Alan Meets Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey Meets Alan Partridge. Alan interviews the lead singer of The Who, Roger Daltrey.

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2005 | "Alan Meets Roger Daltrey"
Director: Max Abbiss Biro
Writers: Steve Coogan, Neil MacLennan
Stars: Steve Coogan, Roger Daltrey


  • Oscar Travis
    Oscar Travis16 timer siden

    Monkey on your back and ferret down your trousers

  • James Andolini
    James Andolini21 time siden

    That was brilliant 🤣

  • Benny Zuccarello
    Benny Zuccarello8 dager siden

    Fuckin guy interrupts Daltrey at the beginning so he can to do the intro to 'WHO ARE YOU', as if people didn't get it after the 1st WHO-WHO ! Whatta D!#% !

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown11 dager siden

    This is amazing. Daltrey is a fantastic foil here.

  • hinge berr
    hinge berr12 dager siden

    Sir Noddy Holder 😄😄

  • delphiproductions
    delphiproductions13 dager siden

    well this was funny...

  • archer onfoot
    archer onfoot15 dager siden

    Imagine if he had got hold of Princess Anne - Oh the possibilties!

  • Jules Wombat
    Jules Wombat15 dager siden

    Roger looks pretty heathly and young. Obviously his Rock and Roll performance is keeping him pretty fit. Class act.

  • BillyFreethought
    BillyFreethought15 dager siden

    Brilliant this

  • Lee harry enty
    Lee harry enty18 dager siden

    Excellent, you get it or you don't. I did 🤣 every credit to Roger for doing this👍

  • dajazman2k
    dajazman2k20 dager siden

    This was the actual peak of Partridge writing.

  • Nightime Rmx
    Nightime Rmx22 dager siden

    who are you, who who...who who

  • doug peters
    doug peters23 dager siden

    "you must've been devastated by the advent of the cordless microphone" I'm dead.

  • Lord Elpus
    Lord Elpus24 dager siden

    A pot of tea.

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris24 dager siden

    This is gold

  • John Springate
    John Springate25 dager siden

    Im not too sure if Roger is actually enjoying the piss-take bless-its very similar to what Ali-G would have done

  • Nick N
    Nick N25 dager siden

    Brilliant - loved the phone bleeping when Roger finally gets the "charity plug" in 😂🤣💕

  • Graham Wing
    Graham Wing25 dager siden

    Fabulouso 👍

  • mr vesuvius
    mr vesuvius26 dager siden

    Fantastic 😂

  • Timberwright Svs
    Timberwright Svs27 dager siden

    Great job, Roger. Putting up with Coogan's best shite for that long, at age 60 no less, is rather amazing.

  • Tim Fleming
    Tim Fleming27 dager siden

    Can't Believe Roger didn't Punch this Moron !!!

  • Robert Bernstein
    Robert Bernstein27 dager siden

    This guy Alan is a dick. Let him plug the charity. It's much more important then his stupid questions. The hell with keying his car, I would have stolen it.

  • Chris Mooney
    Chris Mooney28 dager siden

    I like to think he grew the goatee, because he knew he was meeting Roger Daltrey, and wanted to look rock and roll

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett29 dager siden

    Roger Waters next wk that's the big one! Hah.. Brilliant spoof stuff..

  • Jeremy Bishton
    Jeremy Bishton29 dager siden

    pneumonia has a p in it

  • Scott Ward
    Scott WardMåned siden

    Daltrey is an absolute diamond geezer by all accounts!

  • Ricky J
    Ricky JMåned siden

    Don't get fooled again

  • Neil Moore
    Neil MooreMåned siden

    “Height. Does it bother you”?

  • Neil Moore
    Neil MooreMåned siden

    One of Alan’s most “ offensive” interviews. Comedy gold. Daltrey played it well though. “ Who the fuck are you?”

  • Neil Moore
    Neil MooreMåned siden

    Steve Coogan. Absolute comedy genius Roger. Legend.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch StantonMåned siden

    The image of John McVicar selling pirate DVDs at a car boot sale will stay with me 😁

  • Sidd James
    Sidd JamesMåned siden

    Partridge at his best

  • Henry Fitch
    Henry FitchMåned siden

    Roger Daltrey is a guy who looks much better the older he got. When he grew his hair in the 1960s, we suddenly realised what a god he was.

  • Henry Fitch
    Henry FitchMåned siden

    Roger Daltrey is a guy who looks much better the older he got. When he grew his hair in the 1960s, we suddenly realised what a god he was.

  • Alan Scott
    Alan ScottMåned siden

    Roger in real life would have put him in hospital....

  • Quantum Jet
    Quantum JetMåned siden

    Excellent. Coogan's always amazing but hats off to Mr D for playing his part.

    PETE DUNNMåned siden

    Daltrey is brill in this. He was actually a really good actor and it shows!

  • Poorly Wrtten Reviews
    Poorly Wrtten ReviewsMåned siden

    I had childhood cancer and met Roger, he was one of the greatest men I've ever met and I was blessed to join him on stage with Jonny Marr and Paul Weller

  • James McGregor

    James McGregor

    12 dager siden

    Class ...🙌

  • Squirrel Attackspidy
    Squirrel AttackspidyMåned siden

    Roger freaking Daltrey. Wow. I saw The Who back in concert with the original members. Roger was getting up there but man, he was still in great shape and had incredible stamina on stage. Awkward interview. Almost thought this was some kind of Monty Python sketch.

  • Steve Christie

    Steve Christie

    28 dager siden


  • Shspurs1
    Shspurs1Måned siden

    There is some complete idiots in the world especially in ENGLAND/UK. Who actually think Ricky Gravies is funnier than Steve Coogan.

  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

    Måned siden

    Who's Ricky Gravies?

  • Living Legend
    Living LegendMåned siden

    “I met her selling raffle tickets for a Maserati at Gatwick airport, she said she’s 49. I think she’s lying”.

  • Michael Galvin
    Michael GalvinMåned siden

    Daltrey was a good sport to do this skit. A real coup for Steve Coogan. I'm still wondering why Roger would bother. Must be a fan of Partridge.

  • hinge berr

    hinge berr

    12 dager siden

    @Graham B well said mate 👏👏👏👏

  • Graham B

    Graham B

    13 dager siden

    He did it for the teenage cancer trust and should be lauded for it

  • Paul A
    Paul AMåned siden

    1944?!? he looks way too young!

  • charlie s
    charlie sMåned siden

    at 8.32 I swear he turns into Saxondale

  • David Armstrong
    David ArmstrongMåned siden

    ''He died of pneumonia, and of course what people forget is that 'pneumonia' has a 'p' in it...''

  • Steve Ross
    Steve RossMåned siden

    Reminds me so much of Richard Madely......

  • Snoo Lee
    Snoo LeeMåned siden

    Love Daltrey, what a great great man. I am so glad that he and his art are in my life. I think he is the true soul of The Who.

  • GregOrCreg
    GregOrCregMåned siden

    Who'd have thought that Daltrey would have ended up appearing on GB News before Partridge?

  • The Original Chefboyoboy
    The Original ChefboyoboyMåned siden

    Born in The Hammer-smith!!!

  • MusicFanatical1
    MusicFanatical1Måned siden

    Kudos to Daltrey for playing it completely straight so well.

  • Atlas Cedar
    Atlas CedarMåned siden

    Good evening and welcome to GB News!!

  • tom surrey
    tom surreyMåned siden

    This is one of the reason why I NEVER watch this PRICK!

  • Blacktooth Fox
    Blacktooth FoxMåned siden

    Alan is the consummate professional

  • jerry janik
    jerry janikMåned siden

    Who who who who who are you

  • James Atkinson
    James AtkinsonMåned siden

    Never even knew this existed but glad to find it. Daltrey was a good sport. Is this the only time Alan has any facial hair [except for his tash in KMKY episode 5]? Doesn't look right somehow!

  • Noel James
    Noel JamesMåned siden

    How dare Roger Daltrey look so young!

  • Ministryof Sillywalks
    Ministryof SillywalksMåned siden

    Spooning her in front of newsnight 😆

  • Adam Powell
    Adam PowellMåned siden

    Wonderful performance from Daltrey...playing comedy straight.

  • DG TV
    DG TVMåned siden

    Would really like to see the outtakes to this 😂

  • George Fairbrother
    George FairbrotherMåned siden

    You must have been devastated by the advent of the cordless microphone.... :)))

  • barry may
    barry mayMåned siden

    “’ve got cancer...” 😂😂😂

  • Ch Martin
    Ch MartinMåned siden

    Amazing how he didn't crack up is unbelievable.

  • glenn oc
    glenn ocMåned siden

    Was Roger 61 here?

  • glenn oc

    glenn oc

    Måned siden

    @Jim bob Walton well the skit was in 2005 and he's 77 now.

  • T Man
    T ManMåned siden

    Brilliant ending

  • T Man
    T ManMåned siden

    Brilliant acting by two great actors

  • Paddy T
    Paddy TMåned siden

    Jeebus he is 78 now.. So young looking

  • Jamie Lawrence
    Jamie LawrenceMåned siden

    David Brent meets Between Two Ferns 😂

  • Flying Hedgehog
    Flying HedgehogMåned siden

    Any issue with the height? Lol

  • kat smith
    kat smithMåned siden


  • Sports
    Sports2 måneder siden

    Fate dealt the young Roger a cruel blow

  • Brownie
    Brownie2 måneder siden

    What an awful interviewer!! Made it all about himself rather than Roger

  • UnjustifiedRecs
    UnjustifiedRecs2 måneder siden

    As others have said, I'm a partridgophile and thought I'd seen it all, but not this, it's exquisite, Partridge as his absolute peak here haha.

  • John Ayres
    John Ayres2 måneder siden

    There are David Brent moments in this interview.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Monkey Tennis

    2 måneder siden


  • Jake Bond
    Jake Bond2 måneder siden

    The Barron Knights aren't even real Barons.

  • Sports
    Sports2 måneder siden

    Fencing pirate DVDs

  • atomic critter
    atomic critter2 måneder siden

    The image of Dave Gilmour keying a car is forever in my mind

  • Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison

    2 måneder siden

    He scratched "horse face" onto Roger Waters' car.

  • bmt33


    2 måneder siden

    That wouldn’t of been David...

  • C Synch
    C Synch2 måneder siden

    Roger at times coming dangerously close to blowing his cover, particularly with APs mention of cordless mics.

  • Dal Eale
    Dal Eale2 måneder siden

    Daltrys brilliant in this.

  • lemmy
    lemmy2 måneder siden

    Roger daltrys face tho brilliant 😀😀how have I not seen this gem .

  • Wesker
    Wesker2 måneder siden


  • Benoit Chapman
    Benoit Chapman2 måneder siden

    Pneumonia has a p in it

  • Chris Lawrence
    Chris Lawrence2 måneder siden

    WHY have i never seen this

  • Suspended Anima
    Suspended Anima2 måneder siden

    Possibly the best music interview ever - Partridge should be working for Rolling Stone 😂

  • Brian Kish
    Brian Kish2 måneder siden

    Imagine Partridge vs. Jiminy Glick..

  • Ged Rooney
    Ged Rooney3 måneder siden

    A whiff of Saxondale in this gem

  • Barnaby Hughes
    Barnaby Hughes3 måneder siden

    Very, very funny........So where is the interview with Roger Waters??????

  • Andy Woods
    Andy Woods3 måneder siden

    “Ferret down the trousers.” Lmao

  • Foodylox
    Foodylox3 måneder siden

    I enjoyed this but Coogan is being far more David Brent than Alan Partridge here.

  • Foodylox


    Måned siden

    @Liam Thomas That's true but they are different characters and I feel that Coogan is acting more like Brent than Partridge during much of this performance. I love both creations BTW. :-)

  • Liam Thomas

    Liam Thomas

    Måned siden

    Brent came after Partridge though

  • Monkey Tennis

    Monkey Tennis

    2 måneder siden


  • Trippingly . net

    Trippingly . net

    3 måneder siden

    I've always thought the same thing, and you're the first to make that comment.

  • Silent Witness
    Silent Witness4 måneder siden

    I went to Africa in 1985; not help out, just to see the animals.

  • Kristin Newman
    Kristin Newman4 måneder siden

    Happy birthday, Roger!

  • BFB-DanceySteve
    BFB-DanceySteve5 måneder siden

    She's 49,but I think she's lying...

  • Jacob O'S
    Jacob O'S5 måneder siden

    ‘Rock shoes’ 😆

  • Ignoble Surfer
    Ignoble Surfer5 måneder siden

    Steak and eggs at Garfunkels. Ended up spooning her watching Newsnight.

  • 45RPMsinglesbyMikeEvans
    45RPMsinglesbyMikeEvans5 måneder siden


  • SpaceGhost
    SpaceGhost5 måneder siden

    It's amazing that there are people in the comments that think this is a real legit interview.

  • hassinator 69

    hassinator 69

    Måned siden

    is that you crack forest?

  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    2 måneder siden

    @Nick Wyatt They're into American things...

  • Nick Wyatt

    Nick Wyatt

    2 måneder siden

    I'm not sure how well Alan is known in good old Uncle Sam of Stateside USA...

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying Mantis5 måneder siden

    As that tennis player would shout... You Can Not be Serious!

  • Russell Jones
    Russell Jones5 måneder siden

    Roger Daltrey is one guy who is absolutely awesome bloke

  • CGI50 50
    CGI50 505 måneder siden

    I have never heard Alan sound quite so Richard Madeley , its uncanny at moments .... 1.32 3.42 ....

  • Dg 27
    Dg 276 måneder siden

    iv just been sick LAUGHING

  • Dg 27
    Dg 276 måneder siden

    amazing alan lives f funny roger looks good