Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins: Superstar Mr & The Man - WWE GP Live!


Filmed at the last WWEGP Live event with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, we put WWE's power couple to the test in a fun game of 'Superstar Mr & The Man' where they had to answer questions about each other. How well do Becky and Seth really know each other? Find out here!
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  • Saber Tron

    Saber Tron

    5 timer siden

    4:15 NOT ANYMORE

  • Y C

    Y C

    17 dager siden

    @6.46 proves that Becky was listening to all of Seth's answers, that mischievous blushing smile is a dead giveaway

  • king jritv passionYT

    king jritv passionYT

    27 dager siden

    poor Seth Rollins. This is hilarious 😂 in the beginning.

  • Kenneth Adams

    Kenneth Adams

    Måned siden


  • Kavita Sachdeva

    Kavita Sachdeva

    Måned siden

    @Troy Turner beckyLynch

  • Saber Tron
    Saber Tron5 timer siden

    4:15 NOT ANYMORE

  • Aayans Figures
    Aayans FiguresDag siden

    Becky with the gum and the finger

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley2 dager siden

    Good lord Becky

  • Lincoln Simani
    Lincoln Simani2 dager siden


  • Queen Safron
    Queen Safron5 dager siden

    Becky is my favorite😍 wrestler

  • Mickey Reacts
    Mickey Reacts9 dager siden

    When was this recorded?

  • Centrino Cell
    Centrino Cell10 dager siden

    me favorite seth and beck in all wwe

  • Michele Pafundi
    Michele Pafundi11 dager siden

    I hate mint chocolate too

  • Jameson Relax Swang Thang
    Jameson Relax Swang Thang12 dager siden

    That Mr and Ms song is funny.

  • Sharita Taylor
    Sharita Taylor12 dager siden

    My favorite moment is when Cesaro spins Seth around endlessly!

  • Brooke Taylor Kiefer
    Brooke Taylor Kiefer15 dager siden

    I don't like mint chocolate either lol

  • Shubhangi Kulkarni
    Shubhangi Kulkarni15 dager siden

    If dean is invited for dinner at Seth's house then where would roman(not invited) go 🤔🤔🤔😜

  • Malik Wheeler
    Malik Wheeler15 dager siden

    Seth said she gets little Seth all the time

    ELENA M.SOGOBA16 dager siden

    There the cutest couple

  • Anthony Nowak
    Anthony Nowak16 dager siden

    becky really got lucky in her career.

  • Jay Volk
    Jay Volk16 dager siden

    I love how Becky say Umm. She says Emmmm. It's so cute lol

  • Mackenzie Giroux
    Mackenzie Giroux18 dager siden

    "I would say the man has no taste but he's with me" I almost died when she said that

  • Kay Kiessling
    Kay Kiessling19 dager siden

    That was fun , need more of this kinda thing...

  • zombie corp
    zombie corp19 dager siden

    What happened at hell in the cell i can't remember

  • James Cole
    James Cole19 dager siden


  • John Mcphatter Jr
    John Mcphatter Jr20 dager siden

    Need to spend more time together

  • SlumpGodMukk
    SlumpGodMukk20 dager siden

    Bullshit host kept trying to bring up dean to stir the pot

  • Siimplystar
    Siimplystar20 dager siden

    Becky : answering the questions Seth: vibing to dean ambroses theme song

  • Sanji All-Blue Vinsmoke Jadzki
    Sanji All-Blue Vinsmoke Jadzki20 dager siden

    Aww Becky and I choke on water!?

  • DavidPrime21 g
    DavidPrime21 g20 dager siden

    Shes got the worlds largest set of nostrils on a human being ever! 😝

  • Sarah Ault
    Sarah Ault21 dag siden

    I love mint chocolate

  • Sarah Elizabeth Lomax
    Sarah Elizabeth Lomax21 dag siden

    "OH! it's so gross WHY do you have to taint the chocolate with the MINT?!" - Seth Rollins 😂😂

  • Synclaire Xxx
    Synclaire Xxx21 dag siden

    Seths most embarrassing moment is the when he fell. That’s the first thing that came to mind lol

  • Clash at the Roundtable
    Clash at the Roundtable21 dag siden

  • samaria michael
    samaria michael22 dager siden

    i don't know why but i believe that charlotte is the first person becky would invite

  • leonid Ivanov
    leonid Ivanov22 dager siden

    I miss rollins being in the main event

  • Allie Stokely
    Allie Stokely22 dager siden


  • Ave Lyn
    Ave Lyn22 dager siden


  • John Smith
    John Smith22 dager siden

    These Questions and Answers Don't all counts....they weren't taking enough time to think..but great segment.

  • Shannon Rogers
    Shannon Rogers23 dager siden

    Is this Becky lynch

    DARKBOY WONDER23 dager siden

    Calling Becky Lynch "THE MAN"🤵was always a retarded idea. 💡

  • EmoFoxy 48
    EmoFoxy 4823 dager siden

    It's hilarious bc at 13:30 I said "Tripping over the barricade..." and 2 seconds after Seth agreed with someone who said the EXACT same thing!

  • Karen Doucet
    Karen Doucet23 dager siden

    Wwe elimination chamber Wwe championship match in the wwe Elimination chamber

  • Akhil
    Akhil23 dager siden

    Becky Cringe

  • Fred08
    Fred0823 dager siden

    Are they still together

  • Jesse Carrigan
    Jesse Carrigan24 dager siden

    How tf did Seth land Becky? Lucky bastard haha

  • NJTSuperKing
    NJTSuperKing24 dager siden

    This is the seth rollins way

  • Ash Hayward
    Ash Hayward24 dager siden

    Not a fan of these 2 anymore.....

  • Wilmot D'silva
    Wilmot D'silva24 dager siden

    Get rid of THE MAN, men don't give birth, and it's degrading to real women.

  • Kelsie Mckelvie

    Kelsie Mckelvie

    24 dager siden

    Well obviously men don’t give birth that’s her character she is the man she portraits that she’s stepped up she was the best of the game and she made a name for her self as Becky Becky balboa and the man

  • DraftMagic Again
    DraftMagic Again24 dager siden

    Wow this is horrific.. I got about 2 minutes in...

  • Chris Iannacone
    Chris Iannacone25 dager siden

    Where and when did this happen is this president pandemocbk do t see any distancing or a single mask

  • pathanjali sanagavarapu
    pathanjali sanagavarapu25 dager siden


  • Ace Cashman
    Ace Cashman25 dager siden

    6:35 this man has no chill 😂

    MICHAEL RAMSEY25 dager siden


  • Prajjwal Singh

    Prajjwal Singh

    Dag siden

    You cuz you replied

  • Kelsie Mckelvie

    Kelsie Mckelvie

    24 dager siden

    Then don’t watch it 🤯🤯

  • The Juicycoast
    The Juicycoast25 dager siden

    I mean her first wrestling crush looks better in the ring and outside the ring

  • Kcirddor
    Kcirddor25 dager siden

    Crazy how Seth and cesaro jus had a a match. Wm which is cesaro first singles match

  • edgardo034
    edgardo03425 dager siden

    They said Shawn over Bret?? CRAZY...

  • Jason
    Jason25 dager siden

    What Hell in a Cell match are they talking about?

  • CocaTV
    CocaTV25 dager siden

    Am doneidol

  • Gareth Wilkins
    Gareth Wilkins25 dager siden

    If Becky is the man, does that make Seth gay?

  • Coach Carter
    Coach Carter25 dager siden

    Lol the finger Becky gave when she started listening to Ronda Rousey's theme

  • MrBear895


    13 timer siden


  • gigi pipola
    gigi pipola25 dager siden

    only clicked because or becky

  • Levi VanderMeyden
    Levi VanderMeyden25 dager siden

    “I’ll take it, solid F!” Lol

  • Chamoth Wanniarachchi
    Chamoth Wanniarachchi26 dager siden


  • cammie cam
    cammie cam26 dager siden

    Well he did get a month off 😂

  • phenomenalclassic93
    phenomenalclassic9326 dager siden

    “A solid F” 😂

  • Cyro Jay Fullero
    Cyro Jay Fullero26 dager siden

    With the Bret and Shawn Issue men.. The audience really booed shawn .. can't blame them though..

  • Hussein Mkomwa
    Hussein Mkomwa26 dager siden


  • Hussein Mkomwa
    Hussein Mkomwa26 dager siden

    wwe rms

  • Hussein Mkomwa
    Hussein Mkomwa26 dager siden


  • Notorious MiGZ
    Notorious MiGZ26 dager siden

    Seth and Becky, just remember if u invite Reigns to dinner you have to let him sit at the head of the table.

  • Ryan O

    Ryan O

    23 dager siden

    Lol so stupid but made me chuckle

  • Mylee Harrell
    Mylee Harrell26 dager siden

    that’s so weird that Becky does that with water bottles because i do the same thing and it makes everyone mad😂

  • Riley kazama
    Riley kazama27 dager siden

    Becky has a very cute accent

  • BeastNation2009
    BeastNation200927 dager siden

    Finn was everybody's wrestling crush for a minute. His hips don't lie. (Okay, I'm just speaking for me.) lol

  • Matt Martinesi
    Matt Martinesi27 dager siden

    "sh's gluten free man come on!!!"

  • Samurai101
    Samurai10127 dager siden

    I can't believe that seth and becky are in a relationship with each other there so awkward toward each other i feel like that they had a moment of passion because they where both on top of the world then Becky got pregnant by accident and now they're stuck with each other honestly i can't see this relationship lasting long

  • Prajjwal Singh

    Prajjwal Singh

    Dag siden

    Are you out of your mind? You are no one to judge their personal lives. You dont know becky or seth personally. Becky got pregnant cuz she wanted to be a mom and her and seth were already trying. They now have a beautiful baby girl and they are very happy with each other stfu

  • Oga Augustin
    Oga Augustin27 dager siden

    Dean watching: WTF

  • Matr1x IOS
    Matr1x IOS27 dager siden

    Why does becky have the raw title with her? i understand she never lost that title but still

  • Matr1x IOS

    Matr1x IOS

    27 dager siden

    @Kelsie Mckelvie i knew that but i saw thaty the video was posted a week ago and i tought is recent, thanks

  • Kelsie Mckelvie

    Kelsie Mckelvie

    27 dager siden

    This was done about 2 years ago if tahts what you mean because she’s off rn

  • Nunayo Bisnez
    Nunayo Bisnez27 dager siden

    Seth's most embarrassing moment was that time he botched jumping over the barrier and ended up on his back in a Spinaroonie 😂



    17 dager siden

    I’ll say when he botched saying “inanimate object” in his promo with Brock Lesnar 😂

  • Dy Jeman
    Dy Jeman27 dager siden

    Is that really one week ago?

  • Kelsie Mckelvie

    Kelsie Mckelvie

    27 dager siden

    No it was just uploaded last week

  • Anak Desa
    Anak Desa27 dager siden


  • wndowpayne
    wndowpayne27 dager siden

    Guarantee you she was listening to Pearl Jam

  • indiana hoosier
    indiana hoosier27 dager siden

    I'm confused about something. . Her name is Becky, but they call her "The Man", I thought that was Ric Flair's moto.

    THE BOOGYMAN27 dager siden

    What did he say 2:37

  • Kelsie Mckelvie

    Kelsie Mckelvie

    27 dager siden

    Bigger Seth

  • Midnight Vibes
    Midnight Vibes27 dager siden

    Seth: "She gets little seth year round" Probably everyone here:😳😨✋😲

  • Scotti Robinson

    Scotti Robinson

    26 dager siden

    @Kong 6:30

  • Kong


    26 dager siden


  • George Parker
    George Parker28 dager siden

    Did anyone else feel like this was super awkward?

  • F3aRxHaWk
    F3aRxHaWk28 dager siden

    Beckey wants tickets to pearl jam thats so me

  • Jihad Ellis
    Jihad Ellis28 dager siden

    Becky first crush was jeff Hardy 😂

  • Ultra True Army
    Ultra True Army28 dager siden

    Lol man & man its mean they gay

  • Mariana Lucchese
    Mariana Lucchese28 dager siden

    I drink my water like that too

  • Onuah Emma
    Onuah Emma28 dager siden

    Mrs sasha is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,...

  • Charlie Camilo

    Charlie Camilo

    28 dager siden

    Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky

  • Buhari Abdullahi

    Buhari Abdullahi

    28 dager siden

    Wow I can brag about this... Mrs sasha has managed my account in such a way wining is the only standard I know

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    Mrs sasha has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with her

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    13th wining thanks to Mrs sasha. She's really the best, I've made a lot

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    28 dager siden

    Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially

  • kadeen Cayenne
    kadeen Cayenne28 dager siden

    Why was the Crowd booing wen they mentioned shawn Michaels?

  • CrazyfitPT
    CrazyfitPT28 dager siden

    I would say the man has no taste but he's with me, so.. Love Becky..

  • Sleya Raze
    Sleya Raze28 dager siden

    The Man best of the best

  • Xavier Tansley
    Xavier Tansley28 dager siden

    Loving those boots on Becks

  • vappers comic
    vappers comic28 dager siden

    The man 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌 respect

  • Veerendra Sd
    Veerendra Sd29 dager siden

    Over build up.. wwe is trained wrestlers fake game. ..If u want to see real fight. Watch MMA, boxing , marital art, kungfu, karate, ..

  • Prajjwal Singh

    Prajjwal Singh

    Dag siden

    Its not fake, its scripted. Its an art.

  • Mary Waweru
    Mary Waweru29 dager siden


  • Anil Hettiarachchi
    Anil Hettiarachchi29 dager siden

    Best program ever

  • SUPERPOD Gaming
    SUPERPOD Gaming29 dager siden

    What did the guy in the audience say to make Becky laugh.

  • Nix Farrik
    Nix Farrik29 dager siden

    Ideal Christmas present this year A baby?

  • Gamer Craft0903
    Gamer Craft090329 dager siden

    I love how Seth is just vibing to the music😂😂😂

  • Phillip Vaughn

    Phillip Vaughn

    26 dager siden

    No one: Seth: vibing to his friend even though he miss him in wwe

  • Michelle Cherry
    Michelle Cherry29 dager siden

    I like Becky the man

  • Michelle Cherry
    Michelle Cherry29 dager siden

    Becky ROCKS 🎸 😎