2021 Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG E63S // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & Track Review


Do you need to go 0-60 in under 4 seconds while having a full Costco shop in the trunk? Watch Thomas and James take the all-new 2021 Audi RS6 ($129,450 CAD) and the Mercedes-AMG E63s ($136,000 CAD) down the Throttle House quarter mile, around the track and on the road. Both cars have twin-turbo V8’s, AWD, and around 600 horsepower but which one takes the title of the best wagon? SUBSCRIBE!
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Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes.
Thank you to PJ @PJsautospa and Slav @ec_slav for lending us their cars!
Visit Michelin Canada's page here! bit.ly/3noa2Kr
And to the legends @ceramicpro_vaughan for helping to facilitate this video
Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev
Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • Cristian Casanova
    Cristian CasanovaDag siden

    Trackhawk still the ultimate family hauler

  • Ricardo Correia
    Ricardo CorreiaDag siden

    Muito bom, sem dúvida a RS seria a minha preferência...😊 review from Portugal💪💪

  • nanaking8585
    nanaking85853 dager siden

    I only got 2 words to say ~ *German Machines*

  • deno66666
    deno666663 dager siden

    don't blame the car ,, its the driver lol

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao4 dager siden

    You guys are liars.

  • Baljeet Singh-Raud
    Baljeet Singh-Raud5 dager siden

    Imagine turning ur car😂😂😂😂

  • Baljeet Singh-Raud
    Baljeet Singh-Raud5 dager siden

    Merc all day everyday

  • Gian-Luca Nardini
    Gian-Luca Nardini6 dager siden

    🤣 "testosterone" 🤣👏🏻

  • Speed Republic
    Speed Republic6 dager siden

    Great video, Eurocharged are claiming 800bhp and 900lb ft of torque from a simple remap or tune alone? with no hardware? no chance. Even WITH a set up downpipes to take it to 'stage 2' i doubt it would make those figures lol.. Surely that is an error in the video or a complete over claim by Eurocharged.

  • Elnur Guliyev
    Elnur Guliyev7 dager siden

    RS6 C8 Best!!!

  • Stang
    Stang7 dager siden

    Mom and Dad are in the front comfortably drifting around turns as the seat adjusts and hugs them. Meanwhile, the kids in the back: 😞😥😫😱😭😵

  • 3xoticG4m3r
    3xoticG4m3r7 dager siden

    I am a mercedes guy but damn that rs6 looks good from the outside. The dashboard and interior not so much as the e63s but from looks i would still go for the rs6 i think

  • Florian Kainberger
    Florian Kainberger7 dager siden

    Fun fact: you can buy a 2018 E63s with 50k km for 60k€

  • RightToArms
    RightToArms8 dager siden

    If I gave you a $100k+ vehicle for your video, I'd appreciate more than a literal 1 sec or less plug.

    KAIRO POTTER8 dager siden

    you guys are amazing by the way could you do a 1975 sting ray corvette my fav car?

  • Per Johansson
    Per Johansson9 dager siden

    The colour of the Audi is f-n gross😛

  • Raymond Adams
    Raymond Adams9 dager siden

    The wind changed 😂😂

  • Drew Grimes
    Drew Grimes9 dager siden

    I'm today days old finding this channel. New sub. My money is on Audi.

  • Londani nemaguvhuni
    Londani nemaguvhuni10 dager siden

    Team Mercedes

  • Veyronp87
    Veyronp8713 dager siden

    E63s no contest. this latest RS6 is barely an improvement over the old one. real disappointment

  • Xander Underwood's
    Xander Underwood's14 dager siden

    Fucking Awesome 😎🏁🇩🇪

  • Christopher Claure
    Christopher Claure15 dager siden

    This dialogue is so corny. The show is like buying a bootleg version top gear. It's embarrassing how hard they try to mimic the show. Please be creative and make your own original style of dialogue. I'm just watching this for the vehicles.

  • Fredrico Costa
    Fredrico Costa16 dager siden

    Merc all the way. Audi is a jumped up VW.

  • Marc Monsonego
    Marc Monsonego17 dager siden

    U should race a Tesla as well

  • Mitchell Nebrosky
    Mitchell Nebrosky17 dager siden

    That Audi grey is flawless

  • Cancel-That-Bitch
    Cancel-That-Bitch17 dager siden

    All this means nothing to me ....It's Still the E class all day, It's the most cofy car i've had anyway.....👍

  • Wayne Atherton
    Wayne Atherton18 dager siden

    New M3 will destroy both mind you.

  • redbaronlast
    redbaronlast18 dager siden

    To me this was just the best E63s commercial :D

  • Google Account
    Google Account19 dager siden

    Audi's response to drift mode is the most Audi thing I've ever heard.

  • Jx Glenn
    Jx Glenn19 dager siden

    Reminds me of starcraft 2. Terrans vs Zerg. Audi is the futuristic/robotic looking, Mercedes is looking organic. I love the E63 coupe but the wagon is just ugly. I'd go with the audi any day.

  • ••• xD35P153x •••
    ••• xD35P153x •••20 dager siden

    The matte grey E63 looks better than that Nardo grey RS6 all day but the Audi wins the looks contest here. I mean pink trim? Really guys this isn't your wife's AMG. I think everyone has seen the MBZ wagon and it doesn't spark as much excitement as the RS6 Avant which people have waiting for. Practicality wise though with the low slung roof line isn't going to be as comfortable to sit in or carry as much cargo. But c'mon it's about going stupid fast and anyone would be lucky to drive either of these monsters. On a personal note I'd have the AMG in a heartbeat and throw a Renntech tune at it to silence the Audi tuned crowd.

  • Mashin Land
    Mashin Land20 dager siden

    I doubt there's anyone on NOprojects who can make intros as good as you guys. You are equal to @mr.mobile in tech world, he is better though,,

  • Mj
    Mj21 dag siden

    I mean. Just look at the Audi compared to the Mercedes. The Audi beats it in look any fucking day. The rs6 is just amazing! Also. The guy in the car with the pink “details” talks about bad looks 😂 stop it

  • 有时真忍不住笑
    有时真忍不住笑22 dager siden

    The front end of Audi looks so ugly

  • Shqiprim Asllani
    Shqiprim Asllani22 dager siden

    Thought the RS6 is going to do a back flip.. thats insane for real

  • hans peter
    hans peter23 dager siden

    these must be the best every day cars

  • Quinns Finest
    Quinns Finest23 dager siden

    The whole vid and me 21:15 : OOhhhhh yeaaahhh Really love u guys keep doing :D

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones23 dager siden

    The merc just outclassed the audi

  • jacques louw
    jacques louw24 dager siden

    Great show. The background music is terrible though.

  • King Kizzy
    King Kizzy24 dager siden

    Why y'all even using this E63s when there's a sedan😒🚶‍♂️

  • Granite Landis
    Granite Landis24 dager siden

    The E63s looks way more like a sleeper which I think is super cool.

  • sciroccoR
    sciroccoR25 dager siden

    yeah, i know it's not super pertinent; but, it's really nice to hear proper spoken English on NOprojects. I love this video, also. I have a 2007 E63 (normally aspirated) "estate." i love it. 14 years later, there are advances. i know. "drift mode"--why? for show offs. still, i love this video. i love the idea of "no drift mode...it's not fast." it's a flat out stupid waste of tires. YES! a real engineer in charge at Audi.

  • TheJimmySerious
    TheJimmySerious25 dager siden

    both cars are normal german family wagons to drive fast on german highways. Anyhow both cars are the last combustion engines models. After that only electirc sportswagons will come.

  • Montana Sananikone
    Montana Sananikone26 dager siden

    OMG wonderfull

  • kalel099
    kalel09926 dager siden

    visually, the Audi is just that much better

  • Dustin Pettiecord
    Dustin Pettiecord26 dager siden

    Just entered the Omaze donation for the Audi RS6 Avant. It is by far my favorite vehicle to ever be made. I entered because I recently had my car in a fairly bad accident and it continues to have issues. Having the car of my dreams would be the greatest thing ever. I’ve always had a big passion for wagons. However, if any of my donations don’t lead to getting anything from the sweepstakes, at least they all go towards a good cause. Throttle House is absolutely my favorite channel to watch on NOprojects for everything I need to know about cars. I am a huge car person and I have a huge passion for cars. Keep up the awesome quality content you guys bring! I love seeing y’all’s videos and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every single video you guys have ever published.

  • freddie Bantu
    freddie Bantu26 dager siden

    Didn't expect that.

  • David T
    David T27 dager siden

    130k for a car that already has two defective headlights. unbelievably unimpressive. "the best or nothing" what a joke. I'll take the Audi.

  • Chicago UI
    Chicago UI27 dager siden


  • Chicago UI
    Chicago UI27 dager siden

    I’m glad the RS6 doesn’t look like a Passat like the A4

  • Demetry Koretskiy
    Demetry Koretskiy27 dager siden

    The Audi DOES look much better

  • MrNobodycares100
    MrNobodycares10027 dager siden

    Those Mercedes look like mehh

  • Sparky UK
    Sparky UK27 dager siden

    Another great video, but sorry Thomas, the Audi looks a ton better. Much more muscular and mean.

  • Orcin Soya
    Orcin Soya27 dager siden

    When your take the e63 s than take audi rs 6 (R) not rs 6

  • Veer Kolbaker
    Veer Kolbaker28 dager siden

    Audi rs6 I'd my favorite all the way I'm not a fan of e63s but I love the c63s

  • Ranch Valentine
    Ranch Valentine28 dager siden

    It's silly to race an AMG-R vs. a regualr RS, versus what the race should be and RS6-R.....

  • PO1NT BY
    PO1NT BY29 dager siden

    The Vanilla Ice, pink accents on the Merc absolutely ruin the car.

  • Aaron Stark
    Aaron Stark29 dager siden

    Renntech the mercedes

    PASH1ON29 dager siden

    Ill laugh in Audi

  • Adriano Gomes
    Adriano Gomes29 dager siden

    He almost did a wheelie 🤣🤣

  • zaidssab
    zaidssabMåned siden

    new rs6 slowest car in its class from setting standards to following standards watch the drag race also @carwow including M5

  • Edwin Wanzala
    Edwin WanzalaMåned siden

    Hi guys, I love your video honestly. Just out of curiosity, do you guys act? You know the movies,you are hilarious 😂😂😂 Mate I reckon comedy is a shot ya'll shoot 😅😅😅

  • corum73
    corum73Måned siden

    if you want an equal comparaison, try the E63 without S. Audi don’t have RS +

  • Rob Campbell
    Rob CampbellMåned siden

    Picturing the folks who thumb down these videos to look like 80yo stodgy old facts with no sense of humor

  • deejay dokebi
    deejay dokebiMåned siden

    Any of you fan of SNL? "And I'm James!!!!" Does that not sound like "I'm Eric!!" No hate, just think that they be doing you wrong James!! love this channel btw

  • Sefa BS ツ
    Sefa BS ツMåned siden

    Mercedes 👌😎👑

  • Chris Crapo
    Chris CrapoMåned siden

    The able jute topologically slap because galley actually dislike next a extra-large extra-small exuberant passenger. determined, able david

  • Imran Shah
    Imran ShahMåned siden

    BANGIN!!! You crazy smart hilarious nutjobs!!! I freakin love you's!!! One of the best videos ever!!! For me the Audi hands down!!! But I am buying the CLA shooting brake because you man's need to get me a new job!!! Da Benz is sik tho in skid mode! I want them both!!!! Arrrgggghhh!!! 🦂

  • J W
    J WMåned siden

    Well you guys are lucky that it only costs well over a 100 grand. Here in the Netherlands the as of price is 180 grand

  • AlphaKing Tv
    AlphaKing TvMåned siden

    wow now I really want a RS6 the potential it has is crazy

  • Rohan Alias
    Rohan AliasMåned siden

    Usually I prefer mercs over Audi's but this rs6 is just ❤️

  • Amal Anil
    Amal AnilMåned siden

    Suddenly m5comp passes them

  • MitchOnYouTube
    MitchOnYouTubeMåned siden

    Honestly for the price of 3 Subaru Outback XTs on of these are totally worth it

  • Adrian Grigore
    Adrian GrigoreMåned siden

    Those yellow turn lights look like sh"t, glad I don't live in the states

  • Alex Sverige
    Alex SverigeMåned siden

    I am sorry Audi but every body knows that you are second best... Mercedes its the king of the road.

  • Mindaugas Dekeris
    Mindaugas DekerisMåned siden

    RS6 is way better looking car, I know looks are subjective but cmon. Does someone really prefer the looks of Mercedes?

  • SuperB63AMG
    SuperB63AMGMåned siden

    AMG! Respect!💪

  • Da Liu
    Da LiuMåned siden

    The heavenly heavy hellish beast inherently pedal because check quantitatively suggest atop a brave politician. legal, annoying sheep

  • Rich Murray
    Rich MurrayMåned siden

    Good god I want that RS

  • Daniel treeworker Nordin
    Daniel treeworker NordinMåned siden

    The end made me so sad, but i think he predicted the right future, this cars may be the last och the high HP full petrol non speed limit cars ever been built for the normal people. Soon we got all electric, self driving speedlimited transportstion machines.

  • \\/\//
    \\/\//Måned siden

    E63 looks like a minivan. Audi..... drool...

  • XJ_X98
    XJ_X98Måned siden


  • Sony Black
    Sony BlackMåned siden

    That amg looks like a buried auto

  • BigBagOfFrikenAirFak
    BigBagOfFrikenAirFakMåned siden

    I don’t understand why people compare cars on a track. 99.9999 percent of people don’t race on a damn track to determine if they want to buy a car.

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael BennettMåned siden

    Peasant Audi fans (second hand a1/a3 drivers) making bs excuses about how their car is “faster around corners”

  • Haddi Amine
    Haddi AmineMåned siden

    الأهم اصل سيارات المانية وكل مفيها من تكنولوجيا الماني

  • Asparoth
    AsparothMåned siden

    Nice to see the e63 is still faster But they cannot be compared. The e63s is for people who don't want to show off their wealth all the time, the RS6 is a "wow" car. The RS6 looks cooler, but i'd still prefer the Mercedes because it is just more classy and faster when it needs to be. The e63s might not be the fastest wagon for long anymore btw, because they are going for 2l v6 due to europe's stupid environmental rules

  • LaMont J.
    LaMont J.Måned siden


  • Johnny Parker
    Johnny ParkerMåned siden

    A tuned Audi is like a ribeye with BBQ sauce

  • Damien Lee
    Damien LeeMåned siden

    Kind of sad to see BMW missing out on all the fun.

  • jenag jrjc
    jenag jrjcMåned siden

    im sorry but didnt even care much for the e63 cant get past the rs6 clear winner once a rs performance version is out

  • Christian Bellamy
    Christian BellamyMåned siden

    I was about to say...he can't drive if he didn't beat that Benz..ok he didn't do laugh mode! ..

  • Channel Monkeys Toss
    Channel Monkeys TossMåned siden

    Mercedes AMG E63S in my opinion is a Monster Car is much better, because the Mercedes for me is the top brand car in the world

  • progress is beautiful
    progress is beautifulMåned siden

    E63S is so much special to me. I don’t get the looks of RS6. It’s like big bull. No flare, no charm, just a beast that goes fast.

  • Sohom Mallick
    Sohom MallickMåned siden

    Audi RS6 ❤️🔥

  • Dorian Mode
    Dorian ModeMåned siden

    Nice pink trim

  • nt242
    nt242Måned siden

    Here in the UK E63s 612bhp, non S version is 603bhp, which wasn't avaliable with facelift version, only S version since. I currently own one E63s Estate and everytime I drive, I say to myself why didn't I get this car earlier.

  • Kaleb Bird
    Kaleb BirdMåned siden

    how does one get into this sort of business?

  • Da_ Nick_
    Da_ Nick_Måned siden

    In my opinion the rs6 is the ultimate fam wagon. Basically a supercar in a more family friendly package

  • genci mici
    genci miciMåned siden

    Amg it's beautiful bro.😉😉