James May.

  • Erik
    Erik4 måneder siden

    I died when the soviet anthem played as he spoke to the British people 😅

  • Poppy Cryan

    Poppy Cryan

    4 måneder siden

    @Muck006 Tories are commies in disguise?

  • Muck006


    4 måneder siden

    It is almost time when it will be appropriate ... because the british bureaucracy has been taken over by commie infiltrators (who do not realize they are commies). One look at how the police acts is a nice clue, but there are many others as well in addition to "the long march through the institutions" (which includes the BBC) and the things Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB spy) talked about in the 1980s. All you need is one more Labour government ... (although Boris isnt that much better either).

  • Bottom Gear
    Bottom Gear4 måneder siden

    i actually created separate acc to watch your’s compilations and other about top gear

  • Sackmatters


    4 måneder siden


  • incT


    4 måneder siden


  • sw4gr1d


    4 måneder siden


  • SMPandanic
    SMPandanic4 måneder siden

    I agree with James May toys ARE more fun than games and I play video games too!

  • DarkDestroyerGaming


    3 måneder siden

    I have a Metal puzzle kit which sometimes is more fasanting than my PS4

  • Muck006


    4 måneder siden

    @Regular Bloke You do need other kids to play with though ... and that is the problem with the easy satisfaction that are computer games ... or just the phone to talk to the other girls.

  • Regular Bloke

    Regular Bloke

    4 måneder siden

    Toys are genuinely very fun when you know what youre doing

  • Cameron McNutt
    Cameron McNutt4 måneder siden

    Well that was a nice break from homeschooling! Cheers mate!

  • Cydra
    Cydra4 måneder siden

    There was something really charming and warm about this show. Like you can tell it's something James wanted to make and loved working on.

  • Jackson


    3 måneder siden

    James is such a charming a soul, I love all the stuff he’s done, it has a sincere and loving charm to it.

  • wiktorz
    wiktorz4 måneder siden

    i wish he carried this series on

  • TheBritFromOz


    20 dager siden

    @wiktorz The entire series is on NOprojects somewhere as well as licensed uploads.

  • oh man, it’s time for a

    oh man, it’s time for a

    3 måneder siden

    Manlab NEEDS to come back,

  • xander10


    3 måneder siden

    @Handsome Italian manlab is kinda a continuation of sorts but not focused entirely on toys

  • dash1141


    3 måneder siden

    @incT we don't deserve you

  • incT


    4 måneder siden

    @I'm Interested In Apathy best of manlab some time in the future, probably going to be one for each season

  • KSM
    KSM4 måneder siden

    second from discord notifications

  • man_maw531
    man_maw5314 måneder siden


  • Deed JP
    Deed JP4 måneder siden


  • KSM


    4 måneder siden


  • incT


    4 måneder siden

    yes you are