10 Most SHOCKING REVEALS On The Masked Singer EVER!


What's Hot: @The Masked Singer Shocking Reveals | Episode 48 | Talent Recap
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Sun: noprojects.info/camera/video/o61qbrKPnHyMo60
Popcorn: noprojects.info/camera/video/xZOuqKmYeoeio4s
Snow Owls: noprojects.info/camera/video/xMeXh9WfgZisoI8
Crocodile: noprojects.info/camera/video/r9OPnrKgaHenhXs
Whatchamacallit: noprojects.info/camera/video/t9WXlp5qop-Xen8
Jellyfish: noprojects.info/camera/video/mrehl7uylpOlZ4s
Broccoli: noprojects.info/camera/video/q69qiZysmmKBfp0
Seahorse: noprojects.info/camera/video/mbagr7Cnn4CTnX8
Mushroom: noprojects.info/camera/video/mK2Zgtekb5N5h6E
Kangaroo: noprojects.info/camera/video/tceMf6eKnqmqln8
White Tiger: noprojects.info/camera/video/qcWpapabeoakZmo
Frog: noprojects.info/camera/video/uOCpp79vn2Sehmo
Taco: noprojects.info/camera/video/k7qlq7CjeYiLooM
Banana: noprojects.info/camera/video/lbOjlpmEf6SigYs
T-Rex: noprojects.info/camera/video/1q-AYt2caodpl4M
Night Angel: noprojects.info/camera/video/2N-Bn8-aZJxqY3c
Rhino: noprojects.info/camera/video/zpl7ftKqipl8hYc
Kitty: noprojects.info/camera/video/jt-fp9Ote59ha5k
Thingamagig: noprojects.info/camera/video/2Jmfdr6Irp6prHc
Flamingo & Flower: noprojects.info/camera/video/wr-HaNqweXp4naU
Butterfly & Rottweiler: noprojects.info/camera/video/0KdurdmpkKOmlak
Leopard: noprojects.info/camera/video/y8ekerdwrJ-WgIc
Penguin: noprojects.info/camera/video/09ymfM6dpmV5qoc
Black Widow & Skeleton: noprojects.info/camera/video/pKxwedSniad2iYM
Ladybug: noprojects.info/camera/video/zLaZnK6IZ3Vho50
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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Also joining the panel this year is afresh face - award-winning actress and model Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
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  • Ivan Ceja
    Ivan CejaDag siden

    I guess you forgot about Gladys Knight.

  • Amir Hosein Khanmohammadi
    Amir Hosein Khanmohammadi4 dager siden

    No narration needed :/

  • Michelle .C
    Michelle .C8 dager siden

    I think Daughtry should have been on the list !!!!!!

  • Jo Smithers
    Jo Smithers10 dager siden

    Hon Lil Wayne IS NOT the biggest star on this show. See LaBelle, Patti

  • Melinda Feliciano
    Melinda Feliciano11 dager siden

    I think the kitty was surprising, she was a tough one to crack

  • Thomb'z Pugh
    Thomb'z Pugh15 dager siden

    Rottweiler/chris doughtry is the one who shock me when it reveals 👍👍👍👍

  • Sam C.
    Sam C.18 dager siden

    Kermit the frog!!!!

  • Donald Holder*Doc*
    Donald Holder*Doc*19 dager siden

    As far as plain shock thatvshed put herself through the it is gotta be Gov Palin as the most shocking. After her I pick Kitty. Talk about totally redoing her whole existence as a kid superstar and Opera singer.

  • EverlastingGlory BMC
    EverlastingGlory BMC22 dager siden

    Where's ma boy Oladipo

  • david kline
    david kline22 dager siden

    Chris Daughtry none of the judges guessed , rotwiler should of been on this list js

  • Becky Weiss
    Becky Weiss24 dager siden

    Tbh it’s funny that Sarah Palin did the show as a middle finger to “the haters.” That’s because I myself can’t stand her *however* she legit delighted me being on the show. While I can’t stand her because of the policies she represents, it’s nice to see she’s actually capable of doing something that brings her to a more relatable (and dare I say humane) level. In retrospect there were some pretty strong clues. Like the paper mache style elephants on the wall.

  • TheRageOf JT
    TheRageOf JT27 dager siden

    That's funny because when you were asking you probably don't know this guy Ninja, I was wondering who the hell is this girl. But it's not what you said it's how you said it. Kind of shallow.

  • rose king
    rose kingMåned siden

    I think that i like it

  • Zazzy K
    Zazzy KMåned siden

    What about Kermit the frog and Logan Paul peps? They should do a new one after season five is over

  • Imac M
    Imac MMåned siden

    Ninja be more followed than almost all of these contestants

  • David Kaplan
    David KaplanMåned siden

    Wheres logan

  • OtreeD 23
    OtreeD 23Måned siden

    No1 everr really knew t-pains voice

  • Loswoowoo
    LoswoowooMåned siden

    Put some respect in ninja at least top three most known on the list

  • Terminator ProGaming
    Terminator ProGamingMåned siden

    The commentary is annoying af

  • Michelle Krout
    Michelle KroutMåned siden

    Teletubbies is more captivating than this garbage

  • Scrub
    ScrubMåned siden

    This chick will not shut up

  • Cytromancer 16
    Cytromancer 16Måned siden

    Now Kermit takes the cake as best reveal ever

  • louis paul
    louis paulMåned siden

    Amazng lets go totye beach beach letgo get away

  • Sammie J.
    Sammie J.Måned siden

    "Dr. Drew!!" Ken: 👁👄👁❕

  • Nightmare. ツ
    Nightmare. ツMåned siden

    The giraffe should’ve had the giraffe mask on from toys R us under the real mask it would’ve been amazing

  • Scorbunny Star Alicia
    Scorbunny Star AliciaMåned siden

    I would say after Kermit.... this feels like nothing lmao 😂

  • Michelle DiPalo

    Michelle DiPalo

    Måned siden

    @Penelope Playz Ok. Was just letting you know so that you wouldn't be let down when he wasn't on here. That's all. Meant no offense.

  • Penelope Playz

    Penelope Playz

    Måned siden

    @Michelle DiPalo I do not keep track of time sheesh

  • Michelle DiPalo

    Michelle DiPalo

    Måned siden

    @Penelope Playz This was 3 months ago before the current season.

  • Leandro Rodrigues

    Leandro Rodrigues

    Måned siden

    LOL kermit should be on this list😅

  • Penelope Playz

    Penelope Playz

    Måned siden

    Same, i just finished watching the kermit unmasking...... im still in the beginning but if kermit is NOT in here, Im not watching it...

  • James Hart
    James HartMåned siden

    So cringey I hate this show with a passion

    MALACHI NORRISMåned siden

    For me the biggest shocking one was season 1 “Alien” wow, such a big star on season 1?

  • Kayleigh Mclain
    Kayleigh MclainMåned siden

    Where’s Kermit the frog?

  • Leah Mac • 10 years ago
    Leah Mac • 10 years agoMåned siden


  • SmartPokemonYT
    SmartPokemonYTMåned siden

    Add Kermit to the list

  • #J All
    #J All2 måneder siden

    Kermit should be put in after last night

  • Dave Rios
    Dave Rios2 måneder siden

    but show them singing, what did they sang????

  • athena cardenas
    athena cardenas2 måneder siden

    Her posture is really awkward or the camera position is.

  • Arnie Calang
    Arnie Calang2 måneder siden

    “Reminiscent of his skateboarding days” EXCUSE ME?!

  • Amy Longmire
    Amy Longmire2 måneder siden

    most shocking gremlin

  • Gaming Vibes
    Gaming Vibes2 måneder siden




    Måned siden


  • Codie 623
    Codie 6232 måneder siden

    i remember being shoked at the t-rex

  • Hemerson Tabora
    Hemerson Tabora2 måneder siden

    ninja is the best

  • zizou
    zizou2 måneder siden

    She breaks the balls to talk to caque once

  • Nick Marsico
    Nick Marsico2 måneder siden

    This girl lives under the biggest rock in the world

  • Lexamania
    Lexamania2 måneder siden

    Tbh the Bear was never shocking. Sarah Palin looooves Donald Trump. Does that change your mind? 😏

  • Dumpster Fire
    Dumpster Fire2 måneder siden

    me watching this and not knowing half of these people

  • xxRandomDutchyxx
    xxRandomDutchyxx3 måneder siden

    who else skipped the What'sHot pieces

  • Sarah The Terminator
    Sarah The Terminator3 måneder siden

    Rumer was amazing omg

  • Tarchine Cook

    Tarchine Cook

    Måned siden

    Yes she is...I knew who she was the moment she walked out and when she started to sing... I got so excited I jumped up screaming that's Rumer Willis I scared my daughter who was watching it with me okay.. She said you think you know everyone...I said I just recently heard her sing when she played Tory Ash on Empire

  • jetfire1153red
    jetfire1153red3 måneder siden

    no. 10 - no. 6 weren't well known for being able to sing and before anyone says I'm wrong about no. 10, she was better known as an actress than she was a singer that's why the panel had no idea it was her.

  • Shay Cluxton
    Shay Cluxton3 måneder siden

    What about kitty? She shocked everyone

  • KittyVille
    KittyVille3 måneder siden

    Just watched this now, probably showing my age but I never would have known lil Wayne. Heard the name before but don't know him from jack shit! Lol

  • Breanna Smith
    Breanna Smith3 måneder siden

    why did the gremlin take it off by himself

  • Daniela Torres
    Daniela Torres3 måneder siden

    this is so funy lmao! i gotta watch this show

  • Carmen Kazandjian
    Carmen Kazandjian3 måneder siden


  • Carmen Kazandjian
    Carmen Kazandjian3 måneder siden


  • antony olivia
    antony olivia3 måneder siden

    Stop talking

  • Staci Ilisha Cohan

    Staci Ilisha Cohan

    2 måneder siden

    God , she is annoying as hell.

  • Gogy’s FinalExam
    Gogy’s FinalExam3 måneder siden

    Ninja should of done the Bon Bon dance in his song

  • Timothy Phillips
    Timothy Phillips3 måneder siden

    i didnt want your commentary

  • Agustin Sugando
    Agustin Sugando3 måneder siden

    Wheres Chrid Daughter

  • Amir Higher
    Amir Higher3 måneder siden

    What a great music!

  • Matías Quesada
    Matías Quesada3 måneder siden

    "People didn't know who Ninja was" If you really think this is the majority true you are dumb

  • B W
    B W3 måneder siden

    Why doesn't it say USA in the title? They aren't the only country with it. It originated in South Korea.

  • R D

    R D

    3 måneder siden

    @B W I'll take that as a no.

  • B W

    B W

    3 måneder siden

    @R D Shut up

  • R D

    R D

    3 måneder siden

    You should file a lawsuit and then let us know how it goes.

  • my weave
    my weave3 måneder siden

    I only knew Ninja-

  • Panda Q
    Panda Q3 måneder siden

    ninja didnt shock me at all

  • TheyLoveBrooke
    TheyLoveBrooke3 måneder siden

    ninja wasn’t even bad tho

  • Zero0
    Zero03 måneder siden

    Damn she’s B E A U T I F U L

  • Pacifix
    Pacifix3 måneder siden

    bruh thats not the masked singer thats the American version of the masked singer

  • Andy Johnson
    Andy Johnson3 måneder siden

    I watched the first season of the masked singer then I stoped watching the show. But, I’m now watching the masked dancer I wonder who the tulip is. Reply to this comment if you think you know.

  • Danay Morejon
    Danay Morejon4 måneder siden

    I don’t none of these people lol I expect fro Addison to be there

  • The JJJs

    The JJJs

    16 dager siden


  • louis paul

    louis paul

    Måned siden

    makes no sense/

  • gotosleep


    2 måneder siden

    @Levi Ackerman fr cause...

  • Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    2 måneder siden

    your probably 9 years old-

  • Blue Williams
    Blue Williams4 måneder siden

    Who is Ninja? Sorry?

  • Felix J Munoz
    Felix J Munoz4 måneder siden

    My fav one so far was bill Nye but I'm waiting for the tulip

  • XxSummerxX


    2 måneder siden

    @desiree__23 they’re saying Kenzie has a name, she’s not just “Maddie’s sister”

  • Felix J Munoz

    Felix J Munoz

    3 måneder siden

    @Katelynn Dixon so why you say no it not Maddie sister it Kenzie

  • desiree__23


    3 måneder siden

    @kaciwastaken no idea what you said

  • kaciwastaken


    3 måneder siden

    @desiree__23 she means me zoe should be defined as who he sister is 🙄

  • desiree__23


    3 måneder siden

    @Katelynn Dixon by your comment it doesn’t seem like you do

  • Toxicity
    Toxicity4 måneder siden

    Imagine Donald Trump Joins

  • Dooblebob
    Dooblebob4 måneder siden

    Bro I want this girl to shut up and let the video play she adds nothing

  • Milo Dex12
    Milo Dex124 måneder siden

    Kitty & Baby Alien should’ve been on the list

  • Erin Rose Basunillo
    Erin Rose Basunillo4 måneder siden

    If I watch any Ozzy Osborn movies ever again and Kelly Osborn is the daughter of Ozzy Osborn

  • Alliyah Rihanna Gaw
    Alliyah Rihanna Gaw4 måneder siden

    Who is tulip qwq

  • Mayor Mayo
    Mayor Mayo4 måneder siden

    I love the little roast with each reveal it’s super funny but I’m not sure if it’s suppose to be

  • JJ Mack
    JJ Mack4 måneder siden

    Her voice is so annoying!

  • Malaida Dimalen
    Malaida Dimalen4 måneder siden

    Maybe tulip is charli

  • Cathy Campbell
    Cathy Campbell4 måneder siden

    Why isn’t Jackie Evancho on the list? She had everyone completely fooled! Also, she’s very famous, youngest platinum winner ever!

  • BBBYpsi


    Måned siden

    Maybe but not nearly the shock factor as Ssrah Palin

  • Silvia Yotova

    Silvia Yotova

    4 måneder siden


  • Kyat D.S.
    Kyat D.S.4 måneder siden

    sarah is so pretty

  • Vinayak R B
    Vinayak R B4 måneder siden

    Hloo where can I watch this show

  • {Romy Gacha}
    {Romy Gacha}4 måneder siden

    Tulip ?? How is she ??

  • Arnella Brezovska
    Arnella Brezovska4 måneder siden

    Bruvvvv the lionnnnn thatssss copyrightingggg bruhhh

  • Namjoon, Kim.
    Namjoon, Kim.4 måneder siden

    she talks so SLOW

  • Mark Whales
    Mark Whales4 måneder siden

    they always shocked after they vote it for rejected hahahaha

  • Christian Concordia
    Christian Concordia4 måneder siden

    Bro ninja was the most popular person on the masked singer so far 😂

  • Temperance Brennan

    Temperance Brennan

    19 dager siden

    who is he?

  • Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia

    4 måneder siden

    lmao that’s funny

  • salp131
    salp1314 måneder siden

    If you’re a fan of Joey Contino, then the most shocking one on this list was eagle. (Like if you’re a fan of Joey Contino)

  • Cole McIntosh
    Cole McIntosh4 måneder siden

    Ninja having at 10s of millions of people knowing him getting some shade here. Lmao

  • Ridge Jonah

    Ridge Jonah

    13 dager siden

    @Rhys Skylar yea, been watching on flixzone for months myself :D

  • Rhys Skylar

    Rhys Skylar

    13 dager siden

    Pro trick: watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

  • Kaliah Rullan

    Kaliah Rullan

    3 måneder siden


  • Crack Vids Ok

    Crack Vids Ok

    4 måneder siden


  • jante engeseth
    jante engeseth4 måneder siden

    Ruined it with talking. shut up

  • Muffins VR
    Muffins VR4 måneder siden

    My boi Tyler blevins in the mask singer Go get em ninja

  • coolnessnesss
    coolnessnesss4 måneder siden

    I would it imagine it to be shocking during nearly every reveal since the majority of the singers are for lack of a better word "nobody" lol.

  • Gengar Crobat
    Gengar Crobat4 måneder siden

    Imagine saying Lil Wayne is bigger than Donny Osmond

  • Raphy Turtal
    Raphy Turtal4 måneder siden

    Ninja woah🥺🥺🥺

  • Jay Imler
    Jay Imler4 måneder siden

    I must be really out of touch with pop culture. I didn't know most of these until the host said their name, still didn't know 1 or 2

  • Kira Bilodeau
    Kira Bilodeau4 måneder siden

    Why are most of them from season 3?

  • Lucifa Lucifar
    Lucifa Lucifar4 måneder siden

    Lil wayne was shocking seriously

  • Bryson Yates
    Bryson Yates4 måneder siden

    what about ariana

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus4 måneder siden

    So are we going to talk about the baby alien

  • Dominic McIntosh
    Dominic McIntosh4 måneder siden

    What about llama that was shocking

  • Tim Costello
    Tim Costello4 måneder siden

    I literally have no idea who most of these people are lol

  • the unknown family

    the unknown family

    4 måneder siden


  • Ryan Doty
    Ryan Doty4 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who knew the robot was weezy? You can hear him clear as day... Almost as easy as the Dragon aka Busta

  • Makensi Nicholson
    Makensi Nicholson4 måneder siden

    Why did you not wait till the sun ???

  • Flying Stick Productions

    Flying Stick Productions

    4 måneder siden

    Cuz sun wasn't shocking. Almost everyone on the internet knew who it was.